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Episode Discussion: Higher Education 3x08 (spoilers)

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    [1]Nov 30, 2012
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    Please use this thread to discuss episode Higher Education (Nov 30). Enjoy!
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    At the risk of being nit picky the new partner is coming off a bit simple, Danny says he doesn't think the drug dealer killed the kid and she responds "but he admits he talked to him a few hours before he got killed", just how does that support the case she making, then the girl says they work for the professor and she responds by laughing and outright dismissing it as though a person's job title somehow inherently makes them above suspicion

    Kid's storylines in tv shows tend to be a bit campy for my taste but I genuinely enjoyed Nikki this episode, because who can't relate and she made her case in a very mature fashion

    No one who knows me would describe me as especially forgiving or merciful but I think even the average person would agree that Jamie's friend crossed an unforgivable line bringing up his dead brother and basically saying he isn't his own man but a poor imitation of his father then she shows up smiles and all is forgiven, I didn't think he was so desperate to be in a relationship

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    Nikki character is strong uncouth to take center stage, but only once. The new partner is simple, yes, but remember that it is supposedly to be only temporary and for that reason they can not develop a strong character.
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