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what do you think about blue bloods so far?

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    I have followed for years,CSI, NCIS....and only 3 days ago I discovered this show. in 2 days I watched the entire first season and now I'm done with the last episode. BlueBloods, is simply amazing,here and there are some small mistakes(like sending the chief's son undercover), but anyway is a great show. In this two seasons the writers have build up the story so well, in a few words its seems to see the Sopranos. And is really strange that the public doesn't give the right credit to this show. Is well made, good writing, exellent acting, good directing... it has everything and plus is beliveble. (NCIS, CSI and alle the spinoffs are SciFi)

    I would like to see an episode in which Tom Selleckwears again a Hawaiian shirt and get to work in a Ferrari

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    Yeah i Iike this show...haven't watched for ages and turn it on and see "Model Behaviour" kind of weird as we just had 2 people die in Australia from Death cap mushroom poisoning and that was the cause of death on the episode!
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