Blue Bloods

Season 1 Episode 13

Hall of Mirrors

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 02, 2011 on CBS

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  • Another great episode. Episode recap & thoughts ahead.

    [Main Plot]
    A young pakistani gets shot (hospitalized) in central park. He is one of two cops who work undercover (counter terrorism) so Danny is assigned the case and has 48 hours to find out if Sammy got shot because his cover was blown (so they can pull out the 2nd undercover cop or keep the operation going). He and Jackie (who doesn't know about the cop-angle) figure out that the shooter's motive was jealousy 36 minutes before the 48 hours are up.

    [Minor Plot]
    Jamie helps a former Harvard student whose brother tries to get her declared incompetent because he was written out of their parents' will (so he'd get the money as her next-of-kin). Renzulli says that Jamie reminds him of Joe because of his instincts (to believe the girl when she seemed unstable).

    [Bits & Pieces]
    As Jamie leaves the gym Det. Malevsky is waiting there for him, telling him that Joe was a great detective and that he worked with him in the warrant squad along with the (recently deceased) Lydia Gonzalves. After he warns Jamie that "it could be dangerous out here" he takes off.

    It was an amazing episode. The main plot was very intruiging especially because of the time angle and because Danny had to keep the reason for all the (paid) overtime a secret from Jackie. Of course she figured it out in the end and Danny told her that he thinks she's a great detecive - also as an apology because he didn't tell her.
    What I love about Blue Bloods are the bits and pieces of information they give the audience every couple of episodes in the behind-the-scenes-Joe-plot. It was creepy to see Malevsky threaten Jamie just like that.
    Unfortunately not much screen-time for Erin this episode.