Blue Bloods

Season 3 Episode 8

Higher Education

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 30, 2012 on CBS

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  • Episode Was Decent

    You guys and your college vs highschool parties they are practically exactly the same lol whats the difference between the two.
  • lets see more of Jaime

    i really loved Will Estes in this episode. he is a good actor and deserves more screen time. I know his story lines are usually in the background, but i wouldn't mind seeing more of him.

    I'm not really into Danny's new partner, she is just mediocre. its high time to bring Jackie back

    I also personally do not agree it was the right decision to allow a 16 year old to go to a college party or to date a 19 year old. Its great you trust your daughter, but the outside world is anything far from being trustworthy. There is a fine line with kids, but at 16 discipline is more important, and further building of trust is necessary.

    Overall this was just an average episode, nothing special, nothing stood out. I really hated that new narcotics detective, even though he was there for one episode
  • Higher Education Writing Snafu?

    Love Blue Bloods but this episode was mediocre. We learn that Otto the first drug dealer arrested for the murder of a student dealer is innocent because he only buys his drugs from Durango and apparently the guilty dealer buys his from Guadalahara. So why did the cops set up a sting on a drug delivery from Durango to catch the guilty dealer?? And what sane parent would allow their 16 year old daughter go to a college party?? naive and unreal. It's not a trust issue of the daughter but of the crazy situation you may be putting her into.