Blue Bloods

Season 3 Episode 19

Loss of Faith

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 05, 2013 on CBS

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  • Shame on this show

    This show started out great... not falling into the Law and Order liberal fiction mode, where rich business men commit the majority of the horrible crimes in society, but it has fallen terribly and quickly from where it started. Friday's show was a disgrace.... an ABSOLUTE disgrace.... was worse and more fictional than ANY episode of Law and order. This show made a Catholic father murder his daughter... and they made him Italian. folks. let me ask you.. is it Italian catholic fathers who murder their daughters for honor? Why didn't they make him Irish like the Reagans? It's time to change the channel. Shame on you Tom Selleck.
  • Boo--

    Shame on this show for taking a very real threat to society (honor killings) and making it out to be non-sectarian. Real people have died from converting from Islam and not only is this ignored by the media, television writers want us to now believe that it's a Christian phenomenon!? Insulting to the intelligence of American television audiences, and libel to the dead who were killed for their faith.
  • great

    I just started watching this show this season and its great, iove the family dinner time table, its what family is about.