Blue Bloods

Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 23, 2011 on CBS

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  • They back so soon... not my fav episode but has good stuff


    So the main crime about the important guy being killed by a pimp because he was seeing his hoe off the limits and he wanted to take her away that gave him the beat of his life and took it away with it... well the case wasnt really hard to crack just come questions here and there got the girl and his pimp.. what made me .. upset was the way that there is way to hide things when u are important if this guy had been someone with no importance im sure that he would been let out or put his crime at blast.... but im glad that the show showed what things go around.

    So now with erin.. being friend of the victim she became aninterrogator or go on leads like a detective? well i guess u can do whatever... if u are part of the reagan family. anyways i think se does better on the office.

    jamie... i guess we gonna see him being involved on a undercover role the whole season.. perhaps that will lead him to the blueTemplarthing he is being chasing

    Frank.. gonna keep being the mayor.. honestly i he wouldnt keep on going... the show would be like... not the same.. and i wouldnt see his sexy secretary anymore!!! harsh words between him an the new elected mayor!

  • A great first episode of the new season.


    BLUE BLOODS is one of the best police drama shows on TV. The first episode of this second season was Outstanding. And it's always a 2-story line show. One with the PC and his son, the detective; the other, the young street cop. This first episode of the second season introduced the new mayor, with a tie to the PC when the PC was a young street officer; well done. The second part of this episode, so cleaver, had the young PC's son go undercover and ties in with helping a guy that overdosed, befriending him, earned his trust, and this guy has ties to the mob, which means a story line here that will take us through the entire second season. What great writers, Great show. Number one!!!!

  • Not bad butabsolutelyNot perfect...


    Since day oneI'vebeen a big fan of BB and the mix of police and family in it, then the season finale"The Blue Templar" was just great specially with no cliff hanging"which i absolutely hate", then season 2 begin with average episode which could be better actually but waiting for the next episodes with Frank still PC and Jimmy as undercover policeman waitiiiiiiiiiiiiiing :)