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  • Totally in love!

    I love, love this show. I love all the characters and the acting is great. I love the sibling interactions, and the 'family' connectedness and the real life issues. Keep up the good work.
  • Made for the role

    George C. Scott was destined for "Patton". Marlon Brando was created for "The Godfather". Tom Selleck was born the Commissioner in "Blue Bloods". The only thing distracting is the constant pursing of his lips!
  • great show

    Was a great show, I like Jamie's new partner
  • Day One Fan

    Please stop playing musical partners with Danny , just bring Jackie back . The End .
  • Outstanding series

    My favorite because of all of it's excellent dynamics. Please agree to at least 100 seasons! Why not?!!!!
  • you are the best!

    Thank you so much for this thoughtful family thriller! I look forward to seeing each character and what is happening in their lives. So much more than a typical cop show! I totally agree with one of the reviewers - traditional family values, listening to each other - missing so terribly in most tv shows! Keep up the good work - writers, producers, actors, and all who make this show a delight to watch!
  • First comment ever on TV show!

    I've never ever commented online about any show, because TV in general doesn't interest me. This show is fantastic. I was first attracted to Blue Bloods when I saw the family pausing for grace at meal time. It's got what's missing from other TV shows: solid, traditional family values, morals, work ethic, altruism, and a religiosity that is not in-your-face. Everyone is cast well, including the kids. My wife and I watch every week.
  • Professional all the way

    What a pleasure to see a well-written, -directed, and -acted show on network. Each script is tight, plausible, and responsible, the cast is wonderful, and the production values are top drawer. Kudos to all involved. While I agree with some other reviewers that Donnie Wahlberg's character is a little over the line sometimes, this week's "anger management" episode shows that his personality issues are part of the "story arc" the writers have been developing over time. Each week, the characters grow a little and give the actors more to work with. Excellent, and well worth making a part of your Friday night.
  • Jackie

    Bring Jackie back!!! She was the best partner Danny had...
  • new girl

    Megan Boone is drop dead gorgeous!
  • blue bloods

    Great show! Keep it going!
  • Bring Back Jackie!

    We LOVE everything about Blue Bloods and all the characters on the show. However, we agree with all the other fans out there, bring back Jackie! As partners, they were perfect together. Without her on, the show lacks something. Kate has been fine but it isn't the same. We're hoping Jackie just took a leave of absence.
  • Great show

    Love the drama, the honesty, the morals of a decent family. We miss Jackie, the new person just didn't fit. Danny was often by himself and that's not right. Jamie's partner lacks something. Love the behind sceans that Tom Selleck brings to life. With so many shows having such bad things go wrong and the bad guys win. Yes we live in the real world, but do we have to have it for intertainment. Let the moral of decent families be more common.
  • Finally a Great Show with Morals as well as Family Values

    We are such fans of Blue Bloods and look forward to Fridays. It is nice to see a show were family is something that is valued and actually portrayed in a television show. We do have to say bring Jackie back! The chemistry was marvelous between she and Danny.
  • Danny s partner gone for good?

    Is danny s partner ever gonna come back? Or has she quit the show?
  • One if the best.

    Love it. Sucks that Danny's partner is gone for now.(11-2-12)
  • the best show ever.

    You know what, i'm sick of all the other shows with sexual content and etc., this one just moved on my favourite because it has everything it needs, drama, comedy, action, love, what could you need more? I sincerely wish another 6-7 seasons to Blue Bloods, can't stop watching it over and over again.
  • Good family watch.

    Combines family and police work; introduces morality issues without being crude. Minimal sexual scenes make it more appropriate for my enjoyment. i wish more shows would follow their e example!
  • Keep up the excellent work on Blue Bloods

    You All should watch these shows in order from beginning to present, the show is great. The acting is excellent, and it is real good to see the acting talents of Tom Selleck and D.Walburg, but it by no means stops with them....Great Job, keep it up! This is not a typical cop drama... The actors are phenomenal and the stories are really very good
  • CBS BEST SHOW !!!!

    I can't Thank CBS for have such a Great Show Blue Bloods

    Season 2, Episode 14

    Parenthood I cried thru that show On FRIDAY NIGHT CBS is the BEST

    BLUE - BLOODS Rating from 1 thru 10

    ( 15 ) PLUS

    Thank You GOD for Inspiring CBS !!!
  • Awesome show one not to miss. It is one of the most exciting shows that has the presence of greatness with Tom Sellick mixed in with action by Walberg and the gentleness of romance with the younger brother.

    This show is absolutely brilliant! It demonstrates the closeness of cop families i.e their struggles, their fears, their tears and their success. This show is clean compare to the smut that you find on TV these days. I love Tom Selleck and his role in this show. As usual he is the essence of respect and control. Walberg brings the excitement and the action to the show while the younger brother brings the love and gentleness to the cop life. As someone who has two cops in their family I can honestly say this is a show not to miss.
  • I rarely give ten out of ten but this is something special.

    The first impressions of Blue Bloods are hardly amazing, it looks like another bog-standard cop show. And it is, with a few major exceptions.

    The idea that the whole family is involved in some way with law is a great one. This keeps it a lot more of a homely feel, and creates a lot more empthaty for the characters. The weekly Sunday dinner where the family sits down and discusses this week's case is also a great addition.

    Each week, detective Danny and his partner Jackie (both excellently acted) are given a case and by the end of the episode they solve it. Now it's not a particularly exciting formula and one negative is that you always know that everything is going to work out fine. Nevertheless, watching them solve the case is engrossing ad exciting. As the series goes on, the cases become more involved with the family eg.Frank being shot, Linda being kidnapped, which trasfixes me and gives the show an extra dimension.

    One of the long running plots in the show is Jamie finding out about his brother's death. Not much is revealed until the final episode, which is a fantastic finale to a truly gripping series.

    The casting has been great, Tom Selleck was the thing that got me into this programme and he didn't disappoint. Donnie Walhberg is also magnificent and I must say the acting on a whole was astonishing. This is a truly amazing programme, full of excitement, mystery and the element of family gives it an extra dimension. Roll on season 2!
  • Best show ever! Others that don't think so must be derranged!

    Overall I love this eries. It has become my #1 since the beginning! The cast is amazing at acting! Wahlberg as Danny, wouldn't have it any other way! Tom Selleck as the police commissioner...perfect! THe whole thing revolving around the Reagan family is just a brilliant fantastic idea because it gives this crime drama/cop show another element...layer if you say. That makes it 1 billion times better! Plus! Filming on the streets of New York must be fun and exciting for the crew but also for the fans like moi! Sure the plot could be improved and I am very looking forward to the season finale as to more revealing the Blue Templar and Jamie's choice. I am also curiious to finding out further what happened to Danny in Irag and how he is included in all the Blue Templar smozzle! So I really hope CBS and CTV keeps BLUE BLOODS on air because if they didn't...I wouldn't have anything to look forward to Friday Nights! P.S. BH LOVE!
  • Loved the final episode and all the other episodes!! Hurry back!

    Tom Sellek and the rest of the cast are superb!!! My husband & I would not miss it! We cannot wait for the series to return for 2011!!!! This has to be one of the best drama shows on TV. Tom Sellek has always been a favorite of mine, he is just a natural. It is so nice to watch a family that sits down to dinner every night and shares their daily woes with each other. The action and police work is very real without being too graphic, keep up the great work! We will be
  • My favorite new show!

    I love this show and the characters. I like how they try to incorporate all the characters in every episode. I think that they do a good job of it. I also like how they don't put too much focus on personal stuff like who's dating who and stuff like that. It's different from other cop shows in that they don't just focus on one person all the time, they focus on all the characters and the keep a perfect balance of the case and the characters, and that it doesn't come off as too dramatic or too cheesy.

    Overall, I think that this show is probably the best new show this season and I hope that it sticks around for many more to come.
  • 9.7 love this show

    I think Tom' s hair needs some gray in it. The acting is great, the plots are well developed. His hair is so black it looks wierd. 9.7

  • Great Show

    This show portrays family morals and traditional values. Great down to earth show.

    Often discusses controversial subjects, and current ones. And also shows how the justice system is flawed in certain ways.

    Great show with great characters, its a classic.

    One thing i don't like though, is the actor that plays Nikki. Bad/annoying acting (not sure if its somewhat from the script or what.. but damn). And her hair cut.... Need to focus less screen time on her,
  • After the blurbs describing

    what was happening in the last two shows, I was worried sick. Two losses? OMGoodness, who could they be? As much as I hated who they were (and one wasn't so much of a loss, was it? and you'll have to guess which one I mean, LOL) I LOVED THE ENDING. How could there have been any better of an ending for any family show, really? Danny: do we have to pay for the second house? Linda: No, they'll share. IT WAS TERRIFIC. This is one of the very best of family shows on TV (I guess I say that because I don't have kids living at home anymore, and if I had young children, what the h*e*l*? are they doing up at 10:00 . anyway?) just because of endings like this.

    Tom Selleck still has it. I loved him then, I love him now. Probably more now. Probably because he got oldER just like me (neither of us is old . . . )

    I am very disappointed with CBS treatment of Jennifer Esposito, kicking her down because of an illness!!! As if that is not enough CBS is ALSO preventing her from gainful employment! Shame on you CBS, and may you reap what you sow!!! Fans of the show did not like YOUR replacement for Jennifer's character, Jackie- Kate was a BUST! NO ONE LIKED HER!!! UP YOURS CBS!!! Our family now knows the truth and will get the word out to others!!!
  • who knows

    what happened to Danny Regan's other partner. They are better together than the blond who

    plays his partner now.
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