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  • No more Blue Bloods

    I've been a fan since the beginning but will not watch another episode as long as Whopee is appearing. Sorry to say good bye.
  • blue bloods

    I don't like the way the show started the narrating, It made me not want to watch it on 4/29/2017

    I dont understand why it was started but it' something that should only available for people that are blind

    Please turn it off

  • Agree

    Erin and nikki need to close their mouths. Get rid of nikki, erin, jenko,baez, danny wife and jamie. It's the Donnie Wahlberg show. Those others are really guest stars. Danny Reagan super cop speaks in whispered tone. Everyone else has about a line per show.
  • A massively bad show

    This may be the worst show on tv today - terrible acting, sanctimonious plot lines, and a 1950's perspective on life in New York. Tom Selleck plays a dour father figure, who surrounds himself with worse actors than he is. I suspect this is his . See Jesse Stone as another example. Or even Magnum. Selleck knows he's awful, and the only way to make himself look good is to hire actors that are even more cardboard than he is. 70 years old. Black hair. Black mustache. If you'd like to see good acting in a police show, I suggest you watch "Longmire" on Netflix. Three dimensional. It's interesting, complex, and not black and white like Blue Bloods.

  • Danny the bullet proof tough guy.

    This show IMO, has its ups and downs. I watch it only as a last resort. way to many reality shows are taking over the airways. Danny portrays a bullet proof tough guy cop, for me it makes me laugh knowing he started out as one of the singers of the pop rock band , The New Kids On The stage setting's are always off. They must do a lot of retakes, notice the background shots are always off. at dinner they are talking and switch to another person that does the talking. The clock will be off or they are eating a different dinner, or someones hair has changed,Tom has a different tie .. take notice when you watch the show. They are getting better though. someone else must have noticed it to. I could go on and on. The writers are good the story lines are good, just another cop show to me. Imo, They try to make it like the perfect family with everyone at dinner. There is not a family that lives like that. as for the show, it might not make it another year. I am giving the show Leverage a try now. IMO, it is a lot better then blue bloods.
  • This show is a disgrace

    I can not believe that this show has lasted 4 seasons it's disgusting to watch Danny (with a 100% conviction rate) tune people up. It amazes me that people tune in on Fridays to watch this portrait of a family that does nothing but judge people below them. The fans of this show must be the same people who are pooled to a jury and end up letting the cop off for murder.
  • You lost me - will they please cancel this show!?

    I had all the Catholicism cramped down my throat I can stand, I am not watching this show anymore. There is so much wrong with this show I can't believe that I have watched it for this long, but last week's episode soiled me on ever watching it again. So what is wrong with it? Frank kissing the ring of the Cardinal dude was worse than kissing your sister when you were young. Is Danny really the only person in the entire NYC police department that is solving every crime that great city has? The real actor for Grandpa is only 6 years older than Tom Selleck is for Frank, it doesn't work, they look too close in age. Even though the father Frank is almost 70, he still does not have a single gray hair? Tom Selleck's glasses are too small for his face and are so 90's. Does Frank really wear his rain coat everywhere he goes, even in July? Family dinner together every single Sunday, with everyone sitting in the same place, giving the same prayer and no one ever misses? Really? Get real. The show would be so much more interesting if one of the characters were to disagree with their faith and the Sunday mandatory dinners, say someone like Jamie. Give us some variety. What if Jamie were to live with his girlfriend openly and give no apologies to the family or the Catholic church and not feel one iota bad about it and he was still a nice person that did good things for people? What if Nicky were gay? How would this staunchly religious family handle that? Hmmm, that might resemble more of the American family than this show's version of one. This show has become so preachy every week that I am bailing out of it. This show should be on the Hallmark channel where all the other sugary versions of family life exist.
  • This show has to go

    i've hung in there as long as I could thinking that the writing would get better and they would stop portraying this family as The Corleones of law enforcement. Not one likable character sitting around the dreaded dining room scene. For a family that is supposed to be staunch with Catholic beliefs they are the most judge mental, bigots,hypocrites, and lets not forget their morals are soooo much better than the rest of the world. The smarmiest family on . The only person I do like is Joe. I wish they would have a flash back on him because he seems to be the normal one. And could someone please tell Danny to shave!! he looks like a bum in a suit. And that broken grammar of his is grating on the ears. And lets not forget that he seems to be the only cop out there who can solve a crime. The remainder 34,999 police officers must be walking around bumping into walls. Thank goodness for Daaaaanny. His partner talks like a baby and always has a puss on her face. Jackie was the only good character on that show and they blew it by firing her. Frank is pompous and always has to have the last word. Half the time I would watch the show I found myself screaming at the . for him to just SHUT UP. No one ever leaves his office or a room without him saying something. He always has to have that "i know everything" attitude and it's not enough that he knows, he has to make sure everyone else knows he knows. The rules don't seem to apply to the Regan family. I mean they even bring liquor into the hospital several times and have the cafeteria for Thanksgiving dinner. The grandfather just had a heart procedure, don't you think the doctor would have put him on a restrictive diet? Again UNBELIEVABLE. And in what Universe would the ADA prosecute a case her bothers were involved with? Many times you hear Erin say "I wanted this case" well in real life she wouldn't be anywhere near cases that involved her family being the arresting officers. This show is so bad and I truly tried to like it. No Can Do.
  • What Happened to the Show

    I'm getting a little sick of the way College Liberal Arts students who belong to political groups as crazy and intolerant. The writing on this show has gone off the rails. It's so unbelievably obvious that there is a political agenda being run through this show. It's getting incrediby frustrating to watch this show, that only last season I was waiting every week for a new episode ....

    It's not just the politics, but the portrayal of how police do work. In a MILLION years the things that Danny does wouldn't be allowed for even a single day
  • EGO's galore and an AMEN too.

    Wahlberg and Trump is the same room. Never happen. There is no room on earth that could hold both of these egotistical J A's in the same room. I can not stand him. Amen Ruth, these people have no idea about the beliefs of the Catholic Church.
  • Bad Blue BloodsEvery

    Don't know what happened to Blue Bloods this the writer's are new, or they were told to "take it up a notch" but whatever happened, it was to its demise. This was a good show. A little different from the other cop/CSI shows. I am not a Catholic or a conservative, although my roots were that, so maybe that was the appeal, but it was real and it portrayed a decent family who show respect and love for each other. Now, this season, most of the dialogue is rude and combative and totally out of character. The plots are staged and stereotypical, but hardly believable. I will miss The Reagan's, as the actors in these roles had a good chemistry. The writing has gotten so bad, the show is unwatchable. Major error.
  • The Murder of Blue Bloods



    Los Angeles, CA 90067

    Re: The Murder of Blue Bloods


    My wife and I are ardent fans of Blue Bloods to the extent that we have not missed a single episode. We have marveled at the show's fidelity to conservative and Catholic values in a Hollywood that has a virulent bias against both.

    Unfortunately, in the October 10 episode, Hollywood successfully attacked those values. The script had Frank Reagan saying something to the effect that the Catholic Church was behind the times in not recognizing homosexuality and changes had to be made, particularly in light of the recent clergy sex-abuse scandals.

    That speech was wrong on many levels.

    The scandals were not recent; the majority of awful occurrences happened decades ago in the 60s and the 70s.

    A devout Catholic family, as the Reagans are portrayed, would know that the Catholic Church preaches "respect, compassion, and sensitivity" to people with homosexual attractions. The Church forbids homosexual acts, not homosexuality, a distinction the Commissioner should have made in his response to the press conference question. [Not content with that, the script also makes a Cardinal unaware of the distinction and, for good measure, depicts the Cardinal as arrogant, hypocritical, duplicitous and vengeful a Hollywood grand

    And it became more absurd. Frank Reagan's script urges that the alleged change in the Church position should be made because of the sex-abuse scandals. That makes no sense at all. The only significant change the Church could make would be to lift the prohibition of homosexual acts. But the sex-abuse scandals were in fact mostly homosexual acts. An investigation produced a report, the John Jay study, which revealed:

    "four out of five (80%) alleged victims were male," and "the majority of alleged victims were post-pubescent (87.4%), with only a small percentage of priests receiving allegations of abusing young

    In 2004, the National Review Board stated that while the sex abuse crisis had no single cause, "an understanding of the crisis is not possible" without reference to "the presence of homosexually oriented The board cited the data: "eighty percent of the abuse at issue was of a homosexual

    In an August 25, 2006, National Catholic Register editorial, Dr. Paul McHugh, a former psychiatrist-in-chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital and a member of the National Review Board, observed that the John Jay study had revealed a crisis of "homosexual predation on American Catholic

    In other words, the scandals were compelling reasons not to change the prohibition on homosexual acts.

    In sum, Hollywood successfully inserted its biased propaganda to destroy the essence of Blue Bloods, its Catholic values. In crime parlance, it was murder.

    I pray for a miracle: that somehow the writers will be able to undo the crime and resurrect the series' integrity.

    Thank you.

    Richard M. Coleman

  • Blue Bloods Blunder

    Blue Bloods is (was) one of my top favorite shows. However last night they made a huge blunder and are obviously supporting the pro gay agenda pushed by media and actor community. The Catholic Church can't change God's Law. The Pope will not change the position to love all people even those in sin (pretty much all of us) but hate the sin. This supposedly catholic family needs to go back to class they are in grave error. And if the show continues down this path they lose me and anyone I will talk with as viewers. What a shame to sell out like this.
  • Blue Bloods Miss Maria

    How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria? That song rings in my ears as I consider how to respond to Tom Sellick's comment that the church is behind on the issue of homosexuality! BB used to be the highlight of Friday night TV for this tea totaling family despite it emphasis on alcohol. The program usually venerates the church and family with subtle yet powerful images. Even to Southern conservative Baptists this was a welcome relief from most stereotypical programs which laud extramarital sex and demean traditional moral values. How Do You Solve A Problem Like the Church's Prohibition against wrong? You copy the behavior of Hollywood in the 1930s. You slash, edit and create films to prevent offending the prevailing powerful political lobbies, and you write scripts and dialogue that call into question the righteousness of The Church and it's Holy Book! This first BB film of the 2014 season was a culmination of a creeping political correctness that began to seep into the show last year. It's was a far cry from the purity, the epitome of goodness, and the quality of moral absolutes presented in The Sound of Music. We are sorely disappointed with the direction your show has taken!
  • Show This Week Was Totally Disappointing

    As others have said here the show was totally disappointing. It was beginning to be one of my favorites. NO MORE! I also liked the family and the fact the show was not afraid to blend in Catholicism. But for Tom Sellick to make the comment that the church should be more up to date on homosexuals is totally untrue. The life style may be wrong but NOT the person.
  • Regretted watching this!

    October 10th's Blue Blood show bombed in our house! In the past, we always looked forward to

    watching Blue Bloods even though the last few shows did not seen to be up to par with previous episodes. However, last night's insulting episode involving the Catholic Church's teachings both in the comments by Tom Selleck and then the hard to believe comment made by the nun at the end of the show made me realize I don't really want to watch it anymore. In the past, after a Blue Blood show ended, someone in the house would usually remark "that was a good one". Couldn't say that for this one, I regretted even watching it.

  • Blue Bloods episodea great disappointment

    What a disappointment and game changer for the viewers!

    Our family has been fans of the CBS show Blue Bloods for several years, chiefly because of the strong family values and somewhat conservative traditional values portrayed, as well as Tom Selleck and the quality acting of the cast.

    Last night's episode was a terrible betrayal of those who have watched the series because of these strengths. It is disgraceful enough to attack the Catholic church for its strong moral position that homosexuality is a Biblical sinwhich it has been for a few thousand years in fact. But to have Mr. Selleck be the one to undermine the legitimacy of that position in his own church was against everything we were led to believe this character stands for. By not supporting the legitimate choice of the Catholic church to not sanction gays and their lifestyle, and to 'lead the charge' of this view in his dialogue in the episode, and then to throw in a gay nun to boot is just too much.

    We will not be watching BlueBloods any longer and will advise all our friends to take the same steps. We are tired of Hollywood and the Courts condemning those who have a moral and religious right to not support homosexuality.

    It is a sad day when the Blue Bloods scriptwriters decided to change from a strong anti-crime police show to become yet another politically correct arm of the liberals, and support scripts that promote strongly the socialist agenda in this country.

    Disappointed ex-fans

  • Typecasting Jewish brokers

    In last nights episode the cardinal suggested sending the school proposal to his Jewish brokers to decide if the school is viable. Please... In this day and age, give me a break! Can't the writers be more original!
  • Tom Selleck's new persona is fake and phony

    I enjoyed Tom in many things he did, especially magnum pi, but this new charlton heston wannabee persona, he is not selling. I enjoyed that he was both an incredibly sexy man and an twerp in magnum, now he has deepened his voice, and tries to sound like an ole cowboy, Tom you're so phony.
  • A drunk priest gets a pass - really????

    Was anyone else out there incensed as I was with Season 4 Episode 5, Lost and Found? A priest is picked up for his FOURTH DUI!!! And because he's a priest, and the Commish is Catholic, all he gets is a gentle talk about finding his faith, showing up at the precinct so he could be release ROR. Really????? His FOURTH DUI, and they're gonna put him back on the streets??? I don't care how much or why anybody drinks, but dammit, you STAY OFF THE ROADS. The Commish never said a word about the crime he committed, how he put innocent lives at risk. Disgusting!!!
  • Poppycock: The Latest Show

    I'm beginning to regard Blue Bloods, the CBS Cop show, with great contempt. It has been way too supportive of NYPD's unconstitutional Stop and Frisk in some of its story lines lately. In the latest, the story was about a newly appointed inspector general and a reference was made that a federal "activist" judge was responsible for the IG. It's almost as if the producers, directors and writers have been meeting Police Commissioner Kelly over drinks for help with their story lines.

    Crypto fascist poppycock, if you as me.
  • REFUSE to watch

    Based on the 'trailers' for the programme...

    I will never watch such a ***phobic programme!

    Asking the youngest son at sunday dinner on the promo - where is your 'GIRL'

    HOW Demeaning in 2013!

    This is the 21st Century and just the name alone reminds me far too much of the socio-political attitudes of 1980's Regan/Thatcher.

    Ding dong they are both dead - move on, the world has!
  • Shame.

    I can't believe how racist the last episode was (s03e15 - Warriors). Do they even do a little research before writing these episodes? Almost everything that's said about Turkey was wrong and prejudiced. If writers, directors, producers aren't concerned about what they are presenting in TV why do people bother understanding each other? With this attitude nothing's going to change in this world. It's a shame.
  • Danny is bringing this program down!

    Danny represents everything that is bad about cops. He is brutal, disregards the rules, is the rudest character ever. In this past episode, he was so rude to the Hasidic Jewish characters. My grandfather and brother are cops and Danny's character as a cop is awful. He doesn't fit into his family either. I am going to quit watching, as much as I enjoy the rest of the characters. He needs a personality and value lift or perhaps you could just get rid of him.
  • poor programing

    What happened 12/14??? you take off the last show to run reruns of what we had been watching all day. My heart goes out the victims families I can't think of anyhing worse but after 8 hrs we needed a break. You could have at least ran it last night. .0
  • Blue Bloods - Jackie's Replacement

    Jackie's replacement is NOT VERY GOOD in the role as a NY detective. In fact, she's TERRIBLE. Either bring back Jackie or find another replacement that can carry the role in a more believable way. I don't know who selected this new person but it must have been a friend or a boyfriend because she's wrong for the part.
  • Danny has to go or at least his ego has to go

    It was a really good show in the beginning now it is all about how great Danny is and his ego is huge. Wahlberg makes it worse by being so nasty and believing his own importance. Bring Jennifer Esposito back and have more about the other family members especially Linda. She is great but doesn't get enough air time. Danny isn't the only cop in NY!!! You don't play well with others! Give other people a chance they may even be better than Danny. This will be my last season watching this.
  • turned off -- kendra joy bethune age 35 nkotb fan

    i watched 1 epidsose and saw donnie walhbergh play a police it turned me off for a while my mother brought me another Marliyn monroe journal so i start listing to the classic nkotb song my favorite girl and cover girl

  • New mayor

    This has been my favorite TV show since it started. I never miss an episode. I am now becoming UNHAPPY with this season. Linda leaving the show was handled badly. But the worst part is the new mayor. She is opposed to everything Frank says and does. If this is going to be a weekly conflict, I am done with this show. I hate the new mayor character. It is ruining the show for me.
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