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  • Drinking

    Love the show! But why do you have to show so much drinking in the family?
  • Marisa Ramirez

    Not sure why she is still on the show!?! Jennifer Esposito needs to be brought back!! Marisa Ramirez's "NY" accent is awful!! It's an insult to New Yorkers. To be honest, not sure which is worse, her accent or her acting. The show had a great cast til Ms. Ramirez started. Either get Jennifer Esposito back or find a better actress to replace Ms. Ramirez, she brings down the quality of the show. Can't you afford a better actress? And one more thing, who's idea were her bangs?? Terrible!!

    I'll give a much higher rating when she is off the show.
  • Danny the bullet proof tough guy.

    This show IMO, has its ups and downs. I watch it only as a last resort. way to many reality shows are taking over the airways. Danny portrays a bullet proof tough guy cop, for me it makes me laugh knowing he started out as one of the singers of the pop rock band , The New Kids On The stage setting's are always off. They must do a lot of retakes, notice the background shots are always off. at dinner they are talking and switch to another person that does the talking. The clock will be off or they are eating a different dinner, or someones hair has changed,Tom has a different tie .. take notice when you watch the show. They are getting better though. someone else must have noticed it to. I could go on and on. The writers are good the story lines are good, just another cop show to me. Imo, They try to make it like the perfect family with everyone at dinner. There is not a family that lives like that. as for the show, it might not make it another year. I am giving the show Leverage a try now. IMO, it is a lot better then blue bloods.
  • Great Show To Watch

    When you look at a show like Blue Bloods you see the close bond between the whole family and then as it branches out into each individual family, arguments between brother and sister aswell father and son etc..

    You see money troubles through the episode, aswell as work arguments, which makes this show fit in to reality so easy aswell as relateable to the real world. This show gives out a great vibe with outstanding work done by all of the actors, they couldn't have chosen any better actors for this show.

    When you look at the episodes created and take each of the characters in the show individually you can see how they have grown (Through learning and struggles) to where they are in the show at this moment.

    The episodes of this show is verry basic but with a twist, you get a look in every characters day to day work and lives.

    I really hope that they match Jamie and Eddie and grow these two characters together as a couple and aswell as in their professional lives, you can clearly see that there is a love/relationship build up between these two characters and I hope to see that happening soon.

    All in all this is a great show.

  • At least learn the language

    Season 6 Episode 1

    So many problems but the one that is annoying is that if you are going to portray a character from another country and specifically an ethnic group try to learn the language or at least perfect the accent. Even more, at least cast someone who can speak the language. This episode depicts an Afghan who speaks Hazaragi which is referred to being an "obscure" language. If you go to Afghanistan, Hazaragi is the third most spoken language in Afghanistan so I don't know what the writer or director of this show has read about Afghanistan but clearly he/she doesn't have a clue about Afghanistan. As someone who identifies Hazaragi as my mother langauge I am disappointed by the way it is displayed on this show. Please before making an episode about a group of people, learn a little about them or at least learn the language.
  • This show is a disgrace

    I can not believe that this show has lasted 4 seasons it's disgusting to watch Danny (with a 100% conviction rate) tune people up. It amazes me that people tune in on Fridays to watch this portrait of a family that does nothing but judge people below them. The fans of this show must be the same people who are pooled to a jury and end up letting the cop off for murder.
  • Great Show!!!!

    This show is very detailed and is sure to include stories/events for each character. It is extensively thorough when solving crimes and any wrongful issues. It shows people that doing the right thing should always be demonstrated. If you are not interested in it, then you shouldn't watch it.. let alone take the time to write a bad review or opinion about it.
  • You lost me - will they please cancel this show!?

    I had all the Catholicism cramped down my throat I can stand, I am not watching this show anymore. There is so much wrong with this show I can't believe that I have watched it for this long, but last week's episode soiled me on ever watching it again. So what is wrong with it? Frank kissing the ring of the Cardinal dude was worse than kissing your sister when you were young. Is Danny really the only person in the entire NYC police department that is solving every crime that great city has? The real actor for Grandpa is only 6 years older than Tom Selleck is for Frank, it doesn't work, they look too close in age. Even though the father Frank is almost 70, he still does not have a single gray hair? Tom Selleck's glasses are too small for his face and are so 90's. Does Frank really wear his rain coat everywhere he goes, even in July? Family dinner together every single Sunday, with everyone sitting in the same place, giving the same prayer and no one ever misses? Really? Get real. The show would be so much more interesting if one of the characters were to disagree with their faith and the Sunday mandatory dinners, say someone like Jamie. Give us some variety. What if Jamie were to live with his girlfriend openly and give no apologies to the family or the Catholic church and not feel one iota bad about it and he was still a nice person that did good things for people? What if Nicky were gay? How would this staunchly religious family handle that? Hmmm, that might resemble more of the American family than this show's version of one. This show has become so preachy every week that I am bailing out of it. This show should be on the Hallmark channel where all the other sugary versions of family life exist.
  • This is a very stupid show masquerading as a smart show.

    I admit, I like and watch it from time to time. Its characters are very easy to 'get', primarily because they are all 2-dimensional. The charachers and story lines are essentially just dusted-off cliche characters from the cannon of cop/legal dramas. At first, you might find it fun, since the cases and actions of the characters are so easily figured out through the story but soon you realize you're figuring it all out because it's written for people who aren't too smart to begin with. They also have a general 'bad writing' tool they use called selectively variable intelligence. Basically, they'll make an otherwise smart and insightful character dumb, if that advances the story they are being shoe-horned into or conversely, they'll have a dumb character suddenly give out with a case-solving pearl of insight. Essentially, all of the main characters are bad at their jobs and too flawed to really respect. The producers count on the audience to sympathize so much that they overlook these flaws but in real life, would any New Yorker feel safe with this bag of damaged goods cliches in their respective positions? They all need to be fired or locked up. Watch it for a lark but this is in no way good drama.
  • Danny can't live on $160,000. per year?

    Danny is a top NYC Detective with seniority. (approx $80-$100K per year with overtime). His wife is a head nurse in ER at a trauma-certified NYC hospital. She easily makes the same annual income as Danny. Using the very conservative low-end of the income estimate ($80k+$80k) we arrive at $160k per year combined family income. This does not include the value of the generous healtcare and other benefits from both jobs.. Yes, they are paying for Catholic school for their 2 sons However, having lived in NYC, I have some idea of what a family of four needs. The recurring theme of money problems in Dannys' family is hard to swallow. I could easily set up a stress-free family budget on less than they in Staten Island. .
  • This show has to go

    i've hung in there as long as I could thinking that the writing would get better and they would stop portraying this family as The Corleones of law enforcement. Not one likable character sitting around the dreaded dining room scene. For a family that is supposed to be staunch with Catholic beliefs they are the most judge mental, bigots,hypocrites, and lets not forget their morals are soooo much better than the rest of the world. The smarmiest family on . The only person I do like is Joe. I wish they would have a flash back on him because he seems to be the normal one. And could someone please tell Danny to shave!! he looks like a bum in a suit. And that broken grammar of his is grating on the ears. And lets not forget that he seems to be the only cop out there who can solve a crime. The remainder 34,999 police officers must be walking around bumping into walls. Thank goodness for Daaaaanny. His partner talks like a baby and always has a puss on her face. Jackie was the only good character on that show and they blew it by firing her. Frank is pompous and always has to have the last word. Half the time I would watch the show I found myself screaming at the . for him to just SHUT UP. No one ever leaves his office or a room without him saying something. He always has to have that "i know everything" attitude and it's not enough that he knows, he has to make sure everyone else knows he knows. The rules don't seem to apply to the Regan family. I mean they even bring liquor into the hospital several times and have the cafeteria for Thanksgiving dinner. The grandfather just had a heart procedure, don't you think the doctor would have put him on a restrictive diet? Again UNBELIEVABLE. And in what Universe would the ADA prosecute a case her bothers were involved with? Many times you hear Erin say "I wanted this case" well in real life she wouldn't be anywhere near cases that involved her family being the arresting officers. This show is so bad and I truly tried to like it. No Can Do.
  • What Happened to the Show

    I'm getting a little sick of the way College Liberal Arts students who belong to political groups as crazy and intolerant. The writing on this show has gone off the rails. It's so unbelievably obvious that there is a political agenda being run through this show. It's getting incrediby frustrating to watch this show, that only last season I was waiting every week for a new episode ....

    It's not just the politics, but the portrayal of how police do work. In a MILLION years the things that Danny does wouldn't be allowed for even a single day
  • partners :(

    I love this show, but have a hard time watching it lately! Both Danny's and Jamies Partners just don't work for me. Danny's partner with that pissy look all the time makes me want to slap her. And Jamie's partner is not believable at all! The show will suck if you have those two hook up.
  • Entertaining, but rediculously inaccurate

    It's hard not to laugh when the detectives are interrogating a suspect. No detective would ever be so abrasive or confrontational, while trying to get a confession.

    And a guy like Danny Reagan has no business carrying a gun. When are they going to write the episode where he flips out and beats a J walker to death? He constantly breaks the law, which is okay, because he's a cop?
  • The last minute for Garrett

    Season 6, Episode 3 - There is not a much bigger Blue Bloods fan than I am. Watching every episode is a must for me. I love all the characters and yes, I do have my favorites. But Garrett is not one of them. In this episode I was hoping right up to the last minute that he was going to be gone. But no. I guess the tension between him and Frank is necessary to the drama but I've lost count of how many times I just grit my teeth when Garret is in the scene. than on Blue Bloods. I love ya!
  • Best show lately

    I love this show not only for the Drama but for all the cast they are wonderful, but what I did not like the other day in one of the oficces there was a picture of a murderer Che Quevara, he is or was a horrible person that kill thousands of people in Cuba and I sure in other countries believe me he was a Terorist, trust me Iam a 71 year od Cuban I came with my parents in 1960 I knew Castros mother and she will say my son is crazy Batista had just release him from jail because a a big shot priest had had to do with the release. Fidel Castro and his brother are the same as murderes as Quevara, so please ask Tom Select to take away the picture of, I am Cuban and it wil gve me pleasure in seing that taken care of it,
  • Good Show but the bible thumping is too much

    Too much emphasis on the Catholic church and the fact that the Reagan family holds high moral ground over everyone,

    Time for me to pull the plug on the show,

  • Is Blue Bloods Islamophobic?

    The last segment of TV's "Blue Bloods" on 9-25-15 missed a chance to strike a blow against Islamophobia. A terrorist attack was thwarted by two good Muslims. Those two were not treated well in the episode (I know the police have to be a little rough on people reporting potential threats to make certain the "whistle-blowers" are genuine) and were not thanked at or near the end for being good people and for being pivotal in stopping the attack?? "Blue Bloods" missed a real opportunity here to acknowledge that the vast majority of Muslims hate terrorism as much as anybody else. And I'm saying this as a Jewish-American.

  • It's good; could be better

    I like blue bloods and I think it gives us an interesting perspective from all aspects of the law, which is nice. I like that they criticize race baiters, drug dealers, corrupt cops etc. However, I wish it was less PC. I understand looking at a broad spectrum, and I have no problem with gays, trans people or whatever. However, constantly putting these asshole new dicks against these weak small women so Danny can go punch them gets a bit old. I wish that there were woman perps. Not every woman is a victim and not every man is an asshole. So yeah, good show, starting to feel a bit stale but still good.
  • Janko

    Get rid of Janko. Her character whines badly & acts line a hussy (to put it nicely). Jamie is better off with hus partner at work either being a guy or a much stronger woman character. Janko's character acts too immature. Please get him a stronger partner, & don't ruin the show by having Jaimie & Janko end up being more than intimate. I'm not the only one that feels that way. Lits of the people i know who watch BB agree. If Janko stays & becomes more than Jamie's friend, i may have to stop watching. It will ruin the show for me.
  • EGO's galore and an AMEN too.

    Wahlberg and Trump is the same room. Never happen. There is no room on earth that could hold both of these egotistical J A's in the same room. I can not stand him. Amen Ruth, these people have no idea about the beliefs of the Catholic Church.
  • Blue Bloods Misrepresents Catholicism

    The writers appear to not know anything about the Catholic Church or else they want to make Catholics look bad. What they portray is a family of hypocrites. None of them seem to care that sex outside of marriage is a mortal sin. Erin, the high powered attorney wears clothes with plunging necklines and when she wears a dress with a neckline down to her waist even her father says nothing. Danny talks of purposely limiting his family to two children. Never do any of them quote anything from the Bible or mention Jesus or Mary. And where are their crucifixes and statues?

    There must not have been a Catholic to advise the writers about Catholic traditions, because this supposedly traditional Catholic family continually acts Protestant. The traditional way for Catholics to say grace is they all pray together in unison. They don't assign one person to say the prayer. In one episode, Nicky is portrayed on her way out of the church as saying how good the "service" was. Catholics don't talk like that. Catholic Mass is not called a "service".

    There are so many examples showing that the Reagans know nothing about their supposedly strong Catholic faith. I've always liked Tom Selleck and Len Cariou, but I'm tired of waiting for the Reagans to act Catholic and repent of their sins. I wish the writers would not have brought religion into the show at all rather than to misrepresent the Catholic Church. People misunderstand the Church enough already without this. Anyone reading this who is interested in getting to know the truth about Catholic belief can go to or any of countless websites that portray the truth.

    I also think it was a serious mistake to get rid of Danny's true partner, Jackie. She was so good and in every show i wish that she were still in it.

  • EPISODE: Reviews Continue


    REVIEW FOR 5/29/2015 EPISODE: EPISODE: Loose Lips (Rerun from 10/24/2014). As usual, this episode has several distinct events. But, the key one involves Jammie and a young lady he tried to help in a park. She was in bad shape and scared of someone. The young lady later turns up dead. This is where Danny and his partner Baez get in the mix. Jamie and his partner, Jenko, are ambushed and another cop car goes up in flames. On a lighter side, Erin learns that her perfect daughter has been trashing one of her school teachers on the web. When Erin confronts her, she removes the tweet, but the teacher makes an example of her anyway. Added to this is Henry off the cuff comments at a function that was recorded and posted on the web. Caught up in all this mess is Frank. No matter which way he goes, it will be wrong. A footnote to this episode. Does anyone ever remember Nicky being punished for any transgressions or is she the perfect teen ager. REVIEW FOR 5/22/2015 EPISODE: EPISODE: Burning Bridges (Rerun from 10/10/2014). Danny and Biaz response to a severe attack. A good samaritan is a witness, be doesn't want to be recognized. Danny finds out he is a cop hanging out in a gay bar district. The shunning starts. In the end, his partner supports him and the bad guy his the slammer. Jimmy's partner get tossed around during an arrest and he steps in. She was not happy with Jimmy. In the end, all is cool. Jimmy understands her side and knows she will have his back. Frank has 2 dilemmas. One is a nun wants his help to keep her school open. The second one is a comment he made during a press conference. The comment involves the church and law enforcement. Frank stands firm. One BAD scene was when the smug church bishop visits Frank, insisting he retract his statement. He holds out his ring and with a smirk on his face, visually demands Frank kiss it. THIS SCENE SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN IN THE EPISODE. REVIEW FOR 5/1/2015 EPISODE: EPISODE: The Art of War. This episode was part 2 or 2. The last episode ended with shots fired in the hospital. Tonight, we found out that Linda got caught in the cross fire and was severely wounded. Of course, Danny went ballistic at the news. Now the really want to catch the shooter and the gang boss that order the shootings. But, the one person standing in the Danny way is Erin, making sure all the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed. Not the Danny way. He does catch to shooter, but he won't talk, fearing for his mother's life. Finally, with a little make up on his mother, he is persuaded to give up the boss who ordered the hits. The final scene was outstanding. When Frank visited the boss in jail and talked about the murders, and advised his that the NYPD Chief's murder that started all this, was going to lead the boss to a federal trial and the chamber. That really took the smirk off his face. REVIEW FOR 4/24/2015 EPISODE: EPISODE: New Rules. An old friend and also a NYPD Chief visits Frank. Later that night, he and his wife are gunned down. This man was one of the good guys and Frank wants everything done by the book to ensure no slip ups. Danny gets caught in the middle when Erin is posted in his squad room to make sure all the rules are followed. Danny really loves that. Another man who may know about the murder is in the hospital with Linda being one of her nurses. A young man, a friend of the family, get caught up in the gang pressure and tries to kill the hospitalized man. This show end with shot being fired. Part 1 of 2 parts. REVIEW FOR 4/17/2015 EPISODE: EPISODE: Excessive Force. This was a rerun of the episode that aired on 10/17/2014. The only thing I can say about this episode was Mister Evil; Potter was on his hate rampage again. And the actor really fits the part. All his images spur hatred. In the real world, he would be one of the forces that the world should be fighting. One key downer in the episode was the movement of Danny's boss, Sgt. Gormley. That left a big hole in the squad that hasn't been filled properly to this day.
  • Give us some flashbacks!!

    Surely I can't be the only one who wants to see what the family was like when Mary and Joe were still alive or Erin and Jack were still married. I would love to see some of the history of the show and I would particularly like to see Joe before he was killed and how he got into the situation he did.

    I adore this show and everytime something bad goes on in NY, I keep looking for Frank Reagan to take charge. :)

    BLUEBLOODS is the BEST show on cable TV at present, not including PBS programs. I started watching it several seasons ago. Tom Selleck deserves Emmy consideration, as he portrays his position as the commissioner very well. He looks at all angles, and I disagree that the plots are easy to figure out. I think he is very respectful of the cops under him, and tries to be fair with all. I think he has real feelings for the people he deals with, but realizes that he still needs to maintain his position and follow his head as well as his heart. Great job Tom, and all the others in the cast. I love the Catholic sideline, and the family knowing that the Church isn't perfect, and makes mistakes, which is noted at times on the show. I hope they don't cancel this show, but of course like any other long running program, story lines run out, and hopefully the quality of each episode stays up to par. It's just a great show; I have no complaints at all !!!!!!!
  • blue bloods

    I just started watching Ble Bloodsthanks to my m and I am hooked, I love the stories, writing, action, Donny Walbuger plays his role so believeable it's crazy, I love the whole cast, the praying at the dinner table all of it. Now we have netflix and we are watching a marathon
  • my favorite

    Blue Blood is my favorite show. It is a great family show. I love the ENTIRE cast, but Danny is my favorite. A faithful and loving husband,an excellent father,son,brother and detective. He is protective of and stands up for his family and his partner. And I heard that he is a musician/singer in addition to being an actor. Will there any new episodes made. I want to see more.
  • Best TV show on these days!

    This is the best TV show on because you always feel good after each episode. There should be more show like this on TV. It has strong family values, no bad language, just good clean entertainment. CBS has hit a home run with is show and should leave it in their schedule for years.
  • Great family show

    always feel good after I see a Blue Bloods show, good feeling show
  • LOVE This Show

    This is one of my favourite shows on TV at the moment. I hang out all week for it.
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