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  • Solid drama!!

    I've always been a big Tom Selleck fan; although when he played Magnum, he was a bit cheesy; it was a good show. However, once he bacame Jessy Stone, he found his niche; a police chief. Although this show is no Jessy Stone mystery; I would like to see a little more of the Jessy attitude in Tom. The rest of the characters are well cast and each one brings value to the show. I hope this show goes into 7 or more seasons with each season bringing laughter, tears, and drama. I think the move to Wednesday nights will bring more viewers.
  • Great script, superb acting.Absolutely love it!

    Absolutely love this show. In a time of phony political correctness that dominate TV shows on NBC it is refreshing to see TV Drama that offers food for thought, make you think and choose which pint of view of the family members you agree more, instead of watching one sided opinions of the network forced upon you... Family interactions are wonderful. We don't have many police shows that offer real people perspective and relationships withing the family anymore. It is becoming obsolete, replaced by too much blood and cookie cutter verbal back and forth between police officers.
    Hope show will stick around. After quitting watching Law and Order on the other network, because of more and more propaganda pushing, I need something solid and something that is amazing and really, really solid.
    This show is not trying to tell you what to think, but it is talking to you through different generations of one family of decent and honorable people. So far I love it.
  • My favorite new show!

    I love this show and the characters. I like how they try to incorporate all the characters in every episode. I think that they do a good job of it. I also like how they don't put too much focus on personal stuff like who's dating who and stuff like that. It's different from other cop shows in that they don't just focus on one person all the time, they focus on all the characters and the keep a perfect balance of the case and the characters, and that it doesn't come off as too dramatic or too cheesy.

    Overall, I think that this show is probably the best new show this season and I hope that it sticks around for many more to come.
  • Loved the final episode and all the other episodes!! Hurry back!

    Tom Sellek and the rest of the cast are superb!!! My husband & I would not miss it! We cannot wait for the series to return for 2011!!!! This has to be one of the best drama shows on TV. Tom Sellek has always been a favorite of mine, he is just a natural. It is so nice to watch a family that sits down to dinner every night and shares their daily woes with each other. The action and police work is very real without being too graphic, keep up the great work! We will be
  • Well worth the wait!


    I had passed over this show as I had enough on my plate with Castle, the Mentalist and the other good detective/police dramas out there but boy was I in the wrong.

    I had a week home with a cold and I needed something to occupy me and I had the first season available so...well you know how it goes.

    There it was. Tom Selleck with his moustache, One of the NKOTB guys (they were never big in my age group)that could actually act!? And my favourite boy toy Will Estes flashing his big eyes and crocked smile at me while delivering good drama and captivating cases. I admit it, this is still not the best cop drama or detective show or ever the best drama but it is solid. And it grabs my attention just enough to take me trough this cold I had going.

    Looking forward to the next season!

  • Selleck and Wahlberg have excellent chemistry - feels like the real thing!


    This program is one of the better ones on this season. Donnie Wahlberg and Tom Selleck are excellent in their roles and the rest of the cast just make it gel! Please keep this one rolling. It could be the next Law and Order.

    The family interactions are superb structure for viewers of all ages as we know that life brings issues into the home that must be addressed because if we don't then the children get their information from the street or internet. This family unit has it's share of trials (in more than one way). But the dynamics reveal that what counts in the end is that you're there for each other, accept responsibilty for your actions,and that you make it count when the chips are down.

    I highly recommend this show to everyone I know and everyone I don't. Excellent viewing any night of the week.

  • Great cast! Intelligent writers! Mind-challenging & not shallow like too many bean-brain shows today. Obviously not written for the 'crash em', cussin', 'shock em' viewers. Thank you so much! Please keep this really entertaining show on the air!!

    This is the ONLY quality show that has come along in ages! Thank you! The writers are THINKING through every episode to come up with this level of entertainment. The casting was also done by thinkers. These are definitely the right actors for each and every character in this show. It's really a shame to think that a show this good could even be considered for replacement. Please don't keep giving us these brainless bozo sitcoms and shoot 'em up, car chase, loud volumne shallow excuses for programs. This program, 'Blue Bloods', has REAL class and character. Thank you very much!
  • Best show ever! Others that don't think so must be derranged!

    Overall I love this eries. It has become my #1 since the beginning! The cast is amazing at acting! Wahlberg as Danny, wouldn't have it any other way! Tom Selleck as the police commissioner...perfect! THe whole thing revolving around the Reagan family is just a brilliant fantastic idea because it gives this crime drama/cop show another element...layer if you say. That makes it 1 billion times better! Plus! Filming on the streets of New York must be fun and exciting for the crew but also for the fans like moi! Sure the plot could be improved and I am very looking forward to the season finale as to more revealing the Blue Templar and Jamie's choice. I am also curiious to finding out further what happened to Danny in Irag and how he is included in all the Blue Templar smozzle! So I really hope CBS and CTV keeps BLUE BLOODS on air because if they didn't...I wouldn't have anything to look forward to Friday Nights! P.S. BH LOVE!
  • Standard formula cop drama.

    Blue Bloods is about as standard and formula-ized as a crime drama can get. There's nothing much about this show to either honestly love or hate one way or another. This is the type of show that I would categorize as prime time white noise. In one eye and out the other, and after watching one episode tonight, I'd have to say I'd be hard pressed to remember what the story was about the next day. This is the type of show that allows you to raid the fridge and or take as many bathroom breaks as you want without feeling that you've missed anything important. Zzzzzzzz.....
  • "Blue Bloods" You know the TV's bad when you find yourself wanting, trying hard to like the show...but the magic is not there. This show has amazing potential, but so far, it's far from living up!

    "Blue Bloods" You know the TV's bad when you find yourself wanting, trying hard to like the show...but the magic is not there. It feels like there's something special about to happen when the opening title music rolls, but the intensity is doused.

    The actors/casting is perfect. The character stories underlying the episodes are intriguing and have huge dramatic potential. But the meat...the main plot each episode...uugh! I want to gouge my eyes out! What is this, CSI:Miami, in NY dress? It's all point and tell, rather than show, imply, and feel. There's nothing for the viewer to do, nothing to think about. "This feels like TV," I said to my wife. "Law and Order, at its very best, that felt dramatic. You got lost in the show."

    With this, I'm just watching the clock, hoping it breaks through and becomes spectacular. TOO BAD! Put Sellick and Wahlberg into some stuff they're worthy of. When there's been TV out there like Nip/Tuck, Mad Men, Sons of Anarchy, 24, Rome, The Tudors, Deadwood...heck even great cop shows like Third Watch, this simply doesn't measure up.

    I watched the 3rd episode, "Privilege" tonight, waiting for a spark. There was a scene near the end with the young cop, Jamie Reagan (Will Estes), is on the couch looking through old photo albums with his grandfather, Henry (Len Cariou). As Jamie notices a photo of his detective older brother, Danny (Donnie Wahlberg), wearing a lapel pin emblem of the mysterious "Templars" cop-club, a thought occurred to me: why is the show spreading itself so thin trying to be seen giving all these great characters something to do each week?

    Why not stop trying to do everything at once, and narrow the focus? Let each episode be a vignette more zeroed-in on just one of these major characters, and the work they must do to execute a case. Make the story more about these characters, not as much about these so far ridiculous crime plots. You can allow one or two of the other major characters to intersect in the story, if it becomes the obvious and logical thing to do, but stop trying to FORCE it together for everyone, in every 10 minute segment!

    Think how much more rich and engrossing you could make the stories then. You'd have time to carefully orchestrate the scenario that's going to propel the story of that week's character forward. Think about "Homicide: Life on the Street" in that sense. The show didn't try to cover everyone in the whole homicide squadroom each week. It used the squadroom as a touchstone, opening and closing the show, coming back to relieve the tension. We get to see everyone there. But then, for the real story and plot development, the show narrowed the focus and kept on just a couple of the major characters for the evolution of the episode.

    Like that.

    CBS's got a really great concept here, with Blue Bloods. I don't want to stop watching, because the underlying characters, and the larger picture that is tying them together, is so captivating. But the weekly stories and scene setups that these characters must wade far it's just devastatingly BORING!

    I don't have any faith that'll get better. So I best stop with the show now, or grow bitter over the future of serial disappointments that await.
  • Family matters

    I was disappointed in this show after a good pilot, but in the following episoded the story about the blue templar didn't progressed very much (I've watched 'till the 10th episode). Among the positive things there is obviously the family interactions, but most of the time but it was too much case-of-the-week scenario. It was nice to see how the characters work affected their personal life, but it was not enough. I've kept an eye on the show, but I'm putting this show to bed after I heard that CBS wanted to make it more of a procedural (How that's possible, I don't know).
  • I rarely give ten out of ten but this is something special.

    The first impressions of Blue Bloods are hardly amazing, it looks like another bog-standard cop show. And it is, with a few major exceptions.

    The idea that the whole family is involved in some way with law is a great one. This keeps it a lot more of a homely feel, and creates a lot more empthaty for the characters. The weekly Sunday dinner where the family sits down and discusses this week's case is also a great addition.

    Each week, detective Danny and his partner Jackie (both excellently acted) are given a case and by the end of the episode they solve it. Now it's not a particularly exciting formula and one negative is that you always know that everything is going to work out fine. Nevertheless, watching them solve the case is engrossing ad exciting. As the series goes on, the cases become more involved with the family eg.Frank being shot, Linda being kidnapped, which trasfixes me and gives the show an extra dimension.

    One of the long running plots in the show is Jamie finding out about his brother's death. Not much is revealed until the final episode, which is a fantastic finale to a truly gripping series.

    The casting has been great, Tom Selleck was the thing that got me into this programme and he didn't disappoint. Donnie Walhberg is also magnificent and I must say the acting on a whole was astonishing. This is a truly amazing programme, full of excitement, mystery and the element of family gives it an extra dimension. Roll on season 2!
  • Awesome show one not to miss. It is one of the most exciting shows that has the presence of greatness with Tom Sellick mixed in with action by Walberg and the gentleness of romance with the younger brother.

    This show is absolutely brilliant! It demonstrates the closeness of cop families i.e their struggles, their fears, their tears and their success. This show is clean compare to the smut that you find on TV these days. I love Tom Selleck and his role in this show. As usual he is the essence of respect and control. Walberg brings the excitement and the action to the show while the younger brother brings the love and gentleness to the cop life. As someone who has two cops in their family I can honestly say this is a show not to miss.
  • This show is a waste of time. Its shallow, obvious, color by numbers police drama. There is absolutely nothing to think about as you watch except for wonder why the suspects are talking to an abusive cop rather then end the interview, or get a lawyer.


    Its so unrealistic it almost makes you yell at the tv set. No one bothers to get a lawyer. No one seems interested in filing police brutality charges against Danny. I mean come on. If cops acted like that, the city would be getting sued until they got fired simply from too many brutality suits. In the episode I saw a famous musician did not bother to get a lawyer even though he was hit in the head by the cop questioning him. Huh? It didn't even seem like a big deal to anyone. Just, you know, because he didn't have a crew cut obviously it was perfectly ok to hit him, and he knew it. Seriously? What are we back in the 1960's?

    As opposed to real life, where we are inundated by police that fake evidence and kill their wives( remember the cop whose three wives went"missing"? After the first two wives were killed by this man, his buddies at the police force finally had to take the case seriously, and found the dismembered body of the third) this show seems to imply that cops are wonderful, sensitive family people. Instead its people who are musicians, models, computer programmers and fashion photographers that are dissolute, power hungry desperate individuals. HUH? I don't think Steve Jobs ever hit anyone. Neither has Cindy Crawford.

    Then Danny is too far in the other direction! Cops also don't insult people, hit them, torture them, and call them names. Why would the city hire someone that made bad situations worse? And how is it that people even talk to him? If he were interrogating me, even if I wanted to help the police I would probably be so offended by his tone, that I would end the interview, and just say thats all; Arrest me, or leave me alone. How can you trust someone like him? Best to just say nothing to a guy like that. Especially as most people would know he was lying when he said that they could put you away. If they could do that, they wouldn't be talking. They would have everything they needed. Simple logic.

    And there isn't even any mystery to solve, except the mishmash about the blue templars, I suppose. Usually we never have more then one suspect, and even if there was its simple. The most wealthy and well educated are always the ones who did it. Or if there is ever someone who works in the arts, then they did it. Everyone knows that poor, uneducated people are always innocent, they never do any crimes at all. The less people use their brain, the more innocent they are. If you ever meet an artistic, brilliant scientist from a prominent family that happens to be wealthy, caucasian, young and handsome you better run. You know they are evil. Isn't that reallistic?

  • Feels Good to Watch

    I like grit, I like gore and I like solid acting and believable characters.

    Blue Bloods can be a bit obvious and a little cheesy at times but it's good to see a show with good family tradition. That,coupled with good casting and acting is what makes me look forward to the next episode as much as my Dexter fix or sinking my teeth into the Walking Dead or American Horror Story.

    A very likeable, feel-good series :)
  • CBS BEST SHOW !!!!

    I can't Thank CBS for have such a Great Show Blue Bloods

    Season 2, Episode 14

    Parenthood I cried thru that show On FRIDAY NIGHT CBS is the BEST

    BLUE - BLOODS Rating from 1 thru 10

    ( 15 ) PLUS

    Thank You GOD for Inspiring CBS !!!
  • Keep up the excellent work on Blue Bloods

    You All should watch these shows in order from beginning to present, the show is great. The acting is excellent, and it is real good to see the acting talents of Tom Selleck and D.Walburg, but it by no means stops with them....Great Job, keep it up! This is not a typical cop drama... The actors are phenomenal and the stories are really very good
  • Good family watch.

    Combines family and police work; introduces morality issues without being crude. Minimal sexual scenes make it more appropriate for my enjoyment. i wish more shows would follow their e example!
  • the best show ever.

    You know what, i'm sick of all the other shows with sexual content and etc., this one just moved on my favourite because it has everything it needs, drama, comedy, action, love, what could you need more? I sincerely wish another 6-7 seasons to Blue Bloods, can't stop watching it over and over again.
  • Romney Bashing Episode

    I love this show but I am seriously considering boycotting it and passing it along to anyone I can. On the Domestic Disturbance episode, your transparent attempt to subliminally implant negative thoughts about Mitt Romney by casting his virtual look-alike as a woman beater was disgusting, disrespectful, and insulting to my intelligence. Then what do I see as soon as I pull up the Blue Blood site? Barack Obama ads. Now that is a testimony to your lack of intelligence. I don't know why I expected better from any form of media but you have sold yourselves out for this poor excuse for a president and a person. Otherwise this is one of the best shows on TV right now. Maybe at one point I will bring myself to watch it again.
  • Police Brutality

    I love this show but Detective Danny is everything that is wrong with police officers. His actions are glorified on this show, police brutality, bends the law, arrogant, above the law mentality.
  • One of the best cop shows in a very long time

    Tom Sellech is fantastic as the commisioner of the NYC Police.
  • A clever title goes here!

    this is a great show
  • One if the best.

    Love it. Sucks that Danny's partner is gone for now.(11-2-12)
  • Danny s partner gone for good?

    Is danny s partner ever gonna come back? Or has she quit the show?
  • Jennifer Esposito MUST return

    Is this new partner a joke? Everything about her is wrong. She looks like a kindergarten teacher, He voice is grating like the announcers on public radio. We really do need to get jacki back ASAP.
  • Awesome Show

    This is one of the best shows I have ever watched and I enjoy this show a lot. It's sad to see his partner go. She was very good actress and played the role very well. Sad to see her go. I feel Danny's partner come back asap as without her I feel like I am watching a robot.
  • A clever title goes here!

    I love the show but Danny's new partner is awful. You need to make amends with his old partner actress. What a terrible choice - the woman can't even act.

  • Blue Bloods - Jackie's Replacement

    Jackie's replacement is NOT VERY GOOD in the role as a NY detective. In fact, she's TERRIBLE. Either bring back Jackie or find another replacement that can carry the role in a more believable way. I don't know who selected this new person but it must have been a friend or a boyfriend because she's wrong for the part.
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