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  • This show is a waste of time. Its shallow, obvious, color by numbers police drama. There is absolutely nothing to think about as you watch except for wonder why the suspects are talking to an abusive cop rather then end the interview, or get a lawyer.


    Its so unrealistic it almost makes you yell at the tv set. No one bothers to get a lawyer. No one seems interested in filing police brutality charges against Danny. I mean come on. If cops acted like that, the city would be getting sued until they got fired simply from too many brutality suits. In the episode I saw a famous musician did not bother to get a lawyer even though he was hit in the head by the cop questioning him. Huh? It didn't even seem like a big deal to anyone. Just, you know, because he didn't have a crew cut obviously it was perfectly ok to hit him, and he knew it. Seriously? What are we back in the 1960's?

    As opposed to real life, where we are inundated by police that fake evidence and kill their wives( remember the cop whose three wives went"missing"? After the first two wives were killed by this man, his buddies at the police force finally had to take the case seriously, and found the dismembered body of the third) this show seems to imply that cops are wonderful, sensitive family people. Instead its people who are musicians, models, computer programmers and fashion photographers that are dissolute, power hungry desperate individuals. HUH? I don't think Steve Jobs ever hit anyone. Neither has Cindy Crawford.

    Then Danny is too far in the other direction! Cops also don't insult people, hit them, torture them, and call them names. Why would the city hire someone that made bad situations worse? And how is it that people even talk to him? If he were interrogating me, even if I wanted to help the police I would probably be so offended by his tone, that I would end the interview, and just say thats all; Arrest me, or leave me alone. How can you trust someone like him? Best to just say nothing to a guy like that. Especially as most people would know he was lying when he said that they could put you away. If they could do that, they wouldn't be talking. They would have everything they needed. Simple logic.

    And there isn't even any mystery to solve, except the mishmash about the blue templars, I suppose. Usually we never have more then one suspect, and even if there was its simple. The most wealthy and well educated are always the ones who did it. Or if there is ever someone who works in the arts, then they did it. Everyone knows that poor, uneducated people are always innocent, they never do any crimes at all. The less people use their brain, the more innocent they are. If you ever meet an artistic, brilliant scientist from a prominent family that happens to be wealthy, caucasian, young and handsome you better run. You know they are evil. Isn't that reallistic?

  • Romney Bashing Episode

    I love this show but I am seriously considering boycotting it and passing it along to anyone I can. On the Domestic Disturbance episode, your transparent attempt to subliminally implant negative thoughts about Mitt Romney by casting his virtual look-alike as a woman beater was disgusting, disrespectful, and insulting to my intelligence. Then what do I see as soon as I pull up the Blue Blood site? Barack Obama ads. Now that is a testimony to your lack of intelligence. I don't know why I expected better from any form of media but you have sold yourselves out for this poor excuse for a president and a person. Otherwise this is one of the best shows on TV right now. Maybe at one point I will bring myself to watch it again.
  • Tom Selleck's new persona is fake and phony

    I enjoyed Tom in many things he did, especially magnum pi, but this new charlton heston wannabee persona, he is not selling. I enjoyed that he was both an incredibly sexy man and an twerp in magnum, now he has deepened his voice, and tries to sound like an ole cowboy, Tom you're so phony.
  • REFUSE to watch

    Based on the 'trailers' for the programme...

    I will never watch such a ***phobic programme!

    Asking the youngest son at sunday dinner on the promo - where is your 'GIRL'

    HOW Demeaning in 2013!

    This is the 21st Century and just the name alone reminds me far too much of the socio-political attitudes of 1980's Regan/Thatcher.

    Ding dong they are both dead - move on, the world has!
  • turned off -- kendra joy bethune age 35 nkotb fan

    i watched 1 epidsose and saw donnie walhbergh play a police it turned me off for a while my mother brought me another Marliyn monroe journal so i start listing to the classic nkotb song my favorite girl and cover girl
  • There have been better NYC police shows

    Blue Bloods is not very credible. Tom Selleck has a constant scowl on his face, does not seem to be happy in his job, and he swills scotch by the gallon. Not a gray hair on his head or stache (Just for Men, black shoe polish???). I always liked him in earlier TV series, and in movies.

    Donny Wahlberg's character does things as a detective (threatening to kill or shoot suspects, physical brutality, rudeness) which would put him in jail, get killed, or cause a lawsuit against the department. His dad (Selleck) warns him over and over that he will not always get away with what he does, but Danny is an inconsiderate dolt. It is humorous that he and his wife have New York accents, but no one else in their family does.

    Sunday dinner is a good touch, and the scenes of New York are pretty cool. The arrogance that the Reagan family has in solving every crime in NYC is not believable, especially when Danny pushes his sister to take shortcuts. Erin is touted as being tough, but looks like she is about to break down crying any moment. For all of the religious praise for this program, the characters drink constantly, and Danny does not set a good example as a human being. I can appreciate that people in law enforcement need support and faith, due to what they deal with on a daily basis.

    Law and Order was/is definitely more credible, and NYPD Blue was gritty and realistic, without the nepotism..
  • You lost me - will they please cancel this show!?

    I had all the Catholicism cramped down my throat I can stand, I am not watching this show anymore. There is so much wrong with this show I can't believe that I have watched it for this long, but last week's episode soiled me on ever watching it again. So what is wrong with it? Frank kissing the ring of the Cardinal dude was worse than kissing your sister when you were young. Is Danny really the only person in the entire NYC police department that is solving every crime that great city has? The real actor for Grandpa is only 6 years older than Tom Selleck is for Frank, it doesn't work, they look too close in age. Even though the father Frank is almost 70, he still does not have a single gray hair? Tom Selleck's glasses are too small for his face and are so 90's. Does Frank really wear his rain coat everywhere he goes, even in July? Family dinner together every single Sunday, with everyone sitting in the same place, giving the same prayer and no one ever misses? Really? Get real. The show would be so much more interesting if one of the characters were to disagree with their faith and the Sunday mandatory dinners, say someone like Jamie. Give us some variety. What if Jamie were to live with his girlfriend openly and give no apologies to the family or the Catholic church and not feel one iota bad about it and he was still a nice person that did good things for people? What if Nicky were gay? How would this staunchly religious family handle that? Hmmm, that might resemble more of the American family than this show's version of one. This show has become so preachy every week that I am bailing out of it. This show should be on the Hallmark channel where all the other sugary versions of family life exist.
  • This show has to go

    i've hung in there as long as I could thinking that the writing would get better and they would stop portraying this family as The Corleones of law enforcement. Not one likable character sitting around the dreaded dining room scene. For a family that is supposed to be staunch with Catholic beliefs they are the most judge mental, bigots,hypocrites, and lets not forget their morals are soooo much better than the rest of the world. The smarmiest family on . The only person I do like is Joe. I wish they would have a flash back on him because he seems to be the normal one. And could someone please tell Danny to shave!! he looks like a bum in a suit. And that broken grammar of his is grating on the ears. And lets not forget that he seems to be the only cop out there who can solve a crime. The remainder 34,999 police officers must be walking around bumping into walls. Thank goodness for Daaaaanny. His partner talks like a baby and always has a puss on her face. Jackie was the only good character on that show and they blew it by firing her. Frank is pompous and always has to have the last word. Half the time I would watch the show I found myself screaming at the . for him to just SHUT UP. No one ever leaves his office or a room without him saying something. He always has to have that "i know everything" attitude and it's not enough that he knows, he has to make sure everyone else knows he knows. The rules don't seem to apply to the Regan family. I mean they even bring liquor into the hospital several times and have the cafeteria for Thanksgiving dinner. The grandfather just had a heart procedure, don't you think the doctor would have put him on a restrictive diet? Again UNBELIEVABLE. And in what Universe would the ADA prosecute a case her bothers were involved with? Many times you hear Erin say "I wanted this case" well in real life she wouldn't be anywhere near cases that involved her family being the arresting officers. This show is so bad and I truly tried to like it. No Can Do.
  • I hate this show

    It is the most stupidest show ever. I hope it gets cancelled I tried to like it but I just don't. It's boring. I'd rather watch magic City on starz and some of my other favorite prime time shows like Arrow, Grey's anatomy, teen wolf, I'm 22 btw. And I don't really like Tom selleck I think he's weird looking. And Danny on the show is too angry and I don't like it. I like Donnie wahlberg though but I cant stand cops in real life, they act so much like Danny.
  • Too unbelievable and poor continuity

    I have watched Blue Bloods from the start but often ask myself why. The plots are predictable and no one else in NY seems able to solve any crimes plus the constant plot developing coincidences leave me screaming at the telly some times.

    Tonight episode is a classic example, only Danny in a population the size of NY could find himself in a bank just as it gets robbed and lay on the floor repeatedly fumbling for his gun without the robbers seeing him. Then instead of being treated as a witness and providing statements or even being given some time off to get over the trauma he immediately starts working the case. The bit where they found a cigarette but and his sister fast tracked the dna test and he went to the house of the suspect on their own baring in mind this is a suspected armed robber, spoke to him without any caution and didn't even arrest him was a total joke.

    The final insult was the fact that the crew was all given lighter sentences because it was for a good cause. And lastly the episode before Fridays show Frank promoting the Sergeant that he brought in to advise him to lieutenant but all through this episode they kept calling him Sergeant still.

    It's getting very silly.
  • I dunno...

    seems every time you turn around there are new crime fighting shows on TV and they don't really seem to have evolved much since the early days of NYPD Blue which nobody can even remember even though it was on the air for years on end. Every case gets solved within the one hour of the show and everybody loves their jobs which I don't think is very realistic as in life is often not like that. It was good to see Tom Selleck again on TV but I preferred his characters in films like Quigley Down Under & Runaway (where he plays a cop)
  • The "perfect family"

    Great Show ... but I have a few issues .

    First off , how do the ages of the Reagans add up? The Great Grandfather looks to be roughly the same age as the Police Commissioner.

    2. If Danny is such a tough guy why are his two boys so soft , and annoying?

    3. Where is the black sheep of the family ? There is no family in the world without some misguided soul. I'm not talking about Danny bending the rules while he clears 100 percent of his cases , I'm talking about a jobless drug dealing brother , or some punk emo kid who hates the family dinners and would rather smoke dope and get drunk.

    - Other than that I really like the show

  • new girl

    Megan Boone is drop dead gorgeous!
  • Danny is Overacting

    Danny is overacting a lot. IDK, if he thinks that is cool but it is annoying as hell!!
  • Blue Bloods Misrepresents Catholicism

    The writers appear to not know anything about the Catholic Church or else they want to make Catholics look bad. What they portray is a family of hypocrites. None of them seem to care that sex outside of marriage is a mortal sin. Erin, the high powered attorney wears clothes with plunging necklines and when she wears a dress with a neckline down to her waist even her father says nothing. Danny talks of purposely limiting his family to two children. Never do any of them quote anything from the Bible or mention Jesus or Mary. And where are their crucifixes and statues?

    There must not have been a Catholic to advise the writers about Catholic traditions, because this supposedly traditional Catholic family continually acts Protestant. The traditional way for Catholics to say grace is they all pray together in unison. They don't assign one person to say the prayer. In one episode, Nicky is portrayed on her way out of the church as saying how good the "service" was. Catholics don't talk like that. Catholic Mass is not called a "service".

    There are so many examples showing that the Reagans know nothing about their supposedly strong Catholic faith. I've always liked Tom Selleck and Len Cariou, but I'm tired of waiting for the Reagans to act Catholic and repent of their sins. I wish the writers would not have brought religion into the show at all rather than to misrepresent the Catholic Church. People misunderstand the Church enough already without this. Anyone reading this who is interested in getting to know the truth about Catholic belief can go to or any of countless websites that portray the truth.

    I also think it was a serious mistake to get rid of Danny's true partner, Jackie. She was so good and in every show i wish that she were still in it.

  • "Blue Bloods" You know the TV's bad when you find yourself wanting, trying hard to like the show...but the magic is not there. This show has amazing potential, but so far, it's far from living up!

    "Blue Bloods" You know the TV's bad when you find yourself wanting, trying hard to like the show...but the magic is not there. It feels like there's something special about to happen when the opening title music rolls, but the intensity is doused.

    The actors/casting is perfect. The character stories underlying the episodes are intriguing and have huge dramatic potential. But the meat...the main plot each episode...uugh! I want to gouge my eyes out! What is this, CSI:Miami, in NY dress? It's all point and tell, rather than show, imply, and feel. There's nothing for the viewer to do, nothing to think about. "This feels like TV," I said to my wife. "Law and Order, at its very best, that felt dramatic. You got lost in the show."

    With this, I'm just watching the clock, hoping it breaks through and becomes spectacular. TOO BAD! Put Sellick and Wahlberg into some stuff they're worthy of. When there's been TV out there like Nip/Tuck, Mad Men, Sons of Anarchy, 24, Rome, The Tudors, Deadwood...heck even great cop shows like Third Watch, this simply doesn't measure up.

    I watched the 3rd episode, "Privilege" tonight, waiting for a spark. There was a scene near the end with the young cop, Jamie Reagan (Will Estes), is on the couch looking through old photo albums with his grandfather, Henry (Len Cariou). As Jamie notices a photo of his detective older brother, Danny (Donnie Wahlberg), wearing a lapel pin emblem of the mysterious "Templars" cop-club, a thought occurred to me: why is the show spreading itself so thin trying to be seen giving all these great characters something to do each week?

    Why not stop trying to do everything at once, and narrow the focus? Let each episode be a vignette more zeroed-in on just one of these major characters, and the work they must do to execute a case. Make the story more about these characters, not as much about these so far ridiculous crime plots. You can allow one or two of the other major characters to intersect in the story, if it becomes the obvious and logical thing to do, but stop trying to FORCE it together for everyone, in every 10 minute segment!

    Think how much more rich and engrossing you could make the stories then. You'd have time to carefully orchestrate the scenario that's going to propel the story of that week's character forward. Think about "Homicide: Life on the Street" in that sense. The show didn't try to cover everyone in the whole homicide squadroom each week. It used the squadroom as a touchstone, opening and closing the show, coming back to relieve the tension. We get to see everyone there. But then, for the real story and plot development, the show narrowed the focus and kept on just a couple of the major characters for the evolution of the episode.

    Like that.

    CBS's got a really great concept here, with Blue Bloods. I don't want to stop watching, because the underlying characters, and the larger picture that is tying them together, is so captivating. But the weekly stories and scene setups that these characters must wade far it's just devastatingly BORING!

    I don't have any faith that'll get better. So I best stop with the show now, or grow bitter over the future of serial disappointments that await.
  • Team Play vs. Personal Presentations

    I do hope we've seen the last of character Kelly... One of the great appeals of the show is the "team" or in this case "family" work... But every second she is on camera Kelly does something to draw attention to herself -

    eyes, head shakes, body language, o ver-expressiveness. I'd say she is constantly "overacting" in her self-interest, exclusively... So let her call me, too, a son-of-a-bitch, and be done with her...

    BTW the one exception to team play might be Nicky, but fortunately she will soon be off to college...
  • This is a very stupid show masquerading as a smart show.

    I admit, I like and watch it from time to time. Its characters are very easy to 'get', primarily because they are all 2-dimensional. The charachers and story lines are essentially just dusted-off cliche characters from the cannon of cop/legal dramas. At first, you might find it fun, since the cases and actions of the characters are so easily figured out through the story but soon you realize you're figuring it all out because it's written for people who aren't too smart to begin with. They also have a general 'bad writing' tool they use called selectively variable intelligence. Basically, they'll make an otherwise smart and insightful character dumb, if that advances the story they are being shoe-horned into or conversely, they'll have a dumb character suddenly give out with a case-solving pearl of insight. Essentially, all of the main characters are bad at their jobs and too flawed to really respect. The producers count on the audience to sympathize so much that they overlook these flaws but in real life, would any New Yorker feel safe with this bag of damaged goods cliches in their respective positions? They all need to be fired or locked up. Watch it for a lark but this is in no way good drama.
  • Is Blue Bloods Islamophobic?

    The last segment of TV's "Blue Bloods" on 9-25-15 missed a chance to strike a blow against Islamophobia. A terrorist attack was thwarted by two good Muslims. Those two were not treated well in the episode (I know the police have to be a little rough on people reporting potential threats to make certain the "whistle-blowers" are genuine) and were not thanked at or near the end for being good people and for being pivotal in stopping the attack?? "Blue Bloods" missed a real opportunity here to acknowledge that the vast majority of Muslims hate terrorism as much as anybody else. And I'm saying this as a Jewish-American.

  • Drinking

    Love the show! But why do you have to show so much drinking in the family?
  • This show is a disgrace

    I can not believe that this show has lasted 4 seasons it's disgusting to watch Danny (with a 100% conviction rate) tune people up. It amazes me that people tune in on Fridays to watch this portrait of a family that does nothing but judge people below them. The fans of this show must be the same people who are pooled to a jury and end up letting the cop off for murder.
  • EGO's galore and an AMEN too.

    Wahlberg and Trump is the same room. Never happen. There is no room on earth that could hold both of these egotistical J A's in the same room. I can not stand him. Amen Ruth, these people have no idea about the beliefs of the Catholic Church.
  • Shame.

    I can't believe how racist the last episode was (s03e15 - Warriors). Do they even do a little research before writing these episodes? Almost everything that's said about Turkey was wrong and prejudiced. If writers, directors, producers aren't concerned about what they are presenting in TV why do people bother understanding each other? With this attitude nothing's going to change in this world. It's a shame.
  • Disappointed in the direction of show

    My husband and I have been watching Blue Bloods since the shows inception and noticed that season 4 writing is substantially different from the previous shows. The family no longer prays together; there is very little, if any, mention of their faith; the mother, Erin, gives worldly and secular advice to her daughter about pre-marital sex; the main character, Frank Reagan, is having sex out of marriage; also, his character is acting much differently than before. After checking out the writers for the first 3 seasons, we noticed that there are two new writers this season. It's obvious that they are taking the characters of the show in a completely different direction from what was first intended. One of the main appeals of this show is that they lived their faith openly and even though the writers dealt with hard subjects, the family was always grounded in their faith in God. I'm just about ready to give up on this show. I'm not interested in watching another secular dramatization.

  • Lawyer and impressed critic

    As an attorney I have such high praise for this smart and challenging show. When Erin had to choose in "Help Me Help You" between career and her duty to being an "officer of the court," her courage was inspirational. I look forward to each episode and applaud the incisive interest in controversial themes of the day with unerring fidelity to integrity and reckoning with inevitable policy consequences.
  • great show

    Was a great show, I like Jamie's new partner
  • A massively bad show

    This may be the worst show on tv today - terrible acting, sanctimonious plot lines, and a 1950's perspective on life in New York. Tom Selleck plays a dour father figure, who surrounds himself with worse actors than he is. I suspect this is his . See Jesse Stone as another example. Or even Magnum. Selleck knows he's awful, and the only way to make himself look good is to hire actors that are even more cardboard than he is. 70 years old. Black hair. Black mustache. If you'd like to see good acting in a police show, I suggest you watch "Longmire" on Netflix. Three dimensional. It's interesting, complex, and not black and white like Blue Bloods.

  • Blue Bloods Miss Maria

    How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria? That song rings in my ears as I consider how to respond to Tom Sellick's comment that the church is behind on the issue of homosexuality! BB used to be the highlight of Friday night TV for this tea totaling family despite it emphasis on alcohol. The program usually venerates the church and family with subtle yet powerful images. Even to Southern conservative Baptists this was a welcome relief from most stereotypical programs which laud extramarital sex and demean traditional moral values. How Do You Solve A Problem Like the Church's Prohibition against wrong? You copy the behavior of Hollywood in the 1930s. You slash, edit and create films to prevent offending the prevailing powerful political lobbies, and you write scripts and dialogue that call into question the righteousness of The Church and it's Holy Book! This first BB film of the 2014 season was a culmination of a creeping political correctness that began to seep into the show last year. It's was a far cry from the purity, the epitome of goodness, and the quality of moral absolutes presented in The Sound of Music. We are sorely disappointed with the direction your show has taken!
  • Poppycock: The Latest Show

    I'm beginning to regard Blue Bloods, the CBS Cop show, with great contempt. It has been way too supportive of NYPD's unconstitutional Stop and Frisk in some of its story lines lately. In the latest, the story was about a newly appointed inspector general and a reference was made that a federal "activist" judge was responsible for the IG. It's almost as if the producers, directors and writers have been meeting Police Commissioner Kelly over drinks for help with their story lines.

    Crypto fascist poppycock, if you as me.
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