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  • Keep up the excellent work on Blue Bloods

    You All should watch these shows in order from beginning to present, the show is great. The acting is excellent, and it is real good to see the acting talents of Tom Selleck and D.Walburg, but it by no means stops with them....Great Job, keep it up! This is not a typical cop drama... The actors are phenomenal and the stories are really very good
  • Could quite possibly be the best series currently on TV!

    There are only three shows that I regularly watch and Blue Bloods sits at the very top of that short list. It is well written and directed. The acting is superb across the board. Tom Selleck is his normal flawless self but the fact that every other regular cast member is great doesn't hurt either. The combination of actors, writers, producers, and directors on this series simply cannot be improved upon. I think I'd hold-off dying an hour just so I could watch one more episode of Blue Bloods.
  • Awesome show one not to miss. It is one of the most exciting shows that has the presence of greatness with Tom Sellick mixed in with action by Walberg and the gentleness of romance with the younger brother.

    This show is absolutely brilliant! It demonstrates the closeness of cop families i.e their struggles, their fears, their tears and their success. This show is clean compare to the smut that you find on TV these days. I love Tom Selleck and his role in this show. As usual he is the essence of respect and control. Walberg brings the excitement and the action to the show while the younger brother brings the love and gentleness to the cop life. As someone who has two cops in their family I can honestly say this is a show not to miss.
  • you are the best!

    Thank you so much for this thoughtful family thriller! I look forward to seeing each character and what is happening in their lives. So much more than a typical cop show! I totally agree with one of the reviewers - traditional family values, listening to each other - missing so terribly in most tv shows! Keep up the good work - writers, producers, actors, and all who make this show a delight to watch!
  • Bring Back Jackie!

    We LOVE everything about Blue Bloods and all the characters on the show. However, we agree with all the other fans out there, bring back Jackie! As partners, they were perfect together. Without her on, the show lacks something. Kate has been fine but it isn't the same. We're hoping Jackie just took a leave of absence.
  • Jackie Esposito

    PLEASE, PLEASE bring back Jennifer Esposito!!!! The new girl is so BLAND!! She just does not connect with Donnie Wahlberg. I'm begging you to bring Jackie back!!!

    A loyal fan of Blue Blood

    I am very disappointed with CBS treatment of Jennifer Esposito, kicking her down because of an illness!!! As if that is not enough CBS is ALSO preventing her from gainful employment! Shame on you CBS, and may you reap what you sow!!! Fans of the show did not like YOUR replacement for Jennifer's character, Jackie- Kate was a BUST! NO ONE LIKED HER!!! UP YOURS CBS!!! Our family now knows the truth and will get the word out to others!!!
  • family

    There are a lot of cop shows on tv but this one makes it more real by making it a family affair. I love the family dinners - makes me think of my own grandparents and dinner at their house. Nice job!
  • Entertaining, but rediculously inaccurate

    It's hard not to laugh when the detectives are interrogating a suspect. No detective would ever be so abrasive or confrontational, while trying to get a confession.

    And a guy like Danny Reagan has no business carrying a gun. When are they going to write the episode where he flips out and beats a J walker to death? He constantly breaks the law, which is okay, because he's a cop?
  • Jackie

    Bring Jackie back!!! She was the best partner Danny had...
  • love it

    One of my favorite shows out there. Many of the reviews here take issue with the faith on the show, but to me its about family. Growing up I sat down to dinner every night of the week with immediate family and regularly with extended family, sometimes it was great and sometimes it was tense. But for better or worse it was is a show about people who are trying to be better and it inspires me to try to be a better person even when it's hard.
  • Feels Good to Watch

    I like grit, I like gore and I like solid acting and believable characters.

    Blue Bloods can be a bit obvious and a little cheesy at times but it's good to see a show with good family tradition. That,coupled with good casting and acting is what makes me look forward to the next episode as much as my Dexter fix or sinking my teeth into the Walking Dead or American Horror Story.

    A very likeable, feel-good series :)
  • Bring Back Jackie!

    Danny has never had a partner like Jack. I miss her character so much. There was real chemisty between the two actors.
  • Dann's New Partner Is Soooooo Bad!

    Why are you guys trying to kill a successful show? Please bring Jennifer Esposito back. With Jennifer I would give this show a 10, but with the new partner a 5.
  • Skewed

    Last nights episode, please, could we try any harder at representing fringe Catholicism and misrepresenting the Church?? Sellick kissing the Cardinals ring, as if hearkening back to some archaic time when his eminence would have next sold our good officer an indulgence? And the nun who holds dear to her lesbian past, as if Sellick and this nun somehow represent mainstream catholics and religious-- all closeted anarchists to an outdated church, waiting patiently for the 'Vatican' to come around? The misrepresentation of moral teaching, confusing judgement of the sin versus judgement of the sinner, and the Insinuation that pope Francis is breaking new ground, 'moving the needle' as they said in the show, on this issue? Francis for all who are just now tuning in because popular media is covering it (and have likely not picked up a bible or catechism ever or since 1st grade communion prep) is representing the unchanged teachings of the church that say that while homosexual behavior is a sin, God reserves judgement on homosexuals for himself--that's not our job (either to judge or presume to know the judgement), and we are all called to love because regardless of our orientation, each of us has his own sins (and please don't confuse today's PC/'tolerance'/pizza version of love with how Jesus lived and spoke about love). And for the record, God reserves judgement on heterosexuals for himself as well-- we all have sin, we all get the same treatment. Goodness, what a propaganda/smear piece of media.
  • Get rid of Danny's new partner!!!

    She's biased, she assumes every perp is guilty, she hates men, she has no spark and no chemistry, her comments are immature and predictable. Even if you wrote better lines for her, she couldn't carry them! She looks ridiculous with those bangs and everything she says is blas. Really, such a successful show and you can't get Jennifer Espisito?? It's not like she's a top money making actress but she deserves whatever she's asking on this show because without her, your gonna lose it my rating without Jennifer is a 4, with her, it's an 8 or better!
  • A clever title goes here!

    I love the show but Danny's new partner is awful. You need to make amends with his old partner actress. What a terrible choice - the woman can't even act.
  • Blue Bloods episodea great disappointment

    What a disappointment and game changer for the viewers!

    Our family has been fans of the CBS show Blue Bloods for several years, chiefly because of the strong family values and somewhat conservative traditional values portrayed, as well as Tom Selleck and the quality acting of the cast.

    Last night's episode was a terrible betrayal of those who have watched the series because of these strengths. It is disgraceful enough to attack the Catholic church for its strong moral position that homosexuality is a Biblical sinwhich it has been for a few thousand years in fact. But to have Mr. Selleck be the one to undermine the legitimacy of that position in his own church was against everything we were led to believe this character stands for. By not supporting the legitimate choice of the Catholic church to not sanction gays and their lifestyle, and to 'lead the charge' of this view in his dialogue in the episode, and then to throw in a gay nun to boot is just too much.

    We will not be watching BlueBloods any longer and will advise all our friends to take the same steps. We are tired of Hollywood and the Courts condemning those who have a moral and religious right to not support homosexuality.

    It is a sad day when the Blue Bloods scriptwriters decided to change from a strong anti-crime police show to become yet another politically correct arm of the liberals, and support scripts that promote strongly the socialist agenda in this country.

    Disappointed ex-fans

  • Blue Bloods - Jackie's Replacement

    Jackie's replacement is NOT VERY GOOD in the role as a NY detective. In fact, she's TERRIBLE. Either bring back Jackie or find another replacement that can carry the role in a more believable way. I don't know who selected this new person but it must have been a friend or a boyfriend because she's wrong for the part.
  • LOVE This Show

    This is one of my favourite shows on TV at the moment. I hang out all week for it.
  • Day One Fan

    Please stop playing musical partners with Danny , just bring Jackie back . The End .
  • Outstanding series

    My favorite because of all of it's excellent dynamics. Please agree to at least 100 seasons! Why not?!!!!
  • I rarely give ten out of ten but this is something special.

    The first impressions of Blue Bloods are hardly amazing, it looks like another bog-standard cop show. And it is, with a few major exceptions.

    The idea that the whole family is involved in some way with law is a great one. This keeps it a lot more of a homely feel, and creates a lot more empthaty for the characters. The weekly Sunday dinner where the family sits down and discusses this week's case is also a great addition.

    Each week, detective Danny and his partner Jackie (both excellently acted) are given a case and by the end of the episode they solve it. Now it's not a particularly exciting formula and one negative is that you always know that everything is going to work out fine. Nevertheless, watching them solve the case is engrossing ad exciting. As the series goes on, the cases become more involved with the family eg.Frank being shot, Linda being kidnapped, which trasfixes me and gives the show an extra dimension.

    One of the long running plots in the show is Jamie finding out about his brother's death. Not much is revealed until the final episode, which is a fantastic finale to a truly gripping series.

    The casting has been great, Tom Selleck was the thing that got me into this programme and he didn't disappoint. Donnie Walhberg is also magnificent and I must say the acting on a whole was astonishing. This is a truly amazing programme, full of excitement, mystery and the element of family gives it an extra dimension. Roll on season 2!
  • About time

    I've watched Blue Bloods for 6 seasons and finally ,in a City with over 65% minorities they actually had the balls to arrest a black person. I never thought that I would see that in this politically correct place we call the USA
  • After the blurbs describing

    what was happening in the last two shows, I was worried sick. Two losses? OMGoodness, who could they be? As much as I hated who they were (and one wasn't so much of a loss, was it? and you'll have to guess which one I mean, LOL) I LOVED THE ENDING. How could there have been any better of an ending for any family show, really? Danny: do we have to pay for the second house? Linda: No, they'll share. IT WAS TERRIFIC. This is one of the very best of family shows on TV (I guess I say that because I don't have kids living at home anymore, and if I had young children, what the h*e*l*? are they doing up at 10:00 . anyway?) just because of endings like this.

    Tom Selleck still has it. I loved him then, I love him now. Probably more now. Probably because he got oldER just like me (neither of us is old . . . )
  • Hello Tom!

    I thoroughly love this show!!! And the best part is Tom Selleck being back on TV every week.
  • still the best

    for Fri night. I have always liked Selleck and this show gives me nothing to dislike him for. The show is perfectly cast. I hope it continues for many more seasons.
  • Megan Boone just has no life in her - next replacement please!

    She's dead in the eyes, lacking any spirit or vivaciousness. She is such a forgettable actress. Perhaps 3rd replacement will be the charm?
  • Jackie!

    You people are an excellent definition of butt heads. Get this woman back on the show. Work it out. JACKIE is Danny's partner. You have cut her out of her salary and are preventing her from working anywhere else. You have marred this otherwise excellent show. I will not watch it again until she's back.

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