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  • Get Rid of Nikki Reagan

    What a horrible character - everything out of her mouth is cringeworthy- the girl is a terrible actress - why couldn't she go to a college far far away. I don't mind the rest of the Characters but could do less with Linda and the boys but for now I can tolerate them because Nikki is so bad - Cut her loose CBS!!!!!! Baez is good but Jackie was my favorite- Bring her Back!! Frank and Garrett are awesome but to be fair I have loved Tom Selleck since he was Richard on Friends. Looking forward to season 8 - would love it more if Nikki was not in it.
  • Just starting Season 6

    What's up with Erin? She was a great ADA the first 4.5 seasons. But starting with the 2nd half of Season 5 and now the first couple episodes of Season 6, it seems like her main role on the show is to get in Danny's way after he arrests the perp. It doesn't matter to Erin if she knows the guy is guilty as hell, everything has to be by the book so it stands up in court later. Danny should avoid his sister and find another ADA he can count on. We'll see if the writers keep pitting Danny against Erin as the episodes go on. I hope not, this is getting too predictable, and makes me cringe when I see Erin.
  • Poor Jamie

    I love the show and I love Jamie and Eddie together but poor Jamie is getting a raw deal on his career. He more than deserves some kind of promotion or special assignment. He has been overlooked for too long! They need to write something into the show that either gives Jamie a promotion to detective or some kind of promotion or put on a special task force within the ranks or something. Because it is just getting sad now. They can still keep him and Eddie together or at least where they have daily contact without continuing to give Jamie the shaft!
  • Rating the most Unlikeable Characters of Blue Bloods

    I have to admit it is very hard to like any of the major characters of this show, I will count down from not likeable to downright hated characters. My opinion of course. First as a retired Police Officer this show is about as accurate as 1+1=4....3 examples right off the top of my head, I could name over a hundred if I wanted.....1 - Det. Reagan gave a suspect who is a drunk and holding his partner at gunpoint in an interrogation room a bottle of booze, This WOULD NEVER, EVER HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE, if he was a heroin addict would he give him heroin? PC Reagan states in an early episode that 95% of Police Officers would never fire their guns other than the pistol range. When I was in the Academy it was said more like 98%, BUT Det. Reagan is in a shootout every other episode, Ptl. Reagan in numerous shootouts in his first 2 years on the job. The PC has been in numerous shootings and Grandpa also in numerous shootings. Even DA Reagan has pulled out her piece numerous times. So is this drunken Irish family trigger happy? Finally on many occasions usually in a hostage situation the Perp convinces the Officer usually Danny to put his weapon down AND HE DOES. Police Officers are taught to never under any circumstance to put his weapon down because if he does HE'S DEAD! Now to my list......

    Somewhat likeable - Linda Reagan and her 2 sons how does she sit at Sunday dinners with these Jackass's week after week ?

    Don't like him, but don't hate him - Det. Danny Reagan - The supercop, solving every crime, in a shootout every week. Yea he breaks and bends the rules, but who don't? Plays a tough guy, but he don't seem so tough to me, a tendency to whine when he don't get his way.

    Grandpa Henry Reagan - I don't know if he's trying to pull off a Irish accent, but I cringe when he speaks. He seems to have a drinking problem and always remembers the old days when this country was not subjected to lunatic liberals and Political Correctness does have valid points there..

    Ptl. Jamie Reagan - A Harvard Grad who became a cop instead of making a lot of money in a different profession. At first you like this kid who seems to be a good cop, THEN BANG out of nowhere he begins his closet PC Liberal stance. He tries to be the voice of reason, but is the voice of the Liberal writers of this awful show. When he starts his PC crap, I want to go vomit. Always in a jam but somehow he always escapes!

    Down to the 3 most unlikable characters on this awful very hard to pick 2 and 3, but #1 was easy.

    Erin Reagan - ADA. So here we have the smart, i don't find her a real Hotty ADA who is tough as nails and will go by the book no matter what the situation. Some faulty evidence she digs up to release a murderer who the Police and even she knows is guilty BUT we have to let him go. ;Don't worry he will screw up again and then we will get him.. Yea IDIOT after he murders another innocent person, then you'll get him. You have a person that is 100% guilty HE GOES TO JAIL OR STAYS IN JAIL, reminds me of her Jackass father, speaking of which.........

    PC Frank Reagan - Here you have a Police Commissioner who would within 1 month of being appointed would get a NO CONFIDENCE vote from the Police Union. He is an arrogant , pompous, Jackass. He would not throw a life preserver for a sinking police officer if the officers life depended on it. He is quite simple an awful PC. Driving around on the midnight tour to see what his Officers are doing? Really? I cringe when I see his face jerk and twitch when someone else is talking

    Last but by and far the most annoying person and dislikable person on this list daughter Nicky Reagan, although her last name should be Boyle (fathers name) I dread when she speaks, she is not cute, nor is she smart. She is the typical liberal Idiot that resides in this country. Can't she graduate already and move to Alaska PLEASE get her off this show.

    Now some other characters, Moore - press sec. to the PC.... I simple cannot forget his role In the movie, in and out ; with that stupid, Goofy look always on his face.

    Lt. Gormley - Quite simple a sell out to please the almighty Frank I hear him tell an officer that he has in his office for discipline and tell him ;As a cop i would have done the same But as the puppet of the Jackass PC, I need to stick this pole as far up your ass as I can, then the PC will respect me!
  • Holy Roller show

    Getting to be a melodrama. Give the Commissioner and the Mayor each a gun and have it when will Jamie become a Detective after saving people right and left.... and did they save the photo album out of the burning house, but nothing else ..... and can Erin get any holier and more righteous and offend her superior without getting fired.... (try that in real life) .... and a bit too much religion, but that is just me.
  • blue bloods

    I don't like the way the show started the narrating, It made me not want to watch it on 4/29/2017

    I dont understand why it was started but it' something that should only available for people that are blind

    Please turn it off

  • Love the Reagans but.....

    I do like this show, have always liked Tom Selleck. What I don't like is the constant reference to racism and the Muslim storylines; too real in the world we live so when it becomes Friday night entertainment, I ask myself why I'm watching his show tonight. Reverend Potter is always angry and picking fights. Erin is self righteous. Danny's ego enters a room before he does, plugs his partner Jack needs to return. Garrett is wonderful, the looks on his face can be hilarious. Jamie is the son every mother wants.

    Now that I bashed some characters, I'll add I really do like Blue Bloods!
  • Agree

    Erin and nikki need to close their mouths. Get rid of nikki, erin, jenko,baez, danny wife and jamie. It's the Donnie Wahlberg show. Those others are really guest stars. Danny Reagan super cop speaks in whispered tone. Everyone else has about a line per show.
  • Mouth?

    What is up with Erin and Nicki? Do they not know how to keep their mouths closed when not speaking? And they are not the only actresses with this problem, Kristin Stewart (Twilight) is just as bad! Did they all have the sam acting coach? Mouth just hanging open is not appealing, does nothing to express emotions, and it certainly doesn't show horror or sexual tension. These ladies should study some of the greats! Elizabeth Taylor could express so many emotions without saying a word. Of course her face wasn't full of Botox either! These ladies, not so much. Other than these irritants, I love the show.
  • Best show on the air currently

    Scripts, characters and acting all great. I wish they would have a few story lines that last for multiple episodes like they did with Joe's killer and the Thomas Wilder thread.
  • Saying grace at dinner

    Catholic grace begins with "Bless us oh lord AND these thy gifts not "... FOR these thy gifts When you say "FOR" you imply that YOU are giving God the gifts. Blue Bloods is my favorite TV show. Any Tom Selleck show is GREAT!!
  • blue bloods

    Blue bloods is a great cop show. I like all the characters. I want 2 b a police officer when I grow up but I can't because I have Epilepsy which means I have seizures.
  • Don the Don

    This show is great but needs something about now to keep it from becoming the same ole same ole. Please give us some flashbacks of Don. He supposedly has been dead for years now. The family gets so sad and they toast him and talk of him and so forth. I want to know Don. I want to see him.
  • Danny the great!

    They need to put Danny on far less. He is super cop. He's involved in so much its not even believable. Show his flaws besides being a hot head. He could have an attraction to his partner and continually struggle to resist her or something. They are all really too perfect although I do appreciate the show minus Danny the great.

    I wanted to write before reading other reviews to avoid any influence. I really like this show. At first, the family aspect seemed to be overdone. For instance, the first few shows, every other line seemed to include the word "family" or "Reagan". We got it without that. However, I'm now watching Season 5, and I do like the family dynamics--especially the dinners. They don't pretend to be perfect, either as individuals nor as a family, but they do love each other and are fiercely loyal to one another. I love the kids in these scenes who do a great job!

    Frank: I think Tom Selleck is superb as the Commissioner. I love the strength of the character in standing up for what he believes as well as not pandering to the other government offices or influences--and we do see his struggle there. He's also great as a dad who loves his children and grandchildren, but does not want to cross a line as far as favoritism. His pausing before speaking indicates that great thought goes into each word coming out of his mouth. Couldn't imagine any one else in this role.

    Danny: Love that we see Danny's strengths and weaknesses and his struggles with each. Donnie Wahlberg does a great job with this character. Love that he loves his wife and kids. I don't know why, however, he's gone through so many partners. There have been references to this in that the partners can't take being around him much, but I don't get that. I see his loyalty to his partners even if he is a little gruff. I never saw huge issues between them. In Season 5 now, his partner is Baez whom I don't feel is as good as the Jennifer Esposito character. A little grating with her speech too. Did I miss something with Jennifer Esposito? Suddenly she was packing her belongings saying she needed some What happened? Also, I don't understand why he's got the 'accent' whereas the rest of the family does not.

    Erin: This is probably my least favorite character. Even though Erin is portrayed as having the 'Reagan family values and morals", there doesn't seem to be any substance to her--as a mom, as an attorney, or as a daughter. I don't know why this isn't being pulled off--perhaps an acting deficit? Scenes where she is supposed to be standing up for the law or for morality just come off as if she's trying too hard to be angry and offended. I also really dislike the constant scenes where her mouth is hanging open. We call this a "duh" look. I wish the producers/director would realize how awful this is--or even Bridget herself.

    Jamie: I wasn't sure about him at first. He almost seemed to be a non-character. However, in his quiet ways, he's shown himself to be a solid guy. Will Estes really portrays this well. Not without his own struggles, he speaks up when pushed and generally backs up an underdog-type character. I do like the struggles he is having with having feelings for his partner, Janko. I am not through Season 5 yet, so it will be interesting to see what, if anything, happens with this. I also like that he is there for his niece and nephews.

    Pops: Sorry, can't think of his name right now. Like this portrayal of the patriarch of the family, who also has his flaws, but fiercely defends and loves his family. When Erin's ex-husband came through, he said "keep moving" which I thought was hilarious. Love his interaction with his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Len Carou's acting is good enough that it's really hard to believe that he and Tom Selleck are only a couple of years apart in age.

    Garrett: Probably my second favorite character! Gregory Jbarra is great in this role. I absolutely love his humor and his attempts to keep the Commissioner on track, which sometimes are successful and sometimes fail. There's a lot of humility and substance to this guy.

    Nicky: What a beautiful gal she is and very well portrayed by Sami Gayle. What I don't like (but which is not a deterrent from the show) is, as she is coming of age, she is showing the mindset of the typical American young person, which is to embrace everything and everybody and shame on those who stand up for what they believe to be right and wrong. She displays the acceptance of all too evident 'gray' areas in society. The mother, grandfather, great-grandfather, and sometimes her uncles, raise their eyebrows but are very reluctant to push back with their own stance. I wish, as strong as this family is supposed to be, that they would be strong enough to reach a guiding hand into her life.

    Linda: What a beauty Amy Carlson is! Love her as Danny's strong wife. She pulls everyone together at the table but isn't afraid to voice her opinion. Perfect complement to Danny.

    Well, that's everyone at the table (except the 2 boys who are adorable and very well portrayed) besides Garrett (had to include him!) I also like Baker as the Commissioner's administrative assistant. I like that she is getting a little more camera time (even if just hanging up the coat he flung in the chair). You can tell she is a sharp gal with quite a decorated history. Oh! I almost forgot Sergeant Anthony Renzulli (Jamie's first partner during his probationary year). This guy is wonderfully played. Love his demeanor which is all tough guy but really a big sweetheart. Love his accent.

    Overall, this is a super interesting show that gives a great and pretty realistic look into the NYPD. I love that the show doesn't worry about political correctness. Whites, blacks, Hispanics, are all portrayed equally good and bad, just like real life. No body is afraid to focus on either one.
  • Too many TSTL moments

    Overall I do enjoy the show. However, I HATE seeing so many "to stupid to live" moments. For instance, when you are going to talk to a suspect, and you see him across a parking lot, you don't yell out his name like Danny does so he has time to start running. (I kid you not, as I write this he did it AGAIN in episode Old Wounds. Leading to a foot chase ending up on a bus. So, so dumb. They could've just walked right up to the No cop would do that. Ever. Also, on episode 3-1, when they found Danny at gunpoint digging his own grave, after the guy had strapped a bomb to 2 different officers, they wouldn't have yelled out his name. They would've just shot him on the spot. His time for negotiations was over by then.

    The grand daughter needs to shut up, and keep that big yapper closed when she isn't talking. What an annoying character and actress. I fast forward through her scenes.

    Selleck's stash is of course, awesome.
  • Knuckle sandwiches

    Overall not a bad show however, there are a few things that really busts my chops. First of all Danny's tough guy routine where he is constantly smacking people around and handing out "tough guy knuckle sandwhiches" has gotten out of hand. If he were a cop in real life he'd be doing 20 years for stunts he has pulled. I have also grown tired of hearing "forthwith" I realize this must be something the NYPD says in real life even though I have no idea why it sounds awful. Stop saying it Danny, Forthwith! Overall most of my complaints are with that SOB Danny. And someone below commented on Erin and how she never shuts her mouth. Didn't realize it until I read that. You are so right. And yes she needs to keep that pie hole of hers shut when she's not talking. Tom's stash looks phenomenal per usual. That's all I have to say for now.
  • About time

    I've watched Blue Bloods for 6 seasons and finally ,in a City with over 65% minorities they actually had the balls to arrest a black person. I never thought that I would see that in this politically correct place we call the USA
  • Don't Lose it at the End

    I would have rated it higher last season, but so far it seems you have taken out the family blessing over the meal. I pray I am no alive the day America totally turns it's back on God. I wouldn't want to be part of that wrath. I think the 2nd review by Grammedian was great. Yes Jamie's struggles & life issues need to be more integrated into family time & a little less Danny. Danny needs to tone down his rhetoric & go back to taking his partner. A crazed lone wolf like him in real life would be bench for psyche eval & put on desk duty. No way would he be allowed to act so much like an angry bull so often.
  • Best Show in Thirty Years!

    Blue Bloods is testimony that great entertainment does not need graphic violence, sex or language to capture an audience. Creative screenwriting for its characters, intriguing plots and family situations we can all relate to; these and more have renewed my faith that network TV can still come up with something authentic. Keep em coming!
  • Review of Blue Bloods

    I LOVE this show! I love the family values, I love that they incorporate the family dinners and family problems along with the best crime drama on TV. I love that they honor God & pray & bring those values to their lives & jobs. I do think they should include more of Jamies challenges instead of always following Danny & it would be great if Danny wasn't always acting like a hard a** & being angry. More family oriented & compassionate. Plus, getting tired of Erin always having her mouth open. I guess it's an acting technique but she is too over the top with it. Close your mouth Erin, PLEASE! CLOSE YOUR MOUTH! Tired of you in scenes with a gaping mouth.
  • "Blowback" Really Blew

    BB is my favorite show (but I agree with the review below -- less Danny and bring back Jennifer Esposito!) but tonight's was incredibly LAME. No big city Mayor -- especially a Black one -- is going to be the slightest bit contrite after an anti-Cop rant, let alone resign! Just look at Baltimore. Or even NYC itself, which has just gone from bad to worse by electing a Communist to replace Doomberg, whose primary concerns were hobbling the Police and ensuring you couldn't buy a 24 oz. Coke. And they fired and were going to prosecute the bleeding heart ADA who released the video! Surrrreee . . . Ridiculous show tonight, very disappointing
  • Blue Bloods Dinner Prayer

    I wish they would go back to showing the family having prayer before dining. Seems they have fallen into Political Correct. Was hoping they would continue to be more like real life.
  • Danny has to go or at least his ego has to go

    It was a really good show in the beginning now it is all about how great Danny is and his ego is huge. Wahlberg makes it worse by being so nasty and believing his own importance. Bring Jennifer Esposito back and have more about the other family members especially Linda. She is great but doesn't get enough air time. Danny isn't the only cop in NY!!! You don't play well with others! Give other people a chance they may even be better than Danny. This will be my last season watching this.
  • "FORTH WITH"???

    I love this show but why oh why do they all say "forthwith" when they mean RIGHT NOW or ASAP. Sounds stupid and long when you are in a hurry. What's wrong with saying ASAP like everyone else. If I were on the receiving end of the emergency call I might say "huh? what is it you need?"

    They for sure need to change that. I binge watch these shows so it is very noticeable to me.

    One other thing, that family is way too much Catholic
  • creates a sense of intimacy

    Great Show! Great Characters! What I like is how the family is multi-generational public safety. I love the family dinners. I love the karma from Steve Schirripa & Bridget Moynahan - I think they are perfect together! I don't care for Donnie Wahlberg and Will Estes arguing (too much negative tension). The questions from the children are terrific! Nice family show tied into running a great city. I like Blue Bloods alot and really look forward to the new episodes.
  • Speedster

    I do like the show a lot but it`s a little hard to believe that Danny outruns every thug he runs after. Even the ex Pro Football player! Then there is the tackle from the side angle. Maybe he should be called Flash to start from behind and still be able to tackle the guy from the side. Definitely a speedster!
  • Lawyer and impressed critic

    As an attorney I have such high praise for this smart and challenging show. When Erin had to choose in "Help Me Help You" between career and her duty to being an "officer of the court," her courage was inspirational. I look forward to each episode and applaud the incisive interest in controversial themes of the day with unerring fidelity to integrity and reckoning with inevitable policy consequences.
  • EPISODE: Help Me Help You 2/26/2016

    FRANK: May have a psychological battle with the new speaker for the city council. NOTE: The actress chosen the play the speaker is a bad choice. My opinion. Their first meeting was a bust. Butting heads. The final solution after time was one word, "Compromise". ERIN: A mentor judge who lost his wife but heads with Erin over his new rulings. The final points is the judge realized his faults and all is good. Finally, DANNY: A co-worker of Linda's is having a problem with her "X" after their divorce. The situation escalates, but ends on the good side for all.
  • How can you not love this show

    This show has a great combination of actors (Tom Selleck) and a very pretty actress in Bridget Monyahan

    It sometimes is a bit goofy but then again that brings levity to the show.

    There is usually a decent plot of which the good guys always win.

    Sometimes we can figure it out and sometimes there is a twist.

    It's a great relaxing show on Friday night
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