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  • Confused

    Jamie and Eddie are great but see season 7 episode 12. Can't have commissioner son marry his partner when it was frowned upon and showed bad judgement in this episode




  • my opinion

    I think the show is a bit predictable. There is ALWAYS a chase scene with danny spotting a bad guy and then running after that person. Frank reagan always pouting scrunching up his lower lip and then breathing out heavily. Case wraps up is solved every episode. can't they not solve a crime in an hour and have maybe a part 2? Jamie always trying to do the right thing and getting repremanded for it
  • good movement

    Update on comments below. Good flipping of previously predictable roles by allowing Eddie to take more of a hero lead. Also good use of underutilized female characters and actors on the show. Plenty of room to pair Eddie with Danny or Frank for some projects and let that be the awkward at first but dynamic of growth for the Jamie and Eddie relationship and move them past small talk in the police car. Good job having Eddie interact with Frank and widen the dimension - might she become the boss while Jamie remains on control. But their relationship needs to move forward with more dynamics then just should we or shouldn't we. Interactions with other characters can help that.
  • "Days of our lives" called and want their scipt back

    The story line of the recent episodes is superficial and the characters are more "caricature" rather than realistic profile of the people they portray. Danny having a felon ride along and help catch a worse felon only to have an epiphany to warn Danny and crew not to enter a booby trapped hide out (PLEASE). Jamie is late for Sunday dinner so he can dramatically announce he has capitulated to the wisdom of him becoming a Sargent. They are all starved but have to flip through the "obligatory" prayer so they can get on with the meal. The series used to give time and reverence to the Sunday family prayer before the meal, as a traditional; Catholic family would, but not secular liberal writers. The writers and, or the directors as obviously changed. Please bring the original writers and, or the original director back before you completely destroy a great series.
  • Looking for an episode in season 2 (2011)

    Does anyone know the episode where Jaime was chasing a guy on a skate board through Washington Square Park in NYC? I know that this scene was actually filmed on August 30, 2011, but I just do not know the title of the show nor the episode. Can one of you Blue Bloods Fans help me out? Thanks.
  • Linda's departure is wrong

    I have watched this fab series since episode 1, Linda was an important part of the Blue Blood family, why oh why did they kill her off, its ridiculous & the way it was done was really shabby, Danny's character needed her to boost him up as he has a face like a slapped backside most of the time ! Can Danny lose a case every now & then, its all getting a little predictable x Frank is always as miserable as sin, give the man a date!, the Major one line per show is "you serve at my discretion!" sick of hearing it x I suggest the writers go back & watch the first & second series & re kindle that anticipation & good story lines.
  • Newbie

    I never watched this show - never was one for police dramas, but I caught one rerun while I was home not feeling too well and got hooked. I have been binge watching several seasons on Ion. It's pretty much the perfect storm of a show. I really like the format and the fact that they model such integrity and upright behavior and that they go to church and have Sunday dinner as a family every episode and that Frank is taking care of his dad. Kids should watch this show to see how families are supposed to operate. The only negative comment is that Tom Selleck looks down way too often most of the time. And he should lighten up his character just a little.
  • Noticeably

    What happened to last night's show? (3/9/18) The acting, script, and lines were stilted. Erin and her detective could not make it work. The lines were not natural and seemed forced. Very awkward. Danny's murder investigation was so predictable and took too long to solve. Frank's solution to filling a position was confusing at best. Family dinner banter was ok but also seemed forced and too rapid.
  • True Blue

    I'm a true blue fan of Blue Bloods. I've been watching since the first episode when Jamie graduated from the Academy. But I have to ask what the writers are thinking? In the March 2, 2018 Legacy episode, it was insinuated that Danny was broke because he has gone from a two income to a one income family. Forgive me but Linda was killed on the job in a helicopter crash and seeing that she was a highly intelligent woman I know she had life insurance. My childhood friend was killed on the job and her family was offered a hefty settlement before they filed a law suit. The hospital did not want the bad publicity so they settled swiftly. In addition, the boys qualify for social security seeing that they are still in school. Furthermore, how many times is Danny going to contemplate quitting? It's getting old. Please get some new writers.
  • Frank Reagan Should Resign

    I'm seriously disappointed in the direction the writers are taking the plots. This most recent episode clearly illustrates that Frank Reagan should resign. It appeared he was getting ready to resign in previous episodes. Instead, the writers are changing his character into a milquetoast that suddenly needs to be politically correct. Firing the rookie cop for doing her job was something he should never had done. Oh wait, he didn't fire her, he had her CO do it so it seemed like a "local" decision. Really!?! What a coward! Gone are the days that he would have stood by his people. And gone are the days that I considered Blue Bloods to be one of the better TV shows.
  • Disappointed ...

    The first show back after the Olympics took a left hand turn, and it looks like the next episode is going to continue that trend. Most every show on TV has leaned to the left and Blue Bloods was one of the very few that hadn't taken that turn yet. Now it looks like they have. If this trend continues, I will no longer watch what has been my favorite TV show for the last eight years. Very sad about this.
  • Siblings suck!

    I enjoy the show overall. Danny Reagan is not a very good detective. He should go back into the Marines, of which he was once a member. His style of police work belongs in a war zone. But the worst of the lot would have to be Jamie. A really lousy cop. A namby-pamby goody two-shoes type. He butts into things that are NONE of his business and when people are recalcitrant to talk to him he doesn't go away. He keeps pushing. If he were doing that to me, I'd have him up on charges so fast, his head would still be spinning. Or, I'd just punch him out.

    He needs to go into law as the attorney he supposedly got his degree in. I cringe every time Jamie comes on the scene. He would have been fired in the first season if he were in a real police force. Except, of course, for the nepotism we have here.

    Tom Selleck's character is actually pretty good. I like him. Erin Reagan is also quite good as was Danny's wife, Linda. Made a mistake killing her off, she was a settling influence on the Reagan clan.

    But this just shows why NYPD is one of the worst police depts in the world, along with LAPD.

    Very happy I don't live in either city. I would not be safe in either one of them.

    I know this is just a drama, and characters are what the writers make of them. However, the show really ought to consider hiring firearms experts to teach those clowns on proper firearms handling.

    Oh well, expecting any kind of realism from any TV show or any movie is just expecting too much.

    Don't even get me started on Criminal Minds, or Law & Order.

    But now I'm digressing, so I'll just close with saying Blue Bloods is, sadly, one of the better shows on TV

  • Love the Show still today

    As a Retired police office in fl. I can't wait every day until it comes on love them all ,i just wish Linda ( amy ) was not come back on the show sad , but i think he show can still go further maybe 10 years thanks to your writers and producers
  • Danny Reagan Sucks

    I know the writers, and director control the way the show goes, but any NYPD Cop who has done what Danny Reagan has done over the years would have been unemployed a long time ago even if daddy is the PC. The show expects viewers to lack a functioning brain, and no common sense. Ridiculous that nowhere else in the 5 Burroughs of NYC is there any other detective that can solve a major case. If you know even a little bit about law enforcement you know this show went of the rails years ago, and has turned into a sad joke.
  • Too Much Drama!

    I've been watching Blue Bloods since it first came out, but I'm really disappointed in the way it has evolved.

    There is now WAAAY to much DRAMA!!! (see what I did there?) Family members and co-workers are always yelling at each other, displaying too much impatience, anger, etc. than most people would/should in real life. I'm about ready to give up on this show.
  • Get to the hidden strong characters

    Abigail and Eddie are wasted characters that have the strength and edge it takes to mix it up respectfully with such a strong family! Bring them on, get the romance realistic and up a notch between Jamie and Eddie. Have Jamie handle dilemmas creatively like his father, Frank, does - relationship wise and otherwise. Dial back Nicky - a 21 year old self absorbed character who takes up too much air time finding her voice. Danny Reagan character dead on every time ! Need to show greater respect collaboration between brothers.
  • Blue Bloods Has Gone Left Wing! And, where did the Italians go?

    My family and I used to love Blue Bloods. However, the show has progressively gone left or "politically correct," as evidenced by the very pro-illegal alien episodes, Whoopi Goldberg's character, no longer saying grace during Sunday dinner, and the lack of respect for traditional American values. In addition, the show has become very poorly written, the Jenko character is abysmal, and storyline soooo predicated and predictable. No more Blue Bloods for this family.

    Where are the Italian and Jewish cops, apparently, the spics took over the city and show. Thus, I no longer see the real cops in NYC, represented in the show. I know it sounds "racist" yet the truth is the truth. That is, America is losing it's cultural heritage, and is becoming a third world country.
  • Still a fan.

    I still love Blue Bloods but the loss of Linda has really had a major impact on the show. I realize that Amy Carlson wanted to leave but I wish they would have addressed it better. The first 3 or 4 episodes of season 8 seemed like they had new writers who knew anything about the show and of the chemistry between the actors and characters. The last 3 episodes seem like the regular writers are back. From the beginning of season 8 the relationship between Eddie and Jaime seem to have the only natural flow. I really, really hope that they finally get Jamie and Eddie together and Eddie gets a PERMANENT SPOT at the Sunday night dinner table. Please writers and producers finally listen to the fans and get Jamie and Eddie together PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!! Thank you . My rating of the show will go up to 10.0 when Jaime and Eddie get together and stay together.
  • New Mayor is Terrible!

    The new Mayor is acting at it's worst! Hoping she is very temporary!
  • Sloppy Catholicism Doesn't Cut It

    The premise of the Reagan family morality is that because they are Catholic they believe in and adhere to a higher standard based on the Church. But this is a sham or ignorance or research laziness on the part of the writers and directors of the show. The most simple act of Catholics to show belief in and reverence for the Three Persons of the Blessed Trinity, the core of Catholic faith, is the sign of the cross. But in this show 9 actors pretending to be Catholics sitting around the dinner table all start the grace before meal ritual with hands and arms waving at invisible flies or quick small gestures that mean absolutely nothing.

    For one of the few programs that are allowed by their producers and network sponsors to even mention God, this is a travesty. Please get it right or make the characters another religion.
  • Janko

    Rewrite Jankos character. I have been binge watching this show on Netflix and I truly can not stand her character. She is so weak. We need more strong woman roles! We have Erin and that's it? She's a cop! There is a reason she is a cop! You've made her a victim of assault, you've made her immature and you've made her a weak cop with daddy issues. She just runs to Jaime. She's irrational! Minus points for Jankos character
  • Why is there no more prayer at dinner time

    I used to love this show and have watched it for a long time, however, I don't think I'll be watching it anymore. I'm very disappointed that they took the prayer time off the show because it offends certain people. I don't know when Christians became second-class citizens and no longer have a voice. Hollywood has no problem offending Christians and assaulting our beliefs and values offers very little entertainment with conservative Christian values, and that seems very bias!
  • Mayor

    This new mayor is horrible to the show ! I realize she has done otherfilm , but she is rotten in this role ! Really bad acting ! Making Blue Bloods a mockery ! Linda died ! Dwell on the devasting loss to the family ! Danny has had moments but I think the family needs to really discuss this ! The mayor plays a role in this show as they dictate to the Police Commissioner! She is horrible for this show mainly because she isn't really believed in this role ! Her acting for this show does not cut it ! Bring back Blue Bloods as we all loved the show ! Linda should never have left ! She was the only stability Danny & the whole family had ! Too late I guess to resurrect a fellow actor
  • New mayor

    This has been my favorite TV show since it started. I never miss an episode. I am now becoming UNHAPPY with this season. Linda leaving the show was handled badly. But the worst part is the new mayor. She is opposed to everything Frank says and does. If this is going to be a weekly conflict, I am done with this show. I hate the new mayor character. It is ruining the show for me.
  • No more Blue Bloods

    I've been a fan since the beginning but will not watch another episode as long as Whopee is appearing. Sorry to say good bye.
  • No Grace at Dinner.

    Has the show opted out of the family giving thanks at the dinner table? I've seen ever episode, this season really seemed different. Not as good, probably running out of good material. We will miss Danny's Wife, it was confusing how they killed her off, and didn't even show until way into the episode. Probably last season. Sad to see it change so much.
  • Cutting Losses

    I was completely confused as to what was going Boyle gets stabbed, Erin acts like she still loves the is wanting to retire from the force because Linda is death of Linda was a shock to me because in the family of cops she was the only one who could look at things from a different the way they killed Linda off is by far the worst writing of the entire shows nurses don't have the proper training for airlifting life flight helicopters are also ran out of the fire department not a in all this episode was one of the worst I have seen
  • Return of Blue Bloods

    Yay! I can't wait.

    Desperately searching for something to occupy my mind while unemployed, I've been binge watching anything I can find which translates to anything even remotely palatable on Netflix, most recently including the cop melodrama, Blue Bloods. I've found its fictional NYC world of cops peculiarly familiar, addictive and calming. Up until the past week, I'd been limiting my bingeing to several episodes per day, making the supply last. Last night, the clock ran out, so I'm turning to writing about it.

    During one of the last episodes of Season 7, the Reagan family goes around the table voicing what each might like to do in retirement. Now in my own premature retirement, I'd often thought of returning to "the road not taken" my undergraduate major, film criticism. Having wasted a couple of hundred hours watching Blue Bloods, I was curious to see what other viewers were saying. What I found, upon a superficial casting among just a few websites, was both a confirmation of my own reactions to a few characters, and reassurance, (if you could call it that) that my own "willing suspension of disbelief" about the relationship of Blue Blood's plots to any quantifiable level of reality is less than the acceptance by some viewers of Blue Blood's world and the characters in it as reality. Even in our dystopian, dumbed down Internet world, this comes as a somewhat frightening shock. An ex-cop commenting on the show finds too much shooting and too much liberal thinking going on. Everyone hates Nicky. Danny's offspring are non-starters. From there, the road diverges, but there seems to be little recognition of the show and its characters as fictional reviewers are too busy judging and commenting upon the character, politics and career choices of the seemingly too-real Reagans. But I digress I didn't come here to review the reviewers so let me get on with my own review. Let's start with what I like, and why I like it.

    Tom Selleck OK, he's not perfect, but as he often quotes "not perfect doesn't disqualify good as an acceptable cop metric" or something like that. I love Frank Reagan's costumes really old, old school 3-piece suits, cardigans (with those funky old closures you haven't seen in twenty years but recognize) and even Frank's casual wear is wooly urban lumberjack. Everything he wears is impeccably nurdy. He clearly hasn't been shopping in decades; gotta love that. The Commissioner is still easy on the eyes at 72 but what happened to his hair-do? Its distressingly punk. Well, OK, it is New York. I found myself wondering what kind of face the mustache was hiding. And wondering if Frank would ever experiment with a different trim job. As an actor, let's say he could use greater diversity in his facial expressions/body language. Scrunching up his mouth and turning those stunning baby blues away from the camera in a downward glance telegraphs a man trying to contain his feelings in a very shorthand way, but it's overused. Maybe some of this narrow range could be attributed to a script that relentlessly frustrating to the Commissioner, but still might some of this boiling and barely-contained frustration be attributed to too many layers of worsted or a too-tight vest? I can't help but like Frank despite his crusty, stolid countenance. He's loving, brave and apparently straight. He is always fair and struggles hard to come up with comforting answers to life's toughest problems. He likes his whiskey and is loyal to his Catholic faith. He has good pals within and without the ranks of the police force he bosses. Frank Reagan is the kind of fantasy father many Irish American sons and daughters would have liked to have. And what's wrong with that? In Selleck's private life, it appears that he has ascribed to many of the same traditional core values as Frank Reagan. Over a long career, a 30-year marriage and showing involvement in philanthropy, Selleck seems like a consistently straight arrow and a very non-Hollywood dude. One Frank Reagan would like. Refreshing in today's sheep-like hipster celebrity culture.

    My favorite, of course, is Jamie. So sweet, so true blue, so young, so honest. What, really, is there not to like about Jamie? He's educated, (Harvard law, no less) soft spoken, a good shot and so remorseful when he has to kill a perp. But most comments bemoan his seeming lack of ambition. Jamie is content, so he says, to remain at the bottom of the police totem pole, a beat walking cop. He does have some perks, however among them, a curvaceous, irreverent, outspoken blonde partner, who overtly announces her feelings for him. He admits the same, and they agree to remain in the closet about their mutual admiration. They're the comic relief team of the show and do it well. I find myself hoping that Jamie could evolve not to the rank of his father or grandfather, but to create his own role within the ranks as a trainer/educator of cops. I thought it was going that way with his appointment to a commission regarding police interaction with the mentally ill, but this thread wasn't developed. Not dramatic enough, probably.

    Then there's Danny. It's a lot harder for me to love a workaholic with a permanent 5 o'clock shadow. Danny shoots, shouts and always ends up on the short end of the shtick, so it seems. He's an underdog posing as the martyr, giving us flashes of selflessness as well as arrogance. Danny's character, and that of his partner, Baez, are to me the least believable roles in the show. Baez well, let's just say she puts on her lipstick with a shovel and her lines with a repeat button. And those ringlets, eyes rolling, characteristic head tilt expressing what? Confusion, it would seem. Whoa! Her predecessor was SO much more interesting, everyone agrees. If the writers haven't changed, the contrast between Danny's two partners is a study in the magic good acting works on a tepid script.

    Erin permanently frowning, conflicted, self-righteous, unhappy. Yuck! And what is up with her wardrobe? As the highest paid of the siblings, she shops at TJ Max? Really? Soooo unimaginative. I won't even mention the hair. Erin seems incapable of relaxing or enjoying life. She needs a new job, clearly.

    Linda icky baby doll, but her character seems to be deepening a bit, now that she's been shot.

    Her kids overfed and under scripted.

    Henry those are not his real teeth, are they? And he needs some new lines, too. Henry's best moment was when he was dating a gold digger before Erin swooped down and arrested her.

    Joe, missing though he has been forever, may be the most interesting Reagan of them all! And being dead, he has the advantage of exhibiting no flaws at all!

    So I want to answer the Slate mag's critic who states unequivocally that the show is merely pablum for aging white racists. I am aging and white, but I am no more of a racist than than Slate's critic. That said, I also was surprised at Blue Bloods' depiction of the criminal element as more often black than white. In the post Black Lives Matter era, how dare Hollywood tell this truth? However, it's the same reason robbers target banks that's where the money is. As Commissioner Reagan points out, the high arrest/incarceration/shooting ratio of minority perps is not because of racism. It's because the highest incidence of crime is by minorities. Instead of just calling racist, why not point out the reason why that is the case? Generational poverty and institutional discrimination, mainly. And its effects: poor education, poor housing, poor social/cultural values, single parent homes, drugs are to blame for that not racist cops. Sure, there are racist cops and racist perps. But cops put their lives on the line every day by going into dangerous situations as part of their job. For which they are not well paid, supported nor respected. Perps are simply doing what they choose to do on their own behalf, not to protect anyone else. And they're most often doing it to one another.

    Every perception is in the eye of the beholder. I enjoy Blue Bloods, as flawed as it is, because it portrays a fantasy that allows me to see a situation I wish existed, knowing it probably never has. It's a gritty, modern fairy tale of an imaginary and noble family dynasty coping with a very difficult world. We know the dangerous, destructive world of crime exists and I, for one, wish the Reagans did, too. I'm so happy to learn that Season 8 is coming up. Though I won't be able to watch it until it shows up on Netflix, it gives me some hope that a real minority perspective can still find enough viewers to survive on prime time. Speaking as an aging, white lover of justice, moral superiority and fiction, that is. And the daughter of a smoke eater, as well.

  • Character 'Nicki'???

    What is the purpose of her character? I don't like 'Nicki' character at all!

    Love all the Reagan men in this show, can do without the two young boys.

    Baez and Jenko are cute but better cop casting should be practiced. Like casting Girls that can actually run!