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  • Danny's Dilema

    NONE of Danny's new partners have the spark and click and charisma that Danny had with his FIRST PARTNER !!!! BRING BACK JENNIFER ESPOSITO !!!!! SHE IS AWESOME !!!!
  • Lessons that can make your life better

    Last night's episode (8/29/2014) has some lessons that can make your own life better. There were two scenario's that demonstrated how our brains do not show us an actual fixed reality and one that highlighted that the more stressed we are, the less accurate the reality we perceive becomes.


    In one case, a mentally challenged man unsuccessfully tried to stop a teenage girl from committing suicide and was caught on video, where his actions were initially perceived as pushing her to her death. It would have been so easy for him to be convicted of murder for his attempted good deed because the viewers of the video initially perceived him as a killer. Their brains interpreted the video in line with their expectations, even after being told he was not the type of person to ever do that sort of thing.

    The second scenario involved a young cop whose report of her first felony arrest differed slightly from a video a citizen sent in. There was nothing wrong with the arrest, no excessive force, etc. But when she filed her report there was a factual error about where stolen property was recovered from that differed from the video. I won't tell you how Frank got the DA's office to agree not to fire her and come over to his viewpoint by demonstrating that the brain's recollection of events may not be 100% accurate, especially when a life or death situation but I thought it was brilliant.

    I loved that the show brought this aspect of our brain's into the show--the inaccurate ways we perceive reality. Researchers have long shown that eyewitness reports are the least reliable type of evidence but most people assume this is because of dishonesty on the part of witnesses with ulterior motives, but the truth is that our brains are not designed to show us They show us a filtered reality and the filters determine how we perceive every given situation. The filters can be adjusted and how they are set can make the difference between a good life and a crummy life.

    I teach how to people about these filters and how to adjust them so they can thrive more but the biggest hurdle most people face is they believe their brains show us reality so I am delighted to see the fallacy of this demonstrated so well on Blue Bloods.

    I also love this show. I turned my TV off in 1995 and did not watch TV again until 2013. I still watch very little but this show draws me back again and again. I love how strong the family is even when they disagree with one another. I love Tom Selleck in this roll. I wish I could talk to the detective because I know I could help him (I realize he is just a character, but his war wounds represent a lot who are suffering I also love that they show the Sunday dinners every week because that is one of the things that makes the family so strong and connected with one another.
  • Totally in love!

    I love, love this show. I love all the characters and the acting is great. I love the sibling interactions, and the 'family' connectedness and the real life issues. Keep up the good work.
  • 9.7 love this show

    I think Tom' s hair needs some gray in it. The acting is great, the plots are well developed. His hair is so black it looks wierd. 9.7

  • I dunno...

    seems every time you turn around there are new crime fighting shows on TV and they don't really seem to have evolved much since the early days of NYPD Blue which nobody can even remember even though it was on the air for years on end. Every case gets solved within the one hour of the show and everybody loves their jobs which I don't think is very realistic as in life is often not like that. It was good to see Tom Selleck again on TV but I preferred his characters in films like Quigley Down Under & Runaway (where he plays a cop)
  • The character Erin

    I love this show but I am constantly irritated and angered by the actions of the character Erin. She is portrayed as a self righteous, sanctimonious, judgmental control freak who treats her daughter like a possession with no brains. If I didn't enjoy the show as much as I do and the other characters I would not watch this show because of her character. I find myself wanting to either slap her or choke her almost every episode.
  • Luv.. It...

    I wish I would have found this show sooner.. Tom Selleck is awesome... I am also impressed w/ Donnie wahl burg acting. I'm almost thru w/ season 1. Maybe since UPN won the syndication deal. Blue bloods will gain more viewers
  • Disappointed in the direction of show

    My husband and I have been watching Blue Bloods since the shows inception and noticed that season 4 writing is substantially different from the previous shows. The family no longer prays together; there is very little, if any, mention of their faith; the mother, Erin, gives worldly and secular advice to her daughter about pre-marital sex; the main character, Frank Reagan, is having sex out of marriage; also, his character is acting much differently than before. After checking out the writers for the first 3 seasons, we noticed that there are two new writers this season. It's obvious that they are taking the characters of the show in a completely different direction from what was first intended. One of the main appeals of this show is that they lived their faith openly and even though the writers dealt with hard subjects, the family was always grounded in their faith in God. I'm just about ready to give up on this show. I'm not interested in watching another secular dramatization.
  • Team Play vs. Personal Presentations

    I do hope we've seen the last of character Kelly... One of the great appeals of the show is the "team" or in this case "family" work... But every second she is on camera Kelly does something to draw attention to herself -

    eyes, head shakes, body language, o ver-expressiveness. I'd say she is constantly "overacting" in her self-interest, exclusively... So let her call me, too, a son-of-a-bitch, and be done with her...

    BTW the one exception to team play might be Nicky, but fortunately she will soon be off to college...
  • Disappointed

    My husband and I are big fans of the show and tape each episode! We were disappointed with last night's episode, however. When Erin speaks to Nicki about sex, she falls into the Hollywood trap. The Bluebloods writers are usually so much more enlightened! There was no mention of physical or emotional consequences. If only Erin could have spoken of "commitment"--that beautiful force that is one step beyond love. Commitment is good for all couples; for Christians, it means marriage. 5
  • Love the show

    On the latest episode Open Secrets was a disappointed with Moms response to daughter about premarital sex. You would think being Catholic/Christian faith and the overall strong moral values the family stands on, I thought she would have given her better advise then "Do you love him?" Be nice to

    see a show continue in strong moral values and not fall into the main stream alongside all the other shows which is such a rarity these days. Please continue to produce quality and Let prayer continue!
  • Why Praying has Stopped ?

    I was VERY impressed with your show when I first saw it a few months ago. There was ALWAYS a time - somewhere - in your show that a prayer took place. I was especialy impressed when it was before the famly dinners. An AMAZING witness to their children (and the families watching). I do not follow the Catholic am a Christian. But in out society prayer to our Heavenly Father will help you to FEEL HIS guidence, grace, peace in our lives -IS- what everyone needs.

    My personal testimony - I've have MANY brain surgeries. I experince pain EVERY day. My strength is in my time of prayer and in HIS MY STRENGTH !!!

    Thank you and I hope that you will bring prayer back to your program.

  • Made for the role

    George C. Scott was destined for "Patton". Marlon Brando was created for "The Godfather". Tom Selleck was born the Commissioner in "Blue Bloods". The only thing distracting is the constant pursing of his lips!
  • Jamie;s one night stand

    I was a bit shocked and really disappointed that young (do things the right way) Jamie had a one night stand with an old friend in law school. I was led to believe he is a character with upstanding morals and I feel the bedroom scene brought him down morally. Seems it would be best if he dated and married like the Good Book says. Not everyone cow-tows to sex outside of marriage.
  • Get your history straight

    The dinner scenes are a time for them to talk about religion and politics. However, they (the writers) need to get their facts straight especially when it comes to Catholicism. On the latest episode, Jamie mentions the crusades; however, current perceptions are not accurate about them and I would suggest to viewers to research the ubiquitous myths being perpetuated about the crusades by writers and others who have very little knowledge of them.
  • family

    There are a lot of cop shows on tv but this one makes it more real by making it a family affair. I love the family dinners - makes me think of my own grandparents and dinner at their house. Nice job!
  • Tom Selleck's new persona is fake and phony

    I enjoyed Tom in many things he did, especially magnum pi, but this new charlton heston wannabee persona, he is not selling. I enjoyed that he was both an incredibly sexy man and an twerp in magnum, now he has deepened his voice, and tries to sound like an ole cowboy, Tom you're so phony.
  • Hello Tom!

    I thoroughly love this show!!! And the best part is Tom Selleck being back on TV every week.
  • A drunk priest gets a pass - really????

    Was anyone else out there incensed as I was with Season 4 Episode 5, Lost and Found? A priest is picked up for his FOURTH DUI!!! And because he's a priest, and the Commish is Catholic, all he gets is a gentle talk about finding his faith, showing up at the precinct so he could be release ROR. Really????? His FOURTH DUI, and they're gonna put him back on the streets??? I don't care how much or why anybody drinks, but dammit, you STAY OFF THE ROADS. The Commish never said a word about the crime he committed, how he put innocent lives at risk. Disgusting!!!
  • Great Show

    This show portrays family morals and traditional values. Great down to earth show.

    Often discusses controversial subjects, and current ones. And also shows how the justice system is flawed in certain ways.

    Great show with great characters, its a classic.

    One thing i don't like though, is the actor that plays Nikki. Bad/annoying acting (not sure if its somewhat from the script or what.. but damn). And her hair cut.... Need to focus less screen time on her,
  • Poppycock: The Latest Show

    I'm beginning to regard Blue Bloods, the CBS Cop show, with great contempt. It has been way too supportive of NYPD's unconstitutional Stop and Frisk in some of its story lines lately. In the latest, the story was about a newly appointed inspector general and a reference was made that a federal "activist" judge was responsible for the IG. It's almost as if the producers, directors and writers have been meeting Police Commissioner Kelly over drinks for help with their story lines.

    Crypto fascist poppycock, if you as me.
  • great show

    Was a great show, I like Jamie's new partner
  • Day One Fan

    Please stop playing musical partners with Danny , just bring Jackie back . The End .

    I can't believe after all this time they haven't figured out that Danny needs a believable partner.. I really like this show but this string of glorified little girls is appalling! They are not the least bit believable as cops much less as detectives. Jackie was a great character and what they have done to the actress not allowing her to work on any other shows it horrible. Between this show and NCIS, I am about to stop watching CBS.

  • I love this show

    I love this show but lately the back ground music is so loud you can't hear what they are saying. WHY
  • I hate this show

    It is the most stupidest show ever. I hope it gets cancelled I tried to like it but I just don't. It's boring. I'd rather watch magic City on starz and some of my other favorite prime time shows like Arrow, Grey's anatomy, teen wolf, I'm 22 btw. And I don't really like Tom selleck I think he's weird looking. And Danny on the show is too angry and I don't like it. I like Donnie wahlberg though but I cant stand cops in real life, they act so much like Danny.
  • turned off -- kendra joy bethune age 35 nkotb fan

    i watched 1 epidsose and saw donnie walhbergh play a police it turned me off for a while my mother brought me another Marliyn monroe journal so i start listing to the classic nkotb song my favorite girl and cover girl
  • Outstanding series

    My favorite because of all of it's excellent dynamics. Please agree to at least 100 seasons! Why not?!!!!
  • After the blurbs describing

    what was happening in the last two shows, I was worried sick. Two losses? OMGoodness, who could they be? As much as I hated who they were (and one wasn't so much of a loss, was it? and you'll have to guess which one I mean, LOL) I LOVED THE ENDING. How could there have been any better of an ending for any family show, really? Danny: do we have to pay for the second house? Linda: No, they'll share. IT WAS TERRIFIC. This is one of the very best of family shows on TV (I guess I say that because I don't have kids living at home anymore, and if I had young children, what the h*e*l*? are they doing up at 10:00 . anyway?) just because of endings like this.

    Tom Selleck still has it. I loved him then, I love him now. Probably more now. Probably because he got oldER just like me (neither of us is old . . . )