Blue Bloods

Season 3 Episode 15


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 15, 2013 on CBS

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  • so little effort..

    If only they could have gotten some facts straight, I wouldn't have much to protest against representing Turkey in that way (as it is true, especially in eastern anatolia, women and men get killed due to accusition of brining shame to family) but: 1) a Turk named Isabel Nasser? seriously? they go to the length of providing a so called newspaper article in Turkish but could not come up with a real Turkish name? ridiculous.. 2) how hard would it be to find a real Turkish newspaper and refer to a real example.. and maybe show a Turkish looking women instead of Arab/Afgan looking one? 3) and come on: a family, lets their daughter to travel USA (even with a shapharone), let her get excellent music education, play western instruments, dress up as such (with a stark contrast to the girl in the pic), she even speaks the language perfectly well, yet, they would be so traditional that there would be a threat against her life, due to meeting with a foreign man.. sorry but, it is more than stupid, it is plain biased and untruthful..