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Season 8 Episode 15


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AIRDATE: 3/2/2018 Danny considers changing to a more profitable job. Nicky is sexually harassed by her internship boss. Frank has to deal with the fall out after a rookie cop is caught on video questioning a pedestrian’s immigration status.

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Mar 04, 2018
This season I have noted a decline in maintaining the storyline, plots and writing. I own all 7 seasons' DVDs and have had many hours of enjoyment from the truly rare storyline of this series encompassing; loyalty and comradery, right versus wrong, enforcing laws, family and religion. Last evening's episode, "Legacy", broke many of those rarely seen on TV values with the inclusion of social causes (#MeToo and Dreamers) and over-the-top sexism by a larger than life jackass male character to support the former cause. Frank was scripted as a wishy-washy boss who did not stand behind his rookie cop - instead he fired her for cause (one found in some arcane book he quoted for his rationale) for following her training. Ridiculous! Also, I have tolerated the Nicky character throughout the years but attempting to have her fill the void caused by the death of the Linda character is over the top for me. And, rearranging the family dining table seating so that Nicky takes over Linda's chair is beyond belief! Maybe Amy Carlson, a wonderful actress, got a peek at where the storyline was headed - not in a good direction.moreless

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