Blue Bloods

Season 3 Episode 17

Protest Too Much


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Danny's latest case involves a pair of "Bonnie and Clyde" bank robbers. Frank contemplates dating a woman who's a friend of Erin.

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May 28, 2014
Needs more female perspective, the YUCK factor with this episode wasHUGE!!!Old-man Frank, a powerful man, has a young woman flirt her ass off with him, and he and all the men in his family think it is because of his good-looks and charm? How delusional are they supposed to be?!The gross age-difference aside, powerful men fall from their positions when they start believing that all those young women are really into them.The young women are into power, into expensive gifts, into help from his powerful friends, into help with their careers, or into sick daddy issues.Where was the female perspective in this episode? The episode could have been great, instead it was YUCKY. I had to struggle to keep the vomit down whenever they suggested Frank get together with that girl. How delusional can older men be?!!And the woman who protested, Erin, Frank's daughter, was given such stupid lines and just made to make a sucked-on-a-lemon look all the time. She should have told them the truth, even if it hurt her father: the girl had issues and was manipulative; it would be suicidal for his career; young women are NOT into old men, they are into what they can get out of old men.More realistic would have been a storyline that revealed the young woman's past conquests of old, powerful men with her usual lines, and that talked of her career advancement due to lovers, that mentioned her expensive gifts, and her bragging with girlfriends about it all, about how gullible and grateful the old men are, and complaining to her friends about making love to old men and their reliance on drugs, etc. to manage it.Revealing that Frank was being setup, like so many powerful men before him, would have been a more realistic and more interesting storyline than the "Frank gives up a hot, young chick to make his daughter feel better-- wonderful Frank--petty Erin" storyline.moreless

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