Blue Collar TV

Season 2 Episode 1

Bad Habits

Aired Unknown Sep 25, 2005 on The WB

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  • redneck yard of the week, makeovers, Gamma Gamma, redneck dictionary, travis tritt

    i love this was so funny..i got in to it kind of late but i remember seeing it the first time..and it was hilarious..the makeovers were just too hilarious..i loved every second of it lol..and then the gamma gamma is the next thing in my mind right funny..i saw bill in that dress and wig and i lost it..then they were doing the whole totes humpable thing again and that was hilarious...and poor travis tritt..i felt bad for him..the redneck dictionary word was ok but not that great today..the redneck yard of the week was good and then travis tritt performed so i was happy lol