Blue Collar TV

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Unknown Sep 30, 2004 on The WB
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Jeff plays L. Roy Tippet, a country singer with 20 million songs, none of them good. He also plays a guy who chooses a fishing trip over his mother-in-law's funeral. Next, Jeff and Larry the Cable Guy play two unlikely reporters on an awards show red carpet, and viewers get a triple dose of the Redneck Word of the Day.moreless

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  • My personal favorite episode.

    Jeff's monologue, for starters is one of the strongest monologues I've seen him preform (Well of course funerals are boring! That's why they don't sell tickets to 'em!).

    After that, the first sketch centers a talentless singer/songwriter named L. Roy Tippet who just sings stuff about his life.

    Then comes the debut of "the trailer trash family", the Tacketts, returning home after the funeral of the wife's despicable mother. Hilarity ensues.

    Then comes Larry the Cable Guy hiring rodeo clowns to distract his food-craving sister as he puts away the groceries.

    Redneck Dictionary also included.moreless

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    • Jeff: So sorry to hear about your grandmother. Bill: Well, we sure appreciate that sentiment. Jeff: So, uh, how'd she die? Larry: She ate herself to death. Jeff: Really? Bill: Yep. First she ate a steak, "and then she ate" potatoes, "and then she ate" spaghetti, "and then she ate" corn, "and then she ate" okra... Jeff: (out of character) Stop, stop...I've got something to go along with this; the word "ascot." (back in character) Well after hearing how much she ate, it's not wonder her "ass got" (chuckling) so big. Larry: (laughing, then out of character) Let me try one; Butternut. Butternut, butternut…(back in character) Well I told Grandma she "better not" eat so much or she's gonna die. Bill: "And then she ate" a possum, "and then she ate" a whole deer. Jeff: And then her "ass got" huge. Huge! Closing Voice: Initiate, ascot, butternut.

    • Jeff: Okay, now who here have NEVER been to a funeral? Oh a lot of people...why?
      Guy: Cuz they're boring.
      Jeff: Because they're boring? Well of course they're boring, that's why they don't sell tickets! 'Hey man, I got tickets for Saturday night, to the funeral, second row right next to the casket!'

    • Terry: Wasn't that a great funeral, Papaw?
      Papaw: How would you know? You went fishing.
      Terry: I'm sorry, Papaw.
      Papaw: I don't want apologies. I want to know why you didn't take me with you.
      Tina: Daddy! We buried Mama today.
      Papaw: We buried a set of teeth!
      Terry: Why did we spend $600 to bury a set of teeth? We could've just wrapped them in a Kleenex and buried her in a Tupperware box.
      Papaw: Them ain't even hers, we buried somebody else's teeth.
      Tina: Daddy, when Mama bent down to light her cigarette off the stove she blew up the house and all they found of her were her teeth.
      Papaw: You believe what you want to, but she's out there somewhere.

    • Papaw: (to Tina about her mother) When you were 8 years old you asked for Santa Claus to kill her.
      Maude: Me too.
      Terry: Well it took a while but it looks like ol' Santa came through.

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