Blue Collar TV

Season 1 Episode 30


Aired Unknown May 19, 2005 on The WB

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  • theme is law where we see the martin brothers, jeff, larry, and bill teach kids, bill the bad storyteller, and many other skits

    im actually watching this ep right now lol and im like 10 mins thru it lol but im laughing so hard..ok so the theme is law..i always liked the martin brothers..they are so funny and the girl who plays the cop is one of my favs lol..whoever walks in the door funny was that..ok i didnt really see what bills story really had to do w/ law considering it turned out not to be the bad guy running from the law..the puppet thins is very funny b/c theyre being so silly and they are supposed to be good influences for the kids..not so much..time out chair lol..and then they get puppets of their own..redneck dictionary is just a classic now..this whole ep was fab