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  • Collar or not

    It doesn't matter what color your collar is these guys are, red, white, or blue they aare funny as all hell they come, so listen up and have a cod time and does forget to breath while you are watching the show.
  • Terrible idea!!!

    The Blue Collar Comedy Tour was rather funny, minusing of course Jeff Foxworthy who must be the worst comedian of all time. He looks stupid and tells his stupid "You might be a redneck..." jokes, which are VERY STUPID! The idea of doing a skit show is completely washed out. Saturday Night Live, Mad TV, All That, they are all funny but somewhat played out. But then you throw a redneck, hick aspect into it, its just annoyingly stupid, at best. Really can't see it lasting very long... at least I hope not.
  • Blue Collar TV is kind-of about the life of a redneck in a northerner's world, or nation. It's kind-of a mix of MADtv and 'You Might Be A Redneck If', especially since the creator of the skit is one of the main characters. You should deffinately watch it.

    Most people say that Blue Collar TV is unamusing because of its sick jokes and farting/butts, but that's what makes it funny! Every show has its own intro by Joe Foxworthy, and has a hillarious finale at the end, which usually ends with a butt joke from Larry the Cable Guy.

    Larry is my favorite cast member. He's funny, got great catch lines ('Get-r-done' and 'I don't care who you are, thats funny!'), and is easy to recognize because of his ripped sleaves. One of my favorite skits with him the 'The Apprentice' skit where Larry is Trump (Not really, he just took his spot on the show, Larry did NOT dress up like Donald Trump) and forces the contestants to act like him.

    I don't care who you are you should watch this show.
  • larry the cable guy, jeff foxworthy, and bill engvall come back one more time in a great sketch comedy where they take on many different personalities

    i was so sad when this show ended and they each went on their own separate ways..they were just so awesome together..i was so happy when this show came on b/c i hadnt seen or had a good sketch comedy on tv since the late 90s early millenium after the amanda show..yes madtv was good but after most of the original cast left it fell into the same rut as all yes this was the best sketch comedy on tv of its time..i love every skit they was funny when they intermingled with a new cast but when they were all together we got a good old time
  • Just like one of my family reunions.

    Being a bit of a redneck myself, I can appreciate their modern style of humor. So what if them Harvard retards is too educated to get it, that's their loss. My friends and I can gather around the tube with a thirty pack and listen to the type of humor we can relate to. I mean Larry the cable guy's sister sounds just like Charlie's sister. Then theres my cousin "Tater". My richest relative actually had the company take the tires off of his double wide, but he was working for them at the time. I could send redneck yard of the week for a year, then theres the other yards besides my kinfolk. So to cut it short "Blue Collar Comedy" rules in Emory (by god) Texas.
  • i love blue collar tv its so funny

    blue collar tv is so funny bacause yall remind me of my family. get-er-done beer football and chicks mud fighting but no mud gravy is better. really every thing you talk about fits in my family. keep up the good work. i think lary the cable guy i look up to you, you are every thing i want my husband to be get-er-done. my husband and his army friends cant get enugh of yall. i think the only thing on tv should be blue collar tv all day every day and there should be a holaday for your show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think no other show can come close to the level of funny that yall have reached. i think they need to have a class in school for nothing but blue collar tv. there is nothing bad you could ever think of to say about yalls show it is a masterwork art.
  • this show was alright, I liked how they had a different theme for each show.

    This was a good idea, it was a different type of sketch show. I'm not from the South or into some of the things they are but I liked their jokes, they were really funny. They had scheduled bits that each guy did like the redneck dictionary, or Larry the Cable guys rants I can't remember what it was called. It seemed like they were running out of ideas though was the only problem, but I think if they had take a hiatus, they could have came up with some new material to get ratings back up. I didn't watch the show a whole lot but I thought it was a good show to watch when I did watch it.
  • what a group of rednecks... :-)

    This is a realy funny show that stars Jeff,Larry,Bill,& sometimes ron white. If i could i would watch this show when ever i could but i have other things to do becides watching their show. i would recommend this show to anyone who likes to watch commedy and to have a good laugh.
  • funny

    if you are a redneck like me you will love this show. it is hilerious funny and cannot get your eye away from it. jeff foxworthy, larry the cable guy, and bill engvall(i might have misspelled bills name) are hilerious rednecks with some funny redneck jokes. so wach the show you will love it
  • Why was it cancelled?

    Very funny show! I was surprised that Larry the Cable Guy, Jeff Foxworthy, Ron White, and Bill Engvall were not the only funny characters on the show. The skits are hilarious. It's a shame the show was cancelled after only a few years. This was ten times funnier than SNL and MAD TV. The show takes bits from Ron, Larry, Jeff, and Bill's comedy stand-up and turns them into unforgettable skits. This show could have gotten better ratings if it was on prime-time TV and more people heard about it. Basically, this show isn't just for "Rednecks". It's for anybody.
  • i love blue collar tv!!!

    i love blue collar tv! i love jeff,bill,ron,and git-r-done larry the cable guy!!!! if you are flipping through the chanels and see blue collar tv watch it! one of the best comedy shows ever! i laugh till i cry when i watch this show its just so funny! i wish it was longer. thank god i have a dvd recorder so i can watch it over and over :) my fav would be 25% jeff 25% bill 25% larry and 25% ron i cant pick who is better they are all so funny :) but if i did have to pick it would be a tie between jeff f. and bill e. and remember guys scratching your butt is perfectley okay in public :)
  • For everyone who like Jeff Foxworthy this shows for you!

    I love coming home from school and watching blue coller tv . I love Peter Oldring . He is so so so so cute ! He is also very funny , very charming and witty . Larry the cable guy is also hilarious . I love it when he says " I dont care who ya are thats funny right there " . I love the sketch where they ere at the gravy house and pour gravy over everything . It was so gross and nasty but i had to watch . This show is awesome ! ! ! !
  • Anybody Will Love This Show...That\\\'s Married to Their Sister

    This show is yet another example of people being retarded. "Git-R-Done"? Thats not even a real word! How is it funny! Its not something that is respectful or that you could say in public without everyone person in the room looking at you as if you had an extra chromosome (But seeing as how if you watch this show, you probably dont even know what a chromosome is). What ever happend to actual catch phrases? "No Respect"? "That's the Ticket"? What does this generation get? "Git-R-Done"?! Screw that. I dont whant people to look back at the 21st century and think that we were a bunch of rednecks that married our sisters and said "Git-R-Done" and drank beer all day. The show trys to be funny, but it actually is the opposite. "Hey, how about a sketch where the guys get a job at a sushi bar, then we have a really crappy Benny Hill praody?". Yes, that was actually a sketch and it was the least funny thing i have ever seen. I actually wanted to UNSEE it. Now im gonna barf if i EVER hear "Git-R-Done" again. Woops...
  • Funny

    This show is funny. It makes me laugh every time some one mentains any jokes from it. I like the redneck dictionary the most. They should bring in Ron White more often though. He would make it even better. I like it more than South Park or Simpsons. Family Guy is better though. If they ever take it off tv i'll go crazy. Some of the skits are funny, like the edicate school. They need to make a movie of just Bill Engval. His "Here's your sign" jokes are hillarious. Out of all of them I like Larry the Cable Guy the most., He was great in Health Inspector.
  • i love u guys just reminds me where i come from totally true in so many ways

    as i sit here writing this and just realized that since we have a newborn and dont smoke in the house any more i just came in from watching my wife beautiful though she is walk across the lawn and lock up a luandry room in her long johns and flip flops i just realized we might be red necks every show i ve seen is fantastic wish there were more get a kick from all of em\' keep going and dont ever grow old in u re mind anyway just keep us laughing and the world will lightin\' up so much maybe one day we ll all get it right whether were here in the U.S.A. or else where were all just red on the back of the neck somehow or another dustydawg43 git er\' dun
  • I like the blue collar guys.

    My favorite blue collar is larry the cable guy. because he is so funny. he says pretty funny things. he is best comedy person ever. I also like ron white is so funny. he makes me laugh so hard. If you not seen this show or heard the blue collar guys they are so fuuny. i am giving this show a two thumbs up and 10 of 10,
  • BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!

    Blue Collar TV is one of the funniest shows on tv with the incredible stand up's Bill Engvall, Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy and sometimes Ron White comes on. The skite based off of the stars stand up routines is incredibly funny like "Redneck Dictionary" and Larry's Rants. Blue was also made because of the success of the "Blue Collar Comedy Tour" which is having its third movie "Blue Collar Comedy Tour: One for the Road" made during spring. Everyone band together and get The WB to bring Blue back because if crap like Living with Fran came back Blue Collar definitley needs to fome back.

    [EDIT] The bad part's were later in the show where the quality really declined in the skits [that burns me]. But the early shows were hillarious.
  • 3 guys Larry the Cable Guy, Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall all perform in a skit that is in some way very hilarious

    I personally love this show because I am a redneck and love their comedy I own all three of their movies but the show is funny and one of my favorite things about it is that they have a new redneck word every show which is funny because I try to use them the next day if the right time comes around one of the best shows ever made but I wish that Ron White was on the show more often I also enjoy White trash days of our lives I want to get the redneck dictionary so that I can use the words in every day life
  • Blue Collar Tv was a spin-off of Blue Collar Comedy Tour. Blue Collar Comedy Tour was one of the most watched comedy events ever, the tour consisted of four comedians.

    The comedians were Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Larry the Cable Guy, and Ron White; they sucessful before the tour but celebraties after. Blue Collar Tv said that they were redneck television. The show started off strong but as the seasons passed the show passed on to mediocre level. The scetehes became less humorious and more, stupid. But two segments kept the show alive, "Redneck Yard of the Week," were they are sent photos of trashy yards and judged to be the winner. The other segment was the last eight to ten minutes was what they thought. Known as "I Believe, I Predict, or In 2020."
  • Yes, Blue Collar TV wasn't that funny, but it could be better.

    When I found that this show was cancelled, I was devastated. To me, WB should've never put Blue Collar TV on the same time as Desperate Housewives and Family Guy. It should've stayed at thursday. Larry the Cable Guy may not be to your liking, but at least he didn't make a music video about "Git-R-done!". Besides, MadTV was losing the good cast members. Blue Collar TV could've been put at that time and beat them at the ratings. Now, with this show cancelled, Chappelle's Show cancelled, Mind of Mencia still on, and the other sketch shows losing their luster, it's going to be a bad year for sketch comedy.
  • Quite possibly the absolute worst show ever made.

    I never thought a show could be as horrid as this show is, but I was proven wrong when this series first premiered. I just was disgusted with this it was simply so horrible, it was kind of like the show made for retards and unedumacated hillbillies. It is so immature and stupid, first there is the whole dictionary thing, then there's the You Might Be A Redneck If You... segment, and of course that horrible thing where they are babys in the back of a car and all they do is soil themselve sand eat like pigs. I don't see why anyone would ever watch this show.
  • I just have a new word for the redneck dictionary \\\"INSTALL\\\" picture a boy\\\'s bathroom with stalls and doors.Somebody asks where\\\'s\\\" Larry The Cable Guy\\\"? \\\"He\\\'s install #3.

    All i can say is everybody i know loves this show and am very sorry to see it cancelled.Also you might be a redneck if you coon hunt from the bedroom window having the wife hold the flashlight and using the chicken house as bait.I could not have come up with these funnies if i had never watched the show.Most of Jeff Foxworthy\\\'s redneck jokes rang true to a lot of people to some degree or another.In other words we have all been there at one point in our lives.All I can say is everybody I know is going to miss the comedy of these guys.Thanks for having the show on for this long.
  • this is a stupid show

    i am from the south. i consider myself a pretty "country" kind of guy. however i think this show is completely retarded. jeff foxworthy has not been funny in about 15 years. larry the cable guy can only be tolerated in small portions, and bill engvall is an idiot. i will never understand how this show was ever poplular.
  • Saturday Night Live... Redneck style.

    Blue Collar TV is a show with Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, and Larry the Cable Guy where they do these funny sketches with five or six other people. This show may have lasted only two seasons, but it'll last forever in our minds and hearts. I am personally not so clear on why it got canceled, but at least they still show reruns. The Comedy Tour movies were so great that this show was created after the second movie, "Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again". I really love it at the end were all three of them get together on stage and they tell funny jokes like "I Belive." and stuff like that. Who would have known that Larry can play the guitar? I hope WB will let this show run on the air again, this time with Ron "Tayer Salad" White as a main cast member with Jeff, Bill, and Larry. Git R' Done!
  • Great comic sketch show southern style

    This is a great show and shows that even southerners
    Know how to do their sense of humor down to
    Earth and just not as dumb as people think. Oh btw,
    I am a southerner too! LOL! Love people like Bill, Larry
    The Cable Guy, and Jeff Foxworthy! Keep up the good work
    As well as the laughs you guys!
  • I love this show and I would love for it to stay on the air.

    Love it love it love it. Jeff, Bill, and Larry dont listen to all the negative stuff. You guys are so funny! Oh and by the way I love Ron too. So be encouraged your stuff is too funny. I really loved the one where you were learning pottery. I like the one where you were at the University of Ga too. Its good to see you in different situations.
  • Blue Collar TV is not getting any better

    I remember watching this show on regular TV. I thought it was hilarious and I would feel disappointed if I missed it. I loved the Redneck dictionary stuff. Then they took it off and put it on cable, and I sort of missed it.

    However... They brought it back in the past month. Now it really is becoming sick and boring to watch. In the few new episodes I've seen, I haven't laughed even one time. Some of the skits aren't even that creative. They also are bringing in more sex-related skits, and quite frankly, two overweight rednecks making out is just too much to take. Matter of fact, in the next new episode preview, I saw a martian saying "We have come here for human DNA" and a redneck said "I've come here for martian T & A". How disturbing is that? Maybe it's just me.
  • In Stewie\'s immortal words \"you suck\"

    This show is an insult to the intellect of all people.Why do I say this? Because the show has barely any funny enough moments to actually be called a comedy. Al they really joke about is rednecks and gravy. They also have themes which really don\'t apply because they\'ll run out of any slightly funny jokes about the theme in question and go back to their normal redneck and gravy jokes.
    I\'m also disgusted by their excessive use of Larry the Cable Guy\'s catchphrase \"Git\'r dun\". I mean what does that even mean. Sometimes I wonder if tv producers are bringing us ever closer to the end of the world with shows like this and My Life as a Teenage Robot. So if you\'ll excuse me I have to go eliminate retarded robts and shut crappy comedians up.
  • get-r-done is really old!!!!!!!

    this dumb show larry the cable guy all he saids is the same stuff learn new stuff larry. please let ron white be on the show and i am glad the dumb show is cancaled gt-r-done is stupid and some of the stuff is ok but most of the stuff is dumb and larry we really dont care to here u lie about ur grandma ok so stop about ur red neck family ok and that redf neck yard of the week .com it don't work and stop saying get-r-done it is not funny and more and for the millionth time ron white is the best!!!!!!
  • this is a crazy show read more to find out.

    this show is a great one because it is for a selected audience. for example mind of mencia is directed to a wide spread of people. chapelle's show is directed twards an african american audience. blue collar tv is more of a redneck type show. directed twards hunting fishing drinking beer. this show stars jeff foxworthy, larry the cable guy, and bill engbal. stars in blu collar comedy tour. the plots are in funny situations like in a barfight cleaning ur house or at a reunion. i give blue collar a 10 because of my other side of comedy. schreech
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