Blue Collar TV - Season 1

The WB (ended 2006)


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Episode Guide

  • Law
    Episode 30
    This is the last episode of the first season. Jeff, Larry, and Bill teach kids about puppetry in puppet school, unfortunately goofing off when they participate in trying to make a puppet with the class (eating the glue, etc.) The Martin Brothers tell how to turn a boring, bad party into a good one to some school children. The redneck word of the day is marionette.moreless
  • Small Towns
    Small Towns
    Episode 29
    Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall and Larry the Cable Guy star in comedy sketches including being news reporters of a small town. They also talk about the "Used Emporium" where everything that's already been used (yuck!) can be bought (used household products, clothes, etc.)!! Bill stars in another of his "Bad Story Teller" skits. The redneck work is Satiate.moreless
  • Gadgets
    Episode 28
    Sketches include having a toilet in your pants, the second part of wrestling school (where they wrestle their teachers), featuring pro wrestler Jeff Jarret, and a bad story teller. The redneck word of the day is composure.
  • Fighting
    Episode 27
    Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall and Larry the Cable Guy star in a sketch involving the "Rescue 911" show, and "Wrestling School, Part I," in which they are learning how to wrestle. Bill stars in "Sergeant Clean's Spot Gun" and the Redneck Word of the Day is Demeanor. The Redneck Yard of the Week Award goes to a proud citizen of Metairie, Louisiana.moreless
  • Kids
    Episode 26
    Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall and Larry the Cable Guy star in several kid sketches. These include taking the oh-so-fun taking your daughter to work for the day, a kid that's hopped up on steroids, and ways to be camouflaged while still in the house! The Martin Brothers have to deal with car sickness. The Redneck Word of the Day is Rectum. The episode concludes with questions from the audience.moreless
  • Health
    Episode 25
    Jeff, Bill and Larry appear in an advertisement about a product called Beer Goggles, and learn some gymnastics. The Martin brothers have their family reunion. The redneck word is falafel. Montogomery Gentry band performs.
  • Stupidity
    Episode 24
    Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall and Larry the Cable Guy learn how to become pro-wrestlers for a day. The Martin Brothers meet their match in a ventriloquist's dummy. Jeff learns how to handle his barbeque addiction. Jeff, Bill and Larry close the show with personal stupid stories. The Redneck Word of the Day is Judo.moreless
  • Fame
    Episode 23
    NASCAR racer Mike Waltrap, and American Idol stars Ruben Studdard, played by Gary Anothony Williams, and Clay Aiken played by Peter Oldring sing for Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall and Larry the Cable Guy. Martha Stewart, played by Brooke Dillman, shares yet another of her tips from prison. Mike talks about what makes him upset. The redneck word is Reconteur.moreless
  • Battle of the Sexes
    Battle of the Sexes
    Episode 22
    Trace Adkins guest stars on a "Totes TV" sketch.400-pound Hank and Debbie recall their first date. The show ends with Trace Adkins singing "Songs about Me."
  • Testosterone
    Episode 21
    Pro-wrestler Jeff Jarret makes a family dinner a match! He also hates requests from "Things That Burn Me". Jeff has a Dirt Demon vacuum so that the family can not just ride outdoors (riding lawnmower). Larry reads another politically correct fairytale to children. Major John Bell (Heath Hyche) teaches his female soldiers about sexual harassment. The Redneck Word of the Day is feature.moreless
  • Fear
    Episode 20
    Jeff Foxworthy is a father who is trying to help his wife (Brooke Dillman) and kids (Ashley Drane and Peter Oldring) feel better after they lost their cable TV. Nanny Cam, a surveillance system, records a nanny (played by Bill Engvall) being attacked by a baby. The Redneck Work is Statue. The Redneck version of the "Amityville Horror," is played out by Larry the Cable Guy (where the haunters become the ones that are scared!! Heath Hyche plays Joe Rogan of Fear Factor, and he serves an interesting dinner!!moreless
  • Fashion
    Episode 19
    Diana DeGarmo has a telethon with Whoopi Goldberg, played by Gary Anthony Williamshave, for people that have the disease so aptly named as Faces That Stayed That Way. Larry the Cable Guy comes up with a product called Larry Cologne. The ladies of Blue Collar TV star as Kitty (Brooke Dillamn), Alexis (Ashley Drane) and Boosha (Ayda Field) in "Really, Really, Really Desperate Housewives." Brooke Dillman plays Martha Stewart and does her own television show (in a sense) from her jail. Tips include how to make candles and how to make prison food taste better. Bill Engvall opens up a restaurant that's the male version of Hooters. The Redneck Word of the Day is Austere.moreless
  • Buddies
    Episode 18
    We learn about the trio's roots on how they became comedians. Bill plays the younger Jeff and how he started his "You Might be a Redneck". Larry goes back in time to see how Bill came up with his "Here's Your Sign". Jeff plays the younger Larry and how he developed his "Git-R-Done". Jeff is a NASCAR driver who takes his daughter, Ashley Drane (who later wants to get out!) out to ride with him on the track. Bill Engvall mudwrestles with Brooke Dillman. The redneck words of the day (there are two) Junior; Do you and your Senior; seen your.moreless
  • Pets
    Episode 17
    The redneck word is masterpieces. Jeff plays Mr. Hurley. Thomas picks up his date, Cindy Hurley, and their dog, Rusty, get's really playful with him. The trio learns about Japanese cookings, and adds their own "style" to it with a disgusting mix of chicken, chili, hot dogs, etc. Jeff plays the officer "Heavy Heat" Henderson, a 700 pound man who uses his bed as his own transportation. He's out to stop a drug seller who experimented with them in his high school chem lab. Bill Engvall tries to pack the car his own way, with new luggage added each time it's packed!! It takes them about 4 hours to get on their way!! The trio finishes up with what they hope their surgeon doesn't say right before they go under anesthesia.moreless
  • Christmas
    Episode 16
    Larry shows Children the "true" meaning of Christmas, using a politically correct fairy tale. Ronnie and Blake try to teach Dooley to walk -- to save Christmas. The Tackett family realizes that there is no where else like the mobile home for the holidays.
  • Human Body
    Human Body
    Episode 15
    Special guest LeAnn Rimes plays Christie Brinkley opposite Jeff Foxworthy as Chuck Norris in a skit about the "dual exercisemaster 3000." Rimes performs her hit single "Nothin 'Bout Love." The episode also features an appearance by a special surprise superstar.
  • Education
    Episode 14
    Theme is "education". Spoofs include "Funniest home videos", "The Phantom of the Grand Ole' Oprey". Kids trying to spell the word "Injun" (Engine).
  • Food
    Episode 13
    Bill and Larry relax at Dan Grogan's Gravy Spa, where there are things like a gravy tub. The trio learns synchronized swimming, but some are afraid to go in! Four hundred pound parents Hank (Bill Engvall) and Debbie (Brooke Dillman) are upset when their daughter Cleo (Ayda Field) wants to date a "skinny person" (Peter Oldring). Larry and Brooke find a simpler way to eat with "Pre-Chewed Food." The Redneck Word of the Day is "Artichoke."moreless
  • Halloween
    Episode 12
    The theme of the episode is "Halloween". "Big Kids": Ronnie (Jeff), Blake (Bill), and Dooley (Larry) go trick-or-treating. "Extreme makeover". Redneck word "Mask". The guys talk about things that scare them.
  • Getting Sick
    Getting Sick
    Episode 11
    "Health" is the theme. Larry becomes "Larry the Spider guy" when he's bitten by an 8-legged creature. Jeff gets a "surprise" visit when he goes in for a routine check-up. Jeff introduces a new game called, "The best Redneck yard". Larry reads the politically correct "Snow Caucasian and the Seven Handy-Capable Little Persons" to a group of children. Redneck word of the week: "Raisin Bread". The guys say a few thanks at the end of the show.moreless
  • Partying
    Episode 10
    Jeff opens the show with a few thoughts on Mardi Gras, women, and beads. The Big Kids' cousin visits, bringing his "stash"--pure uncut sugar in a baggie. All four boys get high slurping up the white stuff. Bill and Jeff wonder what it would be like to have Hank Williams Jr. over for supper, and the boys reprise the "big deck" sketch from the previous show.moreless
  • Music
    Episode 9
    Special guest Drew Carey joins Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, and Larry the Cable Guy to play hunters singing Broadway show tunes. Jeff, Bill, and Larry take a lesson in down-home Creole cooking at the New Orleans School of cooking, and Peter Oldring joins Drew, Jeff, and Bill in a discussion of who has the biggest deck. The Redneck words of the day are "Hurricane" and "Parade." Country Music Award nominees Big & Rich perform "The Ballad of Big & Rich."moreless
  • Funerals
    Episode 8
    Jeff plays L. Roy Tippet, a country singer with 20 million songs, none of them good. He also plays a guy who chooses a fishing trip over his mother-in-law's funeral. Next, Jeff and Larry the Cable Guy play two unlikely reporters on an awards show red carpet, and viewers get a triple dose of the Redneck Word of the Day.moreless
  • Sports
    Episode 7
    Jeff, Bill, and Larry The Cable Guy learn to salsa dance. Bill plays a volatile little league coach, and basketball coach Bobby Knight (Heath Hyche) makes a guest appearance. Bill also plays the proud owner of the new George Foreman deep fryer. Gary Anthony Williams plays Charlie Pride - the only person at the 35th Annual African-American Country Music Awards. The Redneck Word of the Day is "witchadidja."moreless
  • Vacations
    Episode 6
    The boys take a look at the good old-fashioned American vacation and offer tips on how to quiet a noisy kid at a pool, how to arrange a weekend in jail when your cable goes out, and what to do when your father marries a younger woman on spring break.
  • Marriage
    Episode 5
    Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall and Larry The Cable Guy take a light-hearted look a marriage. The show starts off with a lingerie fashion show for married women. Jeff plays a very strange action hero, and Larry reads a special version of "Little Red Riding Hood." The Redneck Word of the Day is "hammer."moreless
  • Bad Jobs
    Bad Jobs
    Episode 4
    This week the BCTV cast explores the world of bad jobs. Jeff plays an incompetent cable TV-fixit guy and Weeble Kineval, a Super Dave Osbourne-esque stuntman with no arms and legs. Plus, the boys turn a pottery class upside down.

    The word of the week is "poppyseed".
  • TV
    Episode 3
    With the help of guest star Ron White, Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall and Larry The Cable Guy lampoon television as they take a Blue Collar look at game shows, the hit drama "CSI" and a very special skit called "Hick Eye for the Queer Guy." The redneck dictionary word of the week is "fascinate."moreless
  • Naked
    Episode 2
    Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall and Larry The Cable Guy bring their unique brand of humor to The WB with this sketch comedy show. The theme of this episode is "Naked," and skits include "Real Bachelors" and "Rescue 911." The redneck dictionary word of the week is "European." Comedian Ron White ("Blue Collar Comedy Tour") drops in for a visit.moreless
  • Family
    Episode 1
    From the mega-successful "Blue Collar Comedy Tour," Jeff, Bill and Larry are bringing their one-of-a-kind humor to The WB with this new sketch comedy show. The theme of the premiere episode is "Family," and skits will include the "House of Gravy" restaurant, "400 Pounds of Intervention" and "Big Kids." Other weekly features include the redneck dictionary and special musical performances.moreless
  • Boyz in the Woodz
    Blue Collar TV fans are treated to off-the-wall sketches, outrageous out-takes, and up-close behind-the-scenes footage, along with the very best skits from the first six episodes.
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