Blue Dragon

TV Tokyo (ended 2009)


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Blue Dragon

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This Japanese, animated show is based on the Xbox 360 game of the same title. Each year for the past ten years strange, purple clouds have appeared in the sky, bringing disasters to the locales over which they hang. Shu, Kluke, and Jiro are determined to fight back. Through some gnarly misadventures, the three friends find themselves trapped in a flying fortress. They end up swallowing glowing orbs which has the strange result of making their shadows transform into monsters; Kluke's becomes a blue phoenix, Jiro's a blue minotaur, and Shu's a blue dragon. Following their escape from the floating fortress, they encounter more people from towns that have also fallen victim to the purple clouds. The three friends realize they have to use their shadow-monster powers to stop Nene (the commander of the floating fortress) from destroying their world. Opening Theme: #1: "FRIEND" by Keita Tachibana (eps 1-26) #2: "Mune ni Kibou o" by Haruka (eps 27-51) #3: "Hikari no Sasu Hō e" by JiLL-Decoy association (eps 52-77) #4: "Aoi Mirai" by Watari-Rouka Hashiritai (eps 78-102) Ending Theme: #1: "Fly So High" by Yu Yamada (eps 1-16) #2: "Kokoro" by SS501 (eps 17-26) #3: "HANA" by Masami Mitsuoka (eps 27-51) #4: "Tsubomi" by JiLL-Decoy association (eps 52-64) #5: "Sunnyday" by Lead (eps 65-77) #6: "I~jaNAI?" by Mikuni Shimokawa (eps 78-90) #7: "Tsubomi" by Mikuni Shimokawa (eps 91-102)moreless
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  • A very good show

    This show is based on a video game of the same name. Each year for the past ten years disaster has come to the local vilages. Shu and Kluke meet Jiro, Zola, Marumaro, and Bouquet who are determined to fight back against Lord Nene who wants to take over the world. Shu realizes when Nene sends his troops to destroy his town that he can summon a shadow called Blue Dragon. Kluk recieves a shadow which she calls Pheonix. I really enjoy this show. My favorite character is Marumaro and my favorite shadow is Minotaur. I have not played the video game so I dont know how close the show is based on the game.moreless
  • Show based on an awsome game

    Awsome game awsome show i like the show a little bit better. So the main character Shu is an average kid when two strangers(Jiro and Zola) show up his life is change forever when he discvores he has the power of a shadow. His beening named Blue Dragon. Jiro's is the minatar and Zola's is killer bat. Also Shu friend Kluke not having a shadow yet! On their journany they meet a Deviee tribe member named Marumaru the episode he appers in is edited for reasonbale perposes. Later while fighting the evil lord Nene Kluke gets her shadow Phinoix(I can't spell)which is spelizes in defence tatics. They lose the battle againt Nene the frist time, but they aren't giving up. Now they search for the extra 7 becase they may help save the world from the evil Nene *Two tumbs up*moreless
  • Shu is your average kid. But he realizes he has extraordinary powers - he can change his shadow into the unrealistically powerful 'Blue Dragon'. But he then realizes that it's his job to defeat the evil Lord Nene and his army of goofy robots.moreless

    An original hit, 'Blue Dragon' is, in my opinion, one of the Top 3 TV Shows (besides Pokemon)!!! (Shu rocks!)


    1ST Place - Shu

    2ND Place - Zola

    3RD Place - Jiro

    4TH Place - [whatever that girl without a shadow is called]

    5TH Place - [whatever that girl with a shadow that can turn invisible is called]

    6TH/Last Place - (of course) Lord Nene

    6-1/2TH Place - Lord Nene's huge, goofy robots -torterra246

    P.S. Contact me at for answers and advice on pokemon video games. (DO NOT expect me to know everything about your pokemon game. After all, I did not play every single game out there!!!)moreless
  • its pretty good

    well shu is a young boy who can summon a shadow, the blue dragon to fight off enemies. his friends on the journey jiro and zola also have shadows. their are also many evil people ( the gran kingdom ) with shadows. the plotline is a very adventourous, but sometimes the humor can be very forced and it ends up being not funny at all. also im doubting if its an anime or not. the animations are somewhat childish, but all and all, its a pretty good show and i think u should try it. plz view my profile and comment on the blogs!moreless
  • Blue dragon is a decent show. It has nothing to do with the game on the xbox 360. the story is so different and does not fallow it at all.

    Blue dragon is a decent show. It has nothing to do with the game on the xbox 360. the story is so different and does not fallow it at all. I played the game and i loved it. It was a good RPG game. The show killed the game. The story was not like the game at all. They even added in the show, that many humans could use the shadows when in the game story it was only five to six people had that power. The characters in the game were so different in the show. like i said it is a decent show that has nothing to do with the game so i would give it a seven out of ten.moreless

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