Blue Dragon

Season 1 Episode 2

A Fateful Decision

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Apr 05, 2008 on TV Tokyo
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Episode Summary

Shu and the gang succeeded in protecting the village. However, they must leave immediately. Zola, the "Knight Master", asks Shu come along on their journey. Rejected at first, Shu is then convinced after hearing that the village won't be safe if he's there.

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  • Good follow up to the intro!

    It's a good sign when the follow up to the introduction episode is also just as good. Pacing issues seems to be a problem for most animes in the beginning, but Blue Dragon so far has done a nice job of really introducing everything and getting the story on its wheels. It briefly covers the backstory of the universe in Blue Dragon, and has clearly set the goal and discussed the conflict. It does a good job of showing the barometers of how much the main character has to grow in order to defeat the bad guys. The only negative thing is that it is just so atypical. Seems like a carbon copy of most other shounens, but the execution is just brilliant.moreless
  • Zola and Jiro save the village and the journey begins

    Shu and the gang manage to protect the village from the enemy. Zola, the 'Knight Master' convinces Shu to come along on their journey. This episode was also good. We get to know more about the "blue dragon" world and the history of the shadow fighters. Shu also has to cope with his shadow and haveing to keep the village safe by leaving to train some more and master his special power. Kluke also joins them in their journey i hope she will be usefull to the team and help them out. Now the real journey has just begun and new challenges await themmoreless
JB Blanc

JB Blanc

Grand Kingdom General [E]

Guest Star

Shunsuke Sakuya

Shunsuke Sakuya

Grand Kingdom General [J]

Guest Star

Kyle Hebert

Kyle Hebert

Goblin [E]

Guest Star

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    • Zola: The creation of this world, the whispers about the concept of Light and Shadows formed two groups, for the sake of war. The whole world got involved in that war and it lasted for a long time. The war that was thought to be endless with no limits, changed... The Seven Knights of Light appeared. The ability that was held by The Seven Knights of Light...was the shadow ability. The Seven Knights with regret used their abilities to manage the war. The result... the power of darkness was sealed. In other words, our aim is to find The Seven Knight's shadows in order to be ale to stand up to the power of Nene.

    • Opening Musings: Darkness was created. Two orders were born into this world. Ones under the light and others who searched for the darkness. It did not take much time until those powers got into conflicts. After 25 years, the war between the light and the dark began...

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    • DragonBall Z

      When the Seven Warriors of Light are shown during Zola's explanation, one of them looks somewhat like Tapion (from the final DBZ movie).