Blue Dragon

Season 1 Episode 38

Dark Symphony

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Dec 29, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • DEM, should have seen it coming.

    Much of the episode was playing out like it normally does, very average. Nene has the upper hand, he just took out Zola, turned really big, and starts owning the group. So now we've established that Nene is still super strong and not to be effed around with. Even Shu has his own little epiphany after trying to stand up to Nene again. All of this is going on, Nene is owning the group once again despite their best efforts, and Shu awakens like new. Him and Jiro work together to battle Nene, Nene powers up once again combining with his shadow, and what happens? Through the power of love and justice, Shu gets super stronger and beats Nene. So what went wrong here? Nene already owning the group in his normal state, powers up twice, and loses. Deus ex mechanics suck major balls, and up to that point the episode was a bit interesting.