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    You have any Blue Dragon story ideas based on the anime or the game?

    I have a couple of ideas from the anime. One is more serious, is more comical, though based on my interest in the 7 Legendary Warriors Of Light.

    1) The Legendary Warriors Of Light Legend - What happened, when the Legendary Shadow Warriors of Light saved the world from darkness the first time, what where the like? Did they get along, or did they have their poitical and idological conflicts like their desidents?

    2) Marumaro And Deathroy Wild Adventure - the seven desidents of the Legendary Warriors Of Light are called upon again to save the world from destruction, during the battle with the enemy, Marumaro and Deathroy get seperated from their comprades, and are lost, they go on their own adventure, trying to find their comrades. Takes place either between season 1 and 2, or after season 2. Though season 2 is not over yet, I think they will both live through season 2. I think it would be funny, since they are the only two of the seven desidents that don't look human, and talk weird.

    But I have alternative thought to story number 2, maybe set it post season 2, and instead of just Marumaro and Deathroy, add Noi to the group.

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    Nice story.

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