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  • A very good show

    This show is based on a video game of the same name. Each year for the past ten years disaster has come to the local vilages. Shu and Kluke meet Jiro, Zola, Marumaro, and Bouquet who are determined to fight back against Lord Nene who wants to take over the world. Shu realizes when Nene sends his troops to destroy his town that he can summon a shadow called Blue Dragon. Kluk recieves a shadow which she calls Pheonix. I really enjoy this show. My favorite character is Marumaro and my favorite shadow is Minotaur. I have not played the video game so I dont know how close the show is based on the game.
  • Show based on an awsome game

    Awsome game awsome show i like the show a little bit better. So the main character Shu is an average kid when two strangers(Jiro and Zola) show up his life is change forever when he discvores he has the power of a shadow. His beening named Blue Dragon. Jiro's is the minatar and Zola's is killer bat. Also Shu friend Kluke not having a shadow yet! On their journany they meet a Deviee tribe member named Marumaru the episode he appers in is edited for reasonbale perposes. Later while fighting the evil lord Nene Kluke gets her shadow Phinoix(I can't spell)which is spelizes in defence tatics. They lose the battle againt Nene the frist time, but they aren't giving up. Now they search for the extra 7 becase they may help save the world from the evil Nene *Two tumbs up*
  • Shu is your average kid. But he realizes he has extraordinary powers - he can change his shadow into the unrealistically powerful 'Blue Dragon'. But he then realizes that it's his job to defeat the evil Lord Nene and his army of goofy robots.

    An original hit, 'Blue Dragon' is, in my opinion, one of the Top 3 TV Shows (besides Pokemon)!!! (Shu rocks!)


    1ST Place - Shu
    2ND Place - Zola
    3RD Place - Jiro
    4TH Place - [whatever that girl without a shadow is called]
    5TH Place - [whatever that girl with a shadow that can turn invisible is called]
    6TH/Last Place - (of course) Lord Nene
    6-1/2TH Place - Lord Nene's huge, goofy robots -torterra246

    P.S. Contact me at for answers and advice on pokemon video games. (DO NOT expect me to know everything about your pokemon game. After all, I did not play every single game out there!!!)
  • its pretty good

    well shu is a young boy who can summon a shadow, the blue dragon to fight off enemies. his friends on the journey jiro and zola also have shadows. their are also many evil people ( the gran kingdom ) with shadows. the plotline is a very adventourous, but sometimes the humor can be very forced and it ends up being not funny at all. also im doubting if its an anime or not. the animations are somewhat childish, but all and all, its a pretty good show and i think u should try it. plz view my profile and comment on the blogs!
  • Blue dragon is a decent show. It has nothing to do with the game on the xbox 360. the story is so different and does not fallow it at all.

    Blue dragon is a decent show. It has nothing to do with the game on the xbox 360. the story is so different and does not fallow it at all. I played the game and i loved it. It was a good RPG game. The show killed the game. The story was not like the game at all. They even added in the show, that many humans could use the shadows when in the game story it was only five to six people had that power. The characters in the game were so different in the show. like i said it is a decent show that has nothing to do with the game so i would give it a seven out of ten.
  • It's pretty good.

    This show has great animation great music and great Ideas. I don't always watch it, only when I realy think about it. I wish It was on Adult swim, then it would be even better. It's interesting enough to keep me watching. I just don't get why the game and the show are so diferent from each other, I have the game for Xbox 360 and I find it weird that There 16 and 17 instead of 10 yearsold. Kluke has a black outfit instead of a pink outfit, and they have Jiro living in the village. Oh well it's a good show.
  • Good Anime.

    I was at first expecting this show to be a weak anime like all of the other news. After I watched the first episode, I actually liked it. This show is based on the Xbox360 RPG game. I'll explain why the characters look like DBZ characters. This game, and show was created from the people who created the Chrono series. These people from the Chrono series created the DBZ series. Now onto the characters themselves. Shu is a likable kid who possess the mighty Blue Dragon shadow. He does not know how to control the dragon at first. Overtime, however Shu and the Blue Dragon begin to get along, and the real fun starts. I like it when Kluke gets angry, and hits Shu with a frying pan. I think is somewhat funny. The dialog is decent, just not to epic proportions. Music is solid. Overall, good show with lovable characters, good action, and decent dialog. Rock on Blue Dragon!!!!
  • A kid named Shu sets off on a journey with Jiro and Kluke with the help of there shadow dragons to defeat evil.

    This is a great show based off of a Xbox360 video game made by Akira Toriyama the man who made Dragonball. The designs are great and the plot is quite interesting and I even like the english dub though I never saw the japanese version. I first when I heard of this show never knew it would be on Toonami they did a great job bringing this show to america I really hope this lasts as long as Naruto or yet might become better than Naruto in the future. I rate this show a 8.6 out of 10 I hope it lasts long.
  • In general, Blue Dragon has a very childish feel with a very weak basis. It is pure fantasy without any sustenance. I more deeply explain my intellection and observation of this show in my full review. Initially, I was excited for the show...

    I had great hopes for this show when I heard of its release. After all, Akira Toriyama, the writer of my favorite show, Dragon Ball Z, has a great part in this. I've seen the first two episodes, and I know that is not much, but I am truly disappointed... Although the show has a tiny bit of the DBZ feel because of some of the drawings, it doesn't give you anything else. It has a very childish feel to it and it's rushed. There is no rising action and it all just happens. In other words, there's no beginning...

    Blue Dragon is pure fantasy without any sustenance to it. You might say that what I said is a contradiction on my part because Dragon Ball Z is fantasy as well, but the fact of the matter is, Dragon Ball Z is not pure fantasy and actually does have a structure. Unlike Blue Dragon, DBZ isn't just... out of the "blue". Without that structure or sustenance, like I said earlier, the show is simply bull and therefore not enjoyable. At this point, the show is just a fictionally modified version of Digimon, and in a worse way. I didn't give the show a 3 because I was just angry or trying to make a point. I truly believe it deserves no more and just couldn't find it in me to give it any higher. I wasn't looking for this to happen and it's not like I was eager to just give this show a bad rating. I tried to be as optimistic as possible and get as much from the show as I possibly could have. This... is all it gave me.
  • Blue Dragon is an anime about a boy named Shu and his group of friends who use their shadows, monsters of darkness that reside in shadow, to defeat Nene, the main evil antagonist. During their struggles, Shu must learn how to use his Blue Dragon shadow.

    This show appears to be geared toward the younger generations, but even the older crowds can likely find some enjoyment from it. It has a lot of potential and a lot of space for plot development and character interactions, but the story is based more on action and fighting, making this more of a shounen anime. It has a lot of similarities with other shows of its type, and being animated by the same character designer, Akira Toriyama, as the popular anime Dragonball, you see some repeated character styles from previous works in this anime. All in all, it is a decent show that deserves it's fans and a little appreciation.
  • This has the same feel as DBZ. And the animation style is very close to that of the dragonball series.

    The show is pretty damn good, atleast the japanse version is. I have not seen it dubbed so i cant account to the voice acting tho. But if it is as bad as most dubs these days seem to be, i would lower the rating to about 7-8. How japanse can sound more serious i will never know. Anywho the series is very fast passed and doesnt have all the filler that DBZ and such have. If you liked DBZ/ One Piece/ naruto you will most likely enjoy this show. Tho it seems to be aimed more towards the younger audience but is still enjoyable.
  • I love this

    This is another one of my favorite base on Video Game shows
    along with Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, Donkey Kong Country, Veitiful Joe & Sonic X. I watch the first episode on Toonami & it Instantly became my favorite anime. Compare to Tak & the Power of Juju Blue Dragon is more Mar & always be oringal, Now that's something Tak & the Power Juju will never be. If there was more shows like thjis they will Destroy Chalkzone, Shuriken School, Squirrle Boy & anyother show I hated & be replaced by The Cramp Twins, Mucha Lucha, Pelswick, this, & other great shows I like.
  • Based on the popular x-box game,Blue Dragon is the story of a young boy, Shu, with a most peculiar shadow...the Blue Dragon! Shu and his friends must save his, and other, villages that are being attacked by the evil Captain Nene!

    I admit that when I first sat down to watch Blue Dragon I was a bit skeptical. I really wasn't sure what to expect, but as the show progressed I found myself actually looking forward to what future episodes will bring. It's animation is very much that of Dragon Ball Z, so if you were ever a DBZ fan then you will love Blue Dragon. It is also a great show for those who enjoyed the classic x-box game. Each character is unique and exciting. I am very curious to see what will happen in future episodes. Overall I give this show an 8.5
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