Blue Dragon

TV Tokyo (ended 2009)


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  • Show based on an awsome game

    Awsome game awsome show i like the show a little bit better. So the main character Shu is an average kid when two strangers(Jiro and Zola) show up his life is change forever when he discvores he has the power of a shadow. His beening named Blue Dragon. Jiro's is the minatar and Zola's is killer bat. Also Shu friend Kluke not having a shadow yet! On their journany they meet a Deviee tribe member named Marumaru the episode he appers in is edited for reasonbale perposes. Later while fighting the evil lord Nene Kluke gets her shadow Phinoix(I can't spell)which is spelizes in defence tatics. They lose the battle againt Nene the frist time, but they aren't giving up. Now they search for the extra 7 becase they may help save the world from the evil Nene *Two tumbs up*