Blue Dragon - Season 1

TV Tokyo (ended 2009)


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Episode Guide

  • Shu
    Episode 51
    Episode synopsis to be added soon.
  • The Ties That Bind
    Episode 50
    With his medallion destroyed, Shu is swallowed by the Darkness. Instantly, Zola sends Jiro and the others into the Darkness, as well, and, it seems, that all hope is lost. While in the Darkness, Blue Dragon realizes that the lower half of his body now exists and a voice from the dark abyss tells him that this is his true form.moreless
  • Zola
    Episode 49
    Episode synopsis to be added soon.
  • The Gate
    Episode 48
    Logi, Schneider, and Andropov stay behind and distract the Gatekeepers of Darkness, allowing Shu and his friends to flee as they make their way to meet Zola again. Shu insists that he stays behind with them.
  • Into the Darkness
    Episode 47
    The descendants of the Seven Soldiers of Light unite as one again, but each has their own purpose. As soon as their battleship enters the Darkness, they are attacked by the Shadows of Darkness. The captain of the battleship attempts to fend off the Shadow attackers with cannons, but the numbers are too overwhelming and some breach the ship.moreless
  • Dissention
    Episode 46
    Shu forms a hypothesis that the descendants of the Seven Soldiers of Light might be able to seal the Darkness once again, so he goes to Logi's base to ask for his help. Logi had come up with the same theory and informs Shu that he's found a way inside the Darkness.moreless
  • A New Plan
    Episode 45
    Shu and his friends continue to provide assistance for those who have been affected by the rapture of the Darkness. The team grows more anxious and impatient as they fail to find an effective line of attack against the Darkness. Shu's trust in Zola is unswaying, angering Jiro into to picking a fight with Shu.moreless
  • Darkness' True Form
    Episode 44
    Shadows grow from the Darkness and Darkness engulfs lands and people into it. Shu and his friends are paralyzed with shock by Zola's disappearance into the sphere of Darkness. With no recourse or way to stop this terrible event, the team is forced to watch as the Darkness is released into the world.moreless
  • The True World
    Episode 43
    Shu and the others rejoice at the return of Kluke. But the celebration is short-lived as all seven descendants of the Soldiers of Light assemble at the Sealed Grounds and land begins to close in on the Shadow Wielders. Logi tries to avert Zola's plan by attempting to destroy one of the Shadow Wielders.moreless
  • The Arrival of Odin
    Episode 42
    As the team arrives at the Sealed Grounds, Jiro begins to question Zola's plan, but she won't divulge any information. Just as anxiety and fear spreads amongst Shu and his friends, Logi, Andropov, and Schneider make their appearance.
  • Caged Bird
    Episode 41
    The gang copes with Kluke's absence. Meanwhile, Kluke is in Logi's castle being interrogated.
  • Rosekstan
    Episode 40
    Kluke gets kidnapped after the gang battles Logi again.
  • 1/5/09
    Episode synopsis to be added soon.
  • Dark Symphony
    Episode 38
    Episode synopsis to be added soon.
  • Strength In Numbers
    Episode 37
    The gang decides to take Nene down. However, Nene may be more of a fight than what they had expected.
  • Bouquet's New Power
    Episode 36
    The gang decides to finish off things with Nene once and for all, but a room full of Black Shadows may prove too much for them unless Bouquet can tap into her newfound power!
  • Bouquet's Ruins
    Episode 35
    Bouquet is transported deep into the stolen ruins to try and unlock her new powers. However Nene is threatening to destroy the ruins before she gets the chance.
  • Gilliam's Revenge
    Episode 34
    Kluke and Bouquet are arguing where to go next, but they will have to over come their differences quickly if they hope to servive an attack by a deadly new Black Shadow Type Three lead by Gilliam.
  • Homecoming
    Episode 33
    Saber Tiger is not impressed when Marumaro chases after the girls of his home village to try and awaken his new powers and neither is Zola! Marumaro is in trouble and how will this gain him new powers.
  • 11/17/08
    Shu may be getting a new apprentice when he saves a young boy from robbers, but the boys sister is not very happy about the idea because she hates shadow wielders!
  • Jiro Takes A Stand
    Episode 31
    Jiro must battle his own weakness when he's finally faced with the chance to avenge his family.
  • The Dark Dragon
    Episode 30
    Back at Talta Village, Shu and the others visit the ruins outside of town, where Shu is drawn into the lair of a Black Dragon and almost dragged into the darkness.
  • Breaking the Code!
    Episode 29
    With the Extra Seven finally in hand, Shu and Kluke discover a clue in the mysterious Seven Pages that leads them straight back to thier home village.
  • Face Off
    Episode 28

    Kluke assists Shu in his battle with Logi. After Kluke is injured in the struggle, Shu releases a strange force that might give him the extra power he needs but at what cost?

  • 10/13/08
    Zola, Jiro, and Marumaru battle the rest of the Independent Flying Squad while Shu and the others go ahead to Logi's ship to retrieve the Extra Seven. Unfortunately General Logi is blocking their path.
  • Cynthia's Madness
    Episode 26
    Shu and Jiro work together to battle Cynthia while Zola looks for a chance to launch her own attack against Logi's minions and the Power Booster!
  • Independent Army
    Episode 25
    Shu and the others head to Logi's battleship to retrive the Extra Seven, but face the battle of their lives when Logi's minions unleash the power of the Power Booster!
  • 9/6/08
    Homeron and the crew of the sinking battleship Norg escape in lifeboats only to find themselves the target of a horrifing monster.
  • 9/15/08
    The gang meets Honmalon again to learn the details of the mysterious woman. But in order to get even more information on the missing Extra Seven, they have to board Norg, a Grand Kingdom battleship.
  • Fading Beauty
    Episode 22
    Shu and the others come face to face with Cynthia but she is only interested in defeating Bouquet because she's jealous of her beauty. After the fight, they all got separated and each must deal with their own problems.
  • 9/1/08
    While the gang and Conrad decide what to do, Honmalon gets past the security measures and into the master computer room. The rescued prisoners and Conrad are attacked by Gilliam and his men. Honmalon finds the information that he was looking about the blue haired woman, Delphinium.
  • Decoy Mission!
    Episode 20
    The team attempts to rescue Conrad from prison and creates a diversion for Honmalon who tries to go into a facility in order to find more information on The Extra Seven. But, Cynthia and Romero is there to try and spoil the plan. Shu, Jiro and Zola defeat Cynthia and Romero. Honmalon enters the facility.moreless
  • Cave of The Phoenix
    Episode 19
    Honmalon tries to find the mysterious woman while the gang goes and investigate Phoenix`s ruin. Honmalon makes contact with the blue haired woman and Kluke manages to summon Phoenix.
  • 8/11/08
    Marumaro stumbles upon an inn where a former soldier of Grand Kingdom and his lover shadow live. But unfortunately for Marumaro they think that he is from Grand Kingdom Army. They tried to kill him but they failed. Marumaro saves all of them from the soldiers and reunites with the gang.moreless
  • The Informant
    Episode 17
    Shu and the others have just reached Kolin City, the city of information. Here, they discover that Jibral City no longer exists and they enlist the help of the best information gatherer: Honmalon, in order to find the woman that stole The Extra Seven. Marumaro gets lost in the forest.
  • The Extra Seven
    Episode 16
    Kluke has woken up and is fine now. Shu and the others continue their journey to retrieve The Extra Seven. Soon, Shu and the others arrive at Kolin City.
  • The Awakening
    Episode 15
    Shu worries of Kluke being unconscious, while Jiro worries about defeating Nene. Shu and the others discover that they still have a hold on the criteria on the suspect of the killer. They say that the suspect is about 20 to 30 years of age, has blue hair, and has perfume scent all over her body. So, Shu and the others decide to get The Extra Seven to get stronger and defeat Nene.moreless
  • Kluke's Wish
    Kluke's Wish
    Episode 14
    Shu and the others have finally found Nene. Shu, Jiro, and Marumaro fight Nene while Jibral's army is having a hard time fighting Grand Kingdom's army. However, Shu, Jiro, and Marumaro got to a big disaster and needs Zola's assistance.
  • Klukes Wish
    Episode 14
    In a face-to-face confrontation with Nene, Shu and the others find that his power is more overwhelming than Zola imagined, and they do not stand a chance. Desperate to help her friends, Kluke recklessly steps up to face Nene, and the shadow Phoenix that has rested within Kluke answers her will. Nene in turn unleashes power so enormous it could expunge space itself. Following the explosion, Nene, believing Shu and the others wiped out of existence, activates the completed air fortress Galleon and declares war on the entire world.moreless
  • Infiltrate
    Episode 13
    Shu finds the gang and they are now in the Grand Kingdom's capital city. Meanwhile, Grand Kingdom's army is fighting Jibral Kingdom's army. Shu and the others get inside Nene's lair. While Shu and the others find Nene, they discover that Nene is planning to take out children's shadows and using them as weapons. Also, Jiro must deal with the painful memories of his past.moreless
  • 6/14/08
    Separated from the gang, Shu finds himself headed towards a deserted village. Later, he meets Dragnov near an empty well. Dragnov invites Shu to look for water with him. Shu later finds out that he is on Grand Kingdom's side. Zola fights off the robot shadow users with the help of Marumaro, Jiro and Shu.moreless
  • Ambush
    Episode 11

    Shu and General Logi face off while the gang takes on the rest of the Independent Flying Squadron. While Shu is fighting, he realizes that he has a new technique. How will Shu fare against an opponent that even Zola couldn't beat?

  • In Enemy Territory
    Episode 10
    The gang makes their move on attacking Grand Kingdom. However, it was as if their plot was predicted by General Logi and his group of shadow users. The gang was separated in the early lands past the borders of Grand Kingdom. Everyone fought with their shadows. Who will triumph?
  • The Sinister Sea
    Episode 9
    Jibral is now safe from Grand Kingdom's attacks. In the Book of the Beginning, the last 7 pages were ripped off. The ghost criminal was seen dead outside the city. The gang is now preparing to attack Grand Kingdom, and an unexpected vistor comes aboard the gang's ship.
  • Her Decision
    Her Decision
    Episode 8
    Leaving the other three at a beach, Shu goes to see Kluke by himself. Shu arrives at the mountain shack where Kluke lives. But Kluke is not there.
  • Castle Under Seige
    Episode 8
    Zola and company finally meets the king. Zola's request to gain access to the ancient library, to read the Book of the Beginning was granted. Shu finally meets a true knight master. Bouquet arrives at the city, only to find it under attack by Nene's robotic shadow users. Shu and the gang joins the fight. An captive thief escapes in the chaos steals an ancient scroll and gives it to a mysterious character.moreless
  • 2/23/09
    Shu and his friends arrive at Jibral Castle, where rumors about ghosts are spreading like wildfire. When a member of Zola's party becomes a prime suspect, the group takes it upon itself to solve the mystery, leading to a confrontation with Salinas, an enemy Shadow wielder.
  • The Trouble With Ghosts
    Logi receives a team of shadow users from Nene to get rid of Zola. When the gang reached the capital, they decide to solve a haunting mystery. A "ghost" has been disturbing peace in the capital. The "ghost" turns out to be a shadow user who attempts to destroy the military storage. Shu and Marumaro defeat him and he is taken by the guards. Along with Legolas, the companions finally meet the king.moreless
  • 2/23/09
    Our heroes are determined to visit Jibral Castle, where they seek the king's help. On the way they stop in a village, where they rescue a waitress named Bouquet, only to find themselves in the middle of a disastrous misunderstanding. Confronted by a monster, they utilize their Shadow powers to fight the beast, but is the monster truly a monster, or is it actually Bouquet's Shadow?moreless
  • Crossing Paths
    Crossing Paths
    Episode 6

    Shu and his friends arrive in Korin. There, they meet a girl who is dressed like the late Homeron. The girl's name is Sui.

  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
    Shu and the gang stop at a town for lunch. He saves a waitress named Bouquet from two men's harassment. She tries repaying Shu's kindness, but keeps messing things up. Bouquet turns out to be a shadow user. Her shadow, Hippopotamus, is weak in combat, but can shape-shift. After losing her job, the gang runs away from Bouquet, with her chasing them from behind.moreless
  • 4/26/08
    The gang assaults the fortress to free the captives from the city. Logi defeats Zola, followed by Jiro and Marumaro. He leaves with Nene, leaving the twins in charge. Shu manages to manifest and control the Blue Dragon, and defeat the twins. The gang then receives a mission to escort Legolas to the capital.moreless
  • 4/19/08

    After arriving at the ruined city, they were attacked by a small impish character. The gang finds out that his name was Marumaro and the reason he attacked the gang was because he thought they were responsible for destroying the city. After stealing the gang's belongings, they set a trap to capture Marumaro. After being captured, Marumaro was interrogated and is then freed by Zola. After escaping, he finds the citizens and Nene's minions. The gang joins the fight and face-off a pair of twin shadow users. They withdraw the fight and Marumaro joins the team.

  • 4/12/08
    Under Zola's orders, Shu starts his training with Jiro. After a practice duel with Zola, Jiro is told by Zola that he is opening his weak spots while attempting to power up. Soon, they were attacked by Dolsk, a red-haired shadow user sent by Nene. Jiro, after learning of his weakness, fights and defeats Dolsk. The gang continued their journey and arrives at a ruined city.moreless
  • A Fateful Decision
    Episode 2
    Shu and the gang succeeded in protecting the village. However, they must leave immediately. Zola, the "Knight Master", asks Shu come along on their journey. Rejected at first, Shu is then convinced after hearing that the village won't be safe if he's there.
  • 3/28/08
    A boy named Shu is obsessed with Knight Masters. One day, he learns that one has appeared in his village. Shu gets excited at this possibility and goes in search of the Knight Master. Later, his village gets attacked after finding the "Knight Master". Shu unleashes his true power after finding out that his friends are in trouble.moreless