Blue Dragon

Season 1 Episode 1

The Shadow Comes Forth

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Mar 28, 2008 on TV Tokyo
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A boy named Shu is obsessed with Knight Masters. One day, he learns that one has appeared in his village. Shu gets excited at this possibility and goes in search of the Knight Master. Later, his village gets attacked after finding the "Knight Master". Shu unleashes his true power after finding out that his friends are in trouble.moreless

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  • A good intro.

    A pretty good series opening. Does all the protocol things on how to create a good introduction episode. The characters seem to be well established, the setting is explained, and the supernatural power that this anime seems to be centered around, which is the Blue Dragon, is the episode kicker that is supposed to hype us up about the series. It does most of the things right but the thing is it is just so typical. An ambitious kid with a good heart with never ending potential suddenly realizes some of his potential in the first episode. A bit cheesy, but still a good episode and hopefully it'll build upon this later on.moreless
  • Shou unlocks the Shadow inside .

    Shou just a normal boy of about 10, faces the dream of wanting to be a knight master but along the way he has to destroy the evil ninein while trying to find the 9 warriors that can relese shadows it all begins in a little town when shou hears there is a knight master coming his way he quickly goes to town to find the nightmaster but he ends up in a bad suituation when he attaks the nightmaster but then , the town is attaked a jiro unlocks his shadow to save everyone but along the way he find a problem he cant controll his shadow ............moreless
  • the beggining of a great show

    a boy named shu is obssessed with knightmasters. he is very excited to hear thet one is coming to is village. he attacks many people but only one can block off his attack. shu assumes this is the knightmaster, but is wrong. in the middle of that, the gran kingdom attacks shus village. the "knightmaster" zola and her apprentice jiro use monsters called shadows to defeat soldiers. it turns out the gran kingdom wants a child who has the blue dragon as a shadow. shu, unknowingly releases the blue dragon! yes thats the end of the episode. i deffinetly would continue watching this series. plz view my profile and comment on the blogs!moreless
  • Shu unlocks the blue dragon

    A boy named Shu is obsessed with knight masters learns that one has appeared in his village. Shu gets excited at this possibility and goes in search of him. His village gets attacked after finding the "knight master". Shu unleashes his true power after finding his friends are in trouble. This series is interesting i mean, shadow fighters is allright. It seems too much like dragonballz though cause of the animation. Shu always wanted to train with the knight master and when he runs into Zola and Jiro he thinks that they are the knight masters. Zola and Jiro are cool and are very expierenced in fighting with their shadows, i look foward to watching the later episodes of this series.moreless
  • This episode was exciting it made me wonder what will happen next episode!

    This is the pilot of the new anime ''Blue Dragon'' this episode was great the artwork from of my favorite manga creators Akira Toriyama his work was great in Dbz but now he has moved on. The animation was good to this episode didnt have much fighting but no pilot episode i know of has not have so much either. Its about this boy named Shu who wants to become a Knight and he searches for one by attacking everone he sees because the real knight master would have either dodged or took defense mode. He then finds this boy who tells shu he has no manners, they almost get into a fight but then his partner stops him. Then sgu attcks her she managed to break the log with her sword,then shu asks to see if she's a knight but she then replies No, but if you had power what would you do with it? Then she and her partner walk away... Shu asked himself that question as he went back to his village with his friends. Then all of a sudden strange ships attack the village then Shu who wants to save his village goes to find the lady, he then finds them in the ruins. He then askes her to help but she turns him down. Angrily Shu tells her to never sho her face around here again, then goes to his village to fight but then all his firends get captured then the lady and the boy come and help him then a blast causes rocks to fall then Shu intitates his shadow powers! The shadow saved his friends and then the blue dragon awakens, its what the people came to get and the power that lady was looking for. What will happen next time?moreless
Steve Kramer

Steve Kramer

Elder [E]

Guest Star

JB Blanc

JB Blanc

Grand Kingdom General [E]

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Shunsuke Sakuya

Shunsuke Sakuya

Grand Kingdom General [J]

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