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  • A seemingly mundane science fiction series which contains just a little bit more.

    The story can be called unique, though the premises seem to be drawn from a plethora of sources. I enjoy the compilation of them, however, as it makes for a nice backdrop for an anime taking place in a seemingly hopeless near future. When the main character, Yuji Kaido, is forced into the many life or death battles (life's norm in the anime), he initially is a complete woos. I enjoyed the elements of buildungsroman evident in how Yuji overcomes his childish fears (a bit cliche) to become something of a seasoned veteran. If it wasn't for the virus inside of his body heightening his skills, I would not buy into the idea of his fighting prowess increasing so dramatically in the span of less than a year. The only major problem I had with the show, which resulted in it not receiving a ten from me, was the digression of the supporting character, Marlene Angel. She is a full-blooded combat soldier initially and, in the same time span it took Yuji to progress, she becomes annoyingly passive and anti violence.

    There are some philosophical questions such as the purpose of the human race and the consciousness of nature and the Earth which should receive some careful observing. All in all, worthy of the nine. -matt
  • One of my favorite animes

    Imagine if you had a rare disease and were put into suspendend animation until a cure could be found. Then imagine being woke up many years later to find the earth you knew was no more. This is the basis of Blue Gender, in which a young man named Yuji Kaido is awakened after being put to sleep until a cure for his condition can be found. The earth he awakens to is a terrifying nightmare, a world in which giant human-killing insects called Blue now dominate the planet. Mankind has been driven into space and now struggles to take back the earth from the Blue, and Yuji is a key part of that plan. This series has everything that makes a good anime for me - deep plot, complex characters, and exploration of important issues. That is one of the main reasons I like this series, because it explores the issue of environmental degradation so well. Some of the consequences of this in the series may be a little extreme but still the point is made that humans need to be aware of the impact they have on the environment. Just be warned though, this series contains a lot of blood and gore so it is definitely not for the squeamish. But other than that if you are a fan of animes filled with action and romance that at the same time make you think then you should definitely check out Blue Gender.
  • I'm amazed it only lasted one season.

    I thought this show would go for at least 2 seasons but i guess it was alittle confusing must be because it is from Japan, not that is a bad thing i personaly like just about anything from Japan i just saying that it is really complicated when it comes down to it for like everything. Either way i still thought it was good it had its action moments and it romance moments but i don't know i REALLY hope they bring this back soon, or at least sometime this decade it was decent and weird but very interesting to say the least.
  • Humanity is a disease, a cancer on the Earth. The Earth, it's enironment, it's biosphere knows it will die unless it cures the disease of humanity. So the Earth creates the 'Blue', its own immune system to combat the disease.

    Blue Gender was somewhat of a wash for me. There were elements that I found novel and engaging, then there were some elements that tempered my excitement and enjoyment. I grade this show out at a B-minus. I'll break down this review into my likes and dislikes. First off, the whole concept is inovative, imaginative, and - perhaps - relevant to contempterary environmental issues, at least symbolically. The plot was interesting as the main two characters, Yuji and Marlene, develop. Marlene is the warior, trained from a young age, she was born and bread to combat the 'Blue'; she is cold, stoic, a soldier detached from the people and world around her, the death of the 'Blue' is more important than the survival of humanity. Yuji on the other hand was born before the Blue laid waist to the world and brough humanity to the verge of extinction; he remembers love, friendship, family - all the things that make us human. Marlene and Yuji are dark mirrors of each other - polar opposites who each becomes more like the other as they share experiences while struggling for their very survival. Near the end of the series, Yuji and Marlene radically switch perspectives, until the end where each comes to a more ballanced understanding. In particular, I was impressed with the writing of Marlene's character - some one devoid of any emotion but hatred learns to feel hope, trust, friendship, and eventually love - she is like a child in many ways and the world opens up for her as she develops real feelings for the first time. I am not terribly sure that I really enjoyed the ending, but I respect the story line. There was some nudity and sexuality; but I thought that it fit the storyline well; when people are devoid of emotion, then physical sensation takes on an elevated importantce; desire relaces attraction, lust replaces love, and sex replaces intimacy. I have several critiques. First off, the action/combat sequences were just down right silly. There was never a sense of suspended disbelief for me; I have at least a collegit understanding of physics (hell, I even read the Tao of Physics by Kapra) and there was nothing developed in the plot to explain it all. I did not have a problem with suspended disbelief about the 'Blue'; I thought that was explained sufficiently well. The animation was sub par, especially the combat sequences. The 'shreik suits' in particular looked rediculous. Additionally, some of the dialogue was melodramatic, even over-the-top melodramatic. All in all, I would recomend this as a rental, especially if you like the genre. But don't drop $80 on it until you have seen the first one.
  • A personal favorite even though it lasted only one season.

    The good points on this show are how its storyline kept you wanting to see it more(well to me it did).Another good point of this show was how it was so gory it is probably one of the most gory anime/manga show I have ever seen Japan make even though it may not be the goriest.My last good point on this show is how they used a mech kind of mobile suit that reminded me of Gundam Wing.

    The things i didn't like was how this series was very short to and only lasted one season.I also didn't like how the animation drawings were't the best in detail but still were good enough for the show.
  • giant bugs have taken over the earth and are on a mission to destroy the human race. think starship troopers meets anime. the only thing that can stop them is a race of human known as sleepers.

    it is a very good show with wuite the great and violent storyline. i give blue gender a 9 because i love this show and it just keeps you guessing. I own this anime series and recommend it to fans of anime in general because it has great charcaters and soem good spots
  • Yuji Kaido wakes up in a future where a race known as the Blue has taken over the planet and humans are leaving on a space station.

    Blue Gender is Influential. It tells a excellent tale of why we should take care of our planet or the planet will take care of use. This is anime will definitely make you think about whats going on on our planet and how were treating it.

    Everything is great about this anime. The story about humans being on the brink of extintion, and how they cope on the isolated space station. The animation is great, it looked real and believable, nicely done.

    The best part is the two main characters Marlene Angel and Yuji Kaido. Their love story is great, as the anime progress the characters grow and change, and you care about them. I would greatly recommend this show to anyone who wants to see a truly grat anime that will make you change how you treat our planet.
  • a personal favorite that doesn't fail to deliver

    Yuji, a high school teenager is found with an incurable new virus but he is going to just roll over and die. He decided to hope for the future and goes into an artificial hibernation. Now it is 2013 and Yuji is awake and finds himself thrown amidst a war. The earth is full of BLUE, which are mysterious creatures that eat anything for food including humans. Humans were becoming extinct and those that were left evacuated to the space station. The only way for humans to survive is to kill the BLUE. Not even realizing it Yuji becomes apart of the battle against the BLUE to help him and the human race survive.

  • This a good mecha anime that didn't get the credit it diserved. Sad that I didn't watch more of it to give it a higher score

    I first saw this on adult swim but I saw it right before I had to go to school so I only got to see part of this show before I started having to hit the hay early but I liked what I saw.
    The story is almost very typical. It sort of reminds me of Evangelion. It has the pilot that starts out not having a clue on how to pilot the mech but unlike Evangelion he doesn't suddenly get better he gradually gets better.
    Which brings me to the mechas they look fantastic. The graphics are good. The enemy bugs look good too.
    Now what really sets this apart is the action. It has terrific action sequences. These action sequences are to die for. The director isn't afraid to kill off characters. The mechs in this anime aren't made to seem invincible. The battles between them and the bugs are brutal and a victory is well earned. So battles must be avoided for there isn't certainty of victory.
    The world is well depicted. You really feel like there is nothing other than those bugs living there. You feel like one can pop out anywhere. It really puts you on edge. So sad I can't give it a higher score.
  • The world is overtaken by monsters and these people were put in isolation for research before the take over. Now the surviors rescue the ones put in isolation.

    Well, the first few episodes are great. The are intense, you don\'t know whats going on and there are many plot twists and turns. When the main guy is rescued, they rescue team has to get the guy back to the space staion. There is a lot of problems on the way getting there and its pretty exciting. When he gets on the station he learns about what he really is and the women who resuced him falls in love and they both defeat the blue together. Although theres a lot of different things that go on, traitors, madness and such. Great show to watch on adult swim before trigun started :D.
  • BG is a powerful, mind-jarring anime that maximizes drama through carefully crafted plot-lines, vivid, intense action, and the hollowness of an apocalyptic vision. The undedited version is not for the weak of heart, but the show is surprisingly alluring

    Blue Gender mixes intense, violent action with compelling personal plot lines. The show leaves no emotional string unplucked as it delivers an eye-popping tale of the savageness of humanity and nature alike.

    Most of the series forcuses on Yugi, a "sleeper" who has been in a cryogenic sleep who awakened by a group of military soldiers in an Earth that has been overrun by the Blue, a race of mutated insects that enjoy devouring humans. What parts of the series that do not focus on Yugi focus on Marlene, the stoic female soldier who resuces Yugi and is slowly softened by his presence in her life. Over the course of the series, the two undergo a role reversal as Marlene softens as her emotions emerge through her contact with Yugi. Yugi, instead, hardens as the ravages and loss of war send him into a rage against the Blue. This transformation between the two of them is slow and one of the best aspects of this show.

    The action is vivid and spares no drop of blood. The personalities of the characters are distinctive and even understandable. Re-watching this series, I feel different characters in different ways from when I first watched them. I understand Miagi more, and I can almost understand why Tony does what he does.

    The unedited versions of these (not the ones on Adult Swim, though they are powerful) are not for the faint of heart. The violence is intense, and there's nudity. People who are easily offended should not watch this show; it is very adult anime. There's also a lot of political overtone, some subtle, some not, regarding environmentalism and overpopulation. It can get a bit preachy at some points, but it's mostly subtext.

    Overall, though, BG is quite a fine piece of anime. It has the adult qualities of Neo Genesis Evangelion, though it lacks the stirring philosophy. Too many initial viewers might dismiss it as "another mech anime", but it's not Gundam or something comparable. It is a powerful apolcalyptic tale about war and emotional loss.
  • A great series that can be watched over and over again.

    The Blue gender series is one of my favorita anime series. This shows everything that could happen in the future. From giant bugs to fighting piloted robots this series is everything id want to see (maybe alil less bugs though).

    Although I did not understand why they put so much adult scenes in this i find that it really takes away from this series becuase when i started to watch this i continued to see the series becuase i found it had an awesome scene and the fights were really well thought out.

    still i found this series to be quite enjoyable to watch from the development of B cells to theconspiracy through second earth.
  • Blue Gender is by far one of the best. This show is truly amazing. The story is well thought out and it doesn't lack in suspense. This is one fast paced show and its insane from start to finish. I would recommend this to anyone that likes a good show.

    Blue Gender is one of the sickest shows I've seen in the past year. The story is insane and the way everything plays out is just well done. This show has so many defining elements and they use everything at their disposal to make this show as good as it turned out to be. The characters and the depth of the show is done excellently. This show definitely sets the standard of what a good sci-fi should be like. Even though I don't watch that stuff this show just called out to me and I would recommend it to everyone.
  • A good watch

    This has to be my favorite Anime. I originaly saw it during my freshmen year in highschool on CartoonNetworks AdultSwim.

    It has a very deep plot and starts to become a very dark anime near its end. The main characters are have alot of personality, the secondary characters dont survive long enough to develop ones.

    The early episodes are fairly boring but once they get into space it gets very interesting. I now own the DVDBoxSet (I\'m now a junior) and rewatch the later episodes constantly. (Secreatly since my parents dont know I have it and hate anything Japanese)

    Overall its an indepth show with lots of action and blood with a bit of romance. It gets very dark but just makes the series better.
  • Humanity's Greatest Enemy is The One it Created.

    The show was one of the best of the series to come from Japan.

    The idea of the reamin human race taking refuge in a HUGE space Station mile above the Earth is amazing.

    This show had many great points to it but it also had its share of probelms too with The mosnters killing themselves at the end and people willing to let themselves stay in space and die out is insane.
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