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Blue Heelers is one of the most popular Australian dramas ever made. After producing more than 500 episodes over 13 seasons, Blue Heelers was axed by channel seven in 2006, with the final episode aired on June 4th. Since its first season in 1994, Blue Heelers quickly became one of Australia's most loved television dramas with compelling storylines and endearing characters. Season 13 saw Blue Heelers reach many milestones; including 500 episodes and becoming Australia's longest running weekly primetime drama series, surpassing Homocide which made 509 episodes.

Blue Heelers saw many changes from its first season. A major change by producers in 2004 saw the bombing of the old station, making way for a new set and bringing new faces to the Blue Heelers cast. This change allowed the show to take a new direction.

At its peak, Blue Heelers drew 2.5 million viewers and throughout its reign collected an impressive 25 Logie awards.

Blue Heelers saw many talented actors through its 12 years, many have now become household names across Australia including; Lisa McCune, John Wood, William McInnes and Martin Sacks.


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  • Martin Sacks

    Martin Sacks

    Senior Detective Patrick Joseph "PJ" Hasham (1994 - 2005)

    Tasma Walton

    Tasma Walton

    Constable Deirdre "Dash" McKinley (1996 - 1999)

    Ditch Davey

    Ditch Davey

    Senior Detective Evan "Jonesy" Jones (2001 - 2006)

    Lisa McCune

    Lisa McCune

    Senior Constable Margaret "Maggie" Doyle (1994 - 2000)

    William McInnes

    William McInnes

    Sergeant Nick Schultz (1994 - 1998, recurring 2004 and 2005)

    John Wood

    John Wood

    Senior Sergeant Tom Croydon (1994 - 2006)

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    • Excellent show which sadly jumped the shark

      Blue Heelers was, for ten years or so, an excellent series, one I would happily rate at ten out of ten. Sadly, the loss of Lisa McCune from the cast led to an imbalance in the characters and a decline in viewership. The show, however, was still great - until the network decided to counteract the viewer decline by ramping up the action. And ramp it up they did - too far. The last couple of seasons were embarrassingly far from the believable and equally far from the spirit of the series, and did a lot to ensure the show's demise. For that reason, I'm docking it a couple of points - but tracking down the earlier seasons is definitely well worthwhile.moreless
    • WOW!!

      I love this show and i always have!! Especially when it gets a little interesting... With Ben and Falcon Prices wife, PJ and Maggie ect...
    • its a great show

      Blue Heelers is a intertaining show to watch and its just great to watch, some of my fav actress's are Lisa McCune who plays Maggie, Jane Allsop who plays Jo, Samantha Tolj who plays Kelly, Rachel Gordon who plays Amy, Simone McAullay who plays Susie and my fav actors is Martin Sacks who plays PJ, Ditch Davey who plays Jonesy, Danny Raco who plays Joss

      i really hated the way Jo died and how Maggie got shot and i though it was good that they were both a love interest for PJ. i think they did a great job making and producing Blue Heelersmoreless
    • Blue Heelers was the police drama to end all police dramas. It is the best drama Australia has ever produced. How dare they axe it!

      Blue Heelers was the most amazing drama on television.

      For the Cops in Mt.Thomas, it's more than just a badge.

      The setting was Mt.Thomas, the characters were Maggie, Tom, Wayne, Nick and PJ and the job was protecting the people of the town. And they did it with style and attitude.

      The characters then became Adam, Dash, Jack, Ben, Tess, Jo, Kelly, Joss, Amy, and Matt. They continued the job with the same enthusiasm. Chris helped keep up with the town gossip.

      This show had it all; hot blokes, hot chicks, action, shootings, murders, sucides, assualts, relationships, secrets and most of all drama. Lots of drama!

      This is the best show ever!moreless
    • Blue's one of a kind! It was soo sad that while watching the finale on Sunday 4th June 2006 and enjoying every minute of it, it was sad to know that this was the last episode! Longlive Blue Heelers in our hearts!moreless

      I only really started watching Blue Heelers when once day in the holidays (about 2004) I watched a few old repeats coz I was bored and Mum said a few things about Maggie Doyle, the couple of times she had watched it. It wasn't until the day that "End of Innocence" was to show that night that Mum was going she saw the promo and that it looked pretty awesome and interesting, considering a police station was going to be blown up! So we watched it, and I guess I sort of got hooked after that, but VERY hooked about early 2005! I sort-of became an obsessed BH lover (ha-ha!) but I loved the show! So, like a lot of people, I was heartbroken when crummy Smelly 7 decided to axe the show! It will ALWAYS be a TV show that I will enjoy and remember, and who knows, when my kids enter their teens, I may even show them the DVDs of "the greatest cop show in history!" And maybe even they might get hooked...even if it's twenty years since it's finale!moreless

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