Blue Heelers

Season 13 Episode 5


Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Apr 29, 2006 on Seven Network

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  • Fantastic episode with alot of laughs.

    I thought this was a really great episode. Joss once again gets into trouble and tries to find a way out, only to put himself in even more trouble. The episode has some classic quotes such as:
    Kelly: Chris, please explain to David why I could never have a relationship with Joss.
    Chris: Because she\'s not clinically insane.


    Man with drugs: I\'ll have your badge!
    Kelly (to Matt): Aw...he thinks he\'s in New York!

    I loved this episode but was disapointed that it was the third last episode ever of Blue Heelers. The acting in it was fantastic, particuarly by Danny Racco (Joss).
    It was a great storyline.
    Fantastic episode!!!! 10/10
  • Joss comes up with yet another moneymaking sceme, which of course ends badly, and Tom convalesces.

    It's race day at Mt Thomas, and Joss, after befriending a man who claims to be a professional punter who never loses a bet, bets on his advice - winning a considerable amount of money. He takes the punter's advice again, and ends up winning a small fortune. Except it turns out the man is a crook who specialises in race fixing. On top of that, he has his old crime boss on his trail, and Joss soon gets into trouble thanks to his eagerness for a quick cash fix.

    I stopped watching Blue Heelers altogether after Paul Bishop left, and had been watching it intermittedly a year before that, and this episode reminded me of why I had stopped watching. The characters didn't have the same comaraderie that the old characters did, and I couldn't relate to them; I certainly couldn't sympathise for Joss's financial plight the same way I did Adam's several years ago.

    A very average episode. 5/10.
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