Blue Heelers

Season 12 Episode 18


Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Jun 08, 2005 on Seven Network
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Supported by PJ, Amy is determined to pursue her uncle John who abused her as a child. But face to face, he seems not to be the monster Amy has described. A hypnotherapy session only serves to confirm Amy's confusion, but PJ believes there is injustice here, and is determined she press charges against her uncle, even if this causes Amy further pain. The final confrontation with the truth reveals the delusion wrought by time on the memory for both Amy and her uncle. Investigating burglaries from clients of a speed dating agency, Jonesy and Susie find themselves revealing what they are looking for in a partner to everyone but each other.moreless

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  • An outstanding conclusion to the mystery of Amy's painful history

    I found this episode to be an excellent conclusion to the mystery around Amy’s history. I for one did not expect to finally discover, after clues in past episodes, that she was not maliciously abused as a teenager, but rather went along with the abuse, even developing feelings for her abuser. Excellently done as, those who have delved into the world of psychology such as myself would know that child sex abuse is not as it seems to the untrained eye - many kids do go along with it, even liking it, such as Amy herself did. As for the episodes promos, they surely did it justice. Rachel Gordon is one of the most outstanding actors that I have ever witnessed, I believe she has a great future ahead of her. Although I’m glad she will finally be able to move past this and into more positive storylines.moreless
Martin Sacks

Martin Sacks

Senior Detective Patrick Joseph "PJ" Hasham (1994 - 2005)

John Wood

John Wood

Senior Sergeant Tom Croydon

Julie Nihill

Julie Nihill

Christine "Chris" Reilly

Ditch Davey

Ditch Davey

Senior Constable Evan "Jonesy" Jones (2001 - )

Simone McAullay

Simone McAullay

Senior Constable Susie Raynor (2003 - )

Danny Raco

Danny Raco

Probationary Constable Joss Peroni (2004 - )

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    • Amy: I want to see him.
      PJ: You need to stay out of this.
      Amy: Look, Pj, I have to show him that I'm not afraid of him. Not anymore.

    • Susie: He's made a full confession. I think what you did was really brave.
      Amy: Brave?
      Susie: To face up to him.
      Amy: I thought everything would change, I thought I would change.
      Susie: Nothing's going to change right away.
      Amy: Maybe nothing will change at all. Maybe this is as good as it gets.

    • Amy: I was 12 years old. I trusted you and I have never been able to trust a man since.

    • John: You're imagining this event took place.
      Amy: It wasn't just an event, it happened night after night.
      John: If this had really happened you'd have told someone about it years ago.
      Amy: I did! I told Aunt Sally.
      John: Told her, when?
      Amy: Just before she threw me out of the house.
      John: No. Sally said you packed your bags and left.
      Amy: Is that what she said?
      John: I didn't understand, how could you leave me, leave us like that.

    • PJ: Amy!
      Amy: You're the one who told me to go after him.
      PJ: If we're gonna nail him we need to follow procedure.
      Amy: I don't give a stuff about procedure, I don't even care if we charge him. He's already ruined my life, I'm not gonna let him ruin Chloe's.

    • Tom: The only person doing anything to Chloe at the moment is you! You've absolutely terrified her! You are to stay away from that family detective, I mean it..that is an order!

    • Susie: That's not what I want

    • Jonesy: 'Cos maybe we're made of different stuff.

    • Jonesy: Last night was amazing.
      Susie: Jonesy, it's taken us long enough to get this far, let's not stuff it up now.
      Jonesy: I really, really want to make this work.

    • Jonesy: Oh no…no I like it.

    • Jonesy: So tell me why I haven't seen that dress before?

    • Jonesy: For me, love is simple.

    • Susie: Kids, house, the whole catastrophe.

    • Jonesy: One thing I do know is when I find her - that's it.

    • Jonesy: I guess I'm looking for what everyone' looking for. Someone who understands me.

    • Jonesy: It's a lot of flesh.

    • Joss: Great, it's the bunny brigade.

    • Amy: PJ this is my workplace, I'm not going to hide.

    • Amy: Look, I know how hard this is going to be, ok, and thank you but I don't need anyone to play devil's advocate.
      Boss: Needless to say, you'll have to stay right out of the investigation.
      Amy: Of coarse.

    • Alex: I am the best mate you are ever going to have.

    • Alex: Just a quiet one at home was it?
      Susie: Something like that.

    • PJ: Do you want me to come with you?
      Amy: No.
      PJ: Wrong answer!

    • Amy: She didn't tell you? She didn't tell you that I was pregnant…with your baby...with our baby? The baby Aunt Sally made me abort. She drove me to the clinic and waited til I was done. Then she drove me to the railway station, she already had a bag packed in the boot. She tried to give me a couple of hundred dollars and told me I could never go home. I was still bleeding. I was hurt. I was sixteen, standing at the railway platform with a suitcase and nowhere to go.
      John: Amy I'm sorry, I didn't know. I thought you left because you didn't love me.
      Amy: What happened between us wasn't love.

    • Brendan: You stay away from my family.

    • Amy: It's not true. I didn't love him. This is not what happened...he raped me!

    • Jonesy: What makes you sure he'll follow you home?
      Susie: He'll follow me.
      Jonesy: Why because your irresistible?
      Susie: No because I told him I have a 106cm TV.

    • PJ: You're giving up? That's not like you.
      Amy: Look, you don't understand half of what is going on here alright!
      PJ: He forced you to have sex with him.
      Amy: What if he didn't force me? What if I went along with it for whatever reason?
      PJ: You were 12 years old, whatever happened to you was your Uncle's responsibilty, it's never the child's fault.
      Amy: Whatever happened to me, it's over, I survived.

    • Joss: I know what kind of pain boys can be. I am one.

    • Susie: No. 4. Loser. No. 5. Moron. No. 6 Got bad breath. No. 7s out of the small feet. Bit harsh.

    • Amy: My memory is all I've got PJ, if I can't remember what he looked like, what else can't I remember?

    • Amy: I froze PJ. I barely recognised him.
      PJ: How long has it been 15 years?
      Amy: I knew he'd look older, I'd prepared myself for that, but, he just looks...I don't know, different.
      PJ: 15 years is a long time. People change.
      Amy: Not him. If I'd seen him in the street I wouldn't have recognised him.

    • PJ: Have you thought any more about....
      Amy: No.
      PJ: So you're just going to let him get away with it.
      Amy: He got away with it 15 years ago, it's over.
      PJ: What about Chloe? How do you know he's not doing the same thing to her?

    • John: Amy. The police have been telling me what you've been saying. How could you say those things?

    • Amy: I've been having a few sessions with a psychologist.
      PJ: With Bill Lapscott?
      Amy: No. Way too complicated, someone he recommended.
      PJ: And would he be happy to write a report?
      Amy: I'm sure she'd be fine.
      PJ: Sorry. Now you know what happens when we get this psych report?
      Amy: Ahuh, you talk to my Uncle.
      PJ: You might want to be somewhere else.
      Amy: I want to be here.

    • Brendan: I guess you don't remember everything.

    • Amy: It wasn't til after he left that I saw the blood. I had to wash the sheets so my Aunt Sally wouldn't find out.

    • Amy: He said he had something to teach me. He said that I was his princess and that this is what people who love each other do.

    • Susie: Jonesy, it's taken us long enough to get this far, let's not stuff it up now.

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