Blue Heelers

Season 3 Episode 1

Once Only Withdrawal (1)

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Feb 12, 1996 on Seven Network

Episode Recap

Bush fires are ringing the township of Mount Thomas and Maggie and Wayne are out evacuating farm houses in the path of the inferno, but this routine job suddenly turns dangerous when they are confronted by a masked man brandishing a shotgun. Maggie and Wayne overcome the offender and take him into custody.

Back at the station he is quickly identified as one of three bandits who held up St. David's bank the previous day. The prisoner proves to be uncooperative. He refuses to give his name or those of his accomplices and in an unguarded moment, he swallows a handful of thumbtacks.

Although Mt. Thomas Hospital is presently under renovations, there is still a skeleton staff there and the bandit is rushed into emergency surgery under the care of Dr. Zoe Hamilton. Wayne is duped into giving up his gun and uniform by one of the bandits posing as a hostage.

Maggie goes to the hospital to discover someone else dressed in Wayne's clothes. She plays it cool and attempts to put a call through to the station, but as soon as she makes contact the power and phone lines go down and the Heelers fail to get the message.

Maggie's next move is to try and the escape from the hospital, but the bandits already have Bobby, the hospital's maintenance person, moving around the building dead-bolting all the doors. Nobody can get in or out. Dr Hamilton is surprised to find her operation interrupted by gun welding bandits wanting to take her patient away, however, she bravely faces them down, pointing out that if they take him now, their friend will die.

Maggie locates the bound and gagged Wayne in the hospital generator room, but unfortunately so does Nerida who also takes Maggie hostage. Having previously taken the precaution of slipping on a white coat, Maggie poses as Dr Margaret Blake.

Back at the station, Adam and Nick are called out to the Purvis farm where Keith Purvis has trapped an infamous looter. While protecting the looter from an infuriated Keith, Adam sustains a burn to his hand and is sent to the hospital for first aid.

On seeing Jason in police uniform, Nick and Adam naturally assume that it's Wayne. They get an unpleasant surprise when the uniform draws his gun and fires at them. The bandits decide to make a break for it before Nick and Adam have the chance to call for reinforcements.

As they get to the front door, their sick colleague regains consciousness, sees Maggie and immediately identifies her as a police officer. On hearing this, Jason prepares to kill her on the spot.
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