Blue Heelers

Season 13 Episode 11

One Day More (Part Two)

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Jun 04, 2006 on Seven Network

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  • End of An Era

    I have only watched Blue Heelers for a few years but it grew on me, and was sad to see it go.

    I knew it wasn't going to be the best, and from the preview I knew lots was going to happen like the station closing down, Tom stepping down and more.

    One thing I loved was the return of Adam Cooper, too bad the show got axed because they could have dragged this storyline out over more episodes. Was good to see him try and get back at Tom by accusing him of corruption.

    Falcoln Price finally got what he wanted by having Tom step down and the station shut down...but that would change.

    It was good to see the good old Tom return and see him reunite with his family at the end.

    Was also good to see the station got to stay open with Adam doing the right thing by confessing that what he said was bullcrap.

    One thing that I was dissapointed about was no PJ. They could have easily brought him in as part of Homicide to investigate that guys murder outside the station.

    The ending was very sad, with Tom standing in the station, Kelly and Joss acting like kids and Tom nodding his head, as the screen went black a tear came down my eye.

    The video montage was excellent and got to re-live some past moments in Blue Heelers.

    Overall for the final episode, they did a fantastic job and was the way it should have been, with life going on in Mt. Thomas and leaving things to the fans imagination.

    RIP Blue Heelers.
  • The faithful old dog did its faithful old tricks one last time.

    The final episode of Blue Heelers was very much in the vein of BH for the last thirteen seasons; a cast of characters with good comaraderie banding together against the Mean, By-the-Books Falcon-Pryce; Tom ponders his health and family; they all look to go their seperate ways before getting a last minute reprieve.

    Adam Cooper is back in town, hell-bent on renege for the shabby way he was booted off the force eight years ago. He specifically wants revenge of Tom, and goes about setting him up. In typical Heelers style, Tom appeals to Adam's softer side, urging him to find redemption through confession, not revenge.

    In the meantime, Adam's accusations are all Falcon-Pryce needs to have the station closed down again. When Tom's name is cleared, it gets reopened. I thought this was a little contrived, I would have liked to have seen the station closed and them go their seperate ways.

    Tom's struggling with his cancer, and meets a young woman in the final stages of breast cancer. They spend a few days together and he realises the value of life and family, and reconciles with his estranged daughters.

    It was a typical sweet, reminiscing episode with a happy ending that BH is, for the most part, known for. I couldn't see them doing anything more bangy, like the station being blown up again or Tom dying. It was nice to see Adam back, although I would have liked to have seen more characters return. PJ was the obvious choice, given he's still in Victoria and still in the force, but it would have been nice to have seen Ben, Nick, Dash, Tess etc back as well.

    I liked the bit at the end where they recapped the most memorable moments of the show, although I would have liked to have had that go longer. Two minutes doesn't really do justice to a show that's run for 500+ episodes, does it?

    Overall, a pleasant episode with a happy ending, just what I expect from Blue Heelers.
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