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Seven Network (ended 2006)





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  • Blue's one of a kind! It was soo sad that while watching the finale on Sunday 4th June 2006 and enjoying every minute of it, it was sad to know that this was the last episode! Longlive Blue Heelers in our hearts!

    I only really started watching Blue Heelers when once day in the holidays (about 2004) I watched a few old repeats coz I was bored and Mum said a few things about Maggie Doyle, the couple of times she had watched it. It wasn't until the day that "End of Innocence" was to show that night that Mum was going she saw the promo and that it looked pretty awesome and interesting, considering a police station was going to be blown up! So we watched it, and I guess I sort of got hooked after that, but VERY hooked about early 2005! I sort-of became an obsessed BH lover (ha-ha!) but I loved the show! So, like a lot of people, I was heartbroken when crummy Smelly 7 decided to axe the show! It will ALWAYS be a TV show that I will enjoy and remember, and who knows, when my kids enter their teens, I may even show them the DVDs of "the greatest cop show in history!" And maybe even they might get hooked...even if it's twenty years since it's finale!