Blue Heelers - Season 1

Seven Network (ended 2006)




Episode Guide

  • Damage Control
    Damage Control
    Episode 45
    Maggie's boyfriend is suspected of being on the take when a horse racing ring-in is discovered. Also, Senior Constable Rose Egan takes up the detective traineeship much to Maggie's displeasure.
  • Luck of The Draw
    Luck of The Draw
    Episode 44
    Tom's wife is killed and his daughter injured in a car accident.
  • Skin Deep
    Skin Deep
    Episode 43
    Tensions are running high in the Mt. Thomas station as renovations are underway when two Aborigines known for causing trouble arrive in town, Tom is accused of racism.
  • The First Stone
    The First Stone
    Episode 42
    Nick is unwittingly involved in a murder investigation that could spell the end of his career when a drunk that Nick took home is found dead the next day.
  • Family Matters
    Family Matters
    Episode 41
    PJ does some checking when a young security guard blames a small-time criminal for some burglaries. Meanwhile, a young girl comes into the station highly distressed after being robbed of company funds.
  • Without Intent
    Without Intent
    Episode 40
    When a carpet shop is ram-raided and a body goes missing from a funeral parlour, Tom believes it is B&S Ball revellers.
  • Suspicion
    Episode 39
    A drug raid based on a tip-off goes wrong when the drug dealers get wind of the raid. Money is missing from the bar's till.
  • Face Value
    Face Value
    Episode 38
    A car accident involving a priest has the Blue Heelers puzzled as to what really happened. Tom is puzzled when he sees Father Leary talking to two con artists. Tom feels that Leary has become distant and rude.
  • The Folly of Youth
    The Folly of Youth
    Episode 37
    Two missing girls cause suspicion to be placed in an unfair direction when the Blue Heelers are looking for suspects.
  • Adverse Possession
    Adverse Possession
    Episode 36
    A farmer stands to lose his land due to an ancient law. His neice Hilary, PJ's old flame, returns to Mt. Thomas to help her family retain their property. The property dispute culminates in arson.
  • Escape Route
    Escape Route
    Episode 35
    When a car crash victim turns out to be a battered wife, the Blue Heelers discover how difficult domestic cases can be when the woman refuses to press charges; Adam falls for Maggie.
  • Labour of Love
    Labour of Love
    Episode 34
    A traveling prostitute is found robbed and beaten. Wayne and the new recruit have a slight personality clash.
  • Old Dogs, New Tricks
    Nick and Maggie investigate some strange happenings at a retirement home, leading them to an unexpected culprit.
  • Crazy like a fox
    Crazy like a fox
    Episode 32
    An angry man accuses an antique store owner of receiving stolen goods. Nick pulls over a car for speeding and is offered a bribe by the driver. A feuding brother and sister makes life hell for the Blue Heelers.
  • Bitter Harvest
    Bitter Harvest
    Episode 31
    When a rape occurs in Mt. Thomas, PJ thinks he recognises a drunken driver as the rape suspect. Is he right, or is he victimising an innocent man?
  • Necessary Force
    Necessary Force
    Episode 30
    Moira shoots an unarmed intruder; When Roz witnesses a shooting over the telephone her life is radically changed prompting her to return to Melbourne.
  • A Matter of Trust
    A Matter of Trust
    Episode 29
    A loiterer is brutally beaten; Roz's actions could have dire consequences when she gets personally involved with a domestic case and gives confidential information to a friend.
  • Consequences
    Episode 28
    It appears that Bill Todd, owner of the local meatworks, is making a fortune by selling inferior carcasses as quality meat—but visiting Inspector Faulkner insists that any action be postponed until after his launch of the local Safety House Scheme. PJ pressures a young burglar into confessing and later, the boy is found beaten.moreless
  • Nowhere to Run
    Nowhere to Run
    Episode 27
    A young girl is found dead, and her housemates, who are withholding information about her death, are suspected of involvement.
  • Day In Court
    Day In Court
    Episode 26
    The officers testify before a traveling magistrate. It's Maggie's first day in court presenting evidence and she's got butterflies.
  • Missing
    Episode 25
    Bill Mason hopes to follow up leads relating to the disappearance of his son Paul, four years earlier.
  • A Bird in the Hand
    A Bird in the Hand
    Episode 24
    Roz is assigned to help a boozing local constable after a case of bird-smuggling comes to light.
  • Men in Her Life
    Men in Her Life
    Episode 23
    When Maggie's reputation is put on the line when she arrests her boyfriend's boss, an MP, for drunken driving. Her father comes to Mt. Thomas to help sort it out.
  • Sex, Lies and Videotapes
    Tom is bewildered by his mate Charles Turner embezzling $10,000 from the football club's funds. Maggie and Wayne lock up a drunken, disorderly teen.
  • Payback
    Episode 21
    Nick is destined to lose another relationship when he is attracted to the driver in a fatal hit-and-run.
  • The Final Season
    The Final Season
    Episode 20
    Wayne's hero comes to Mt. Thomas and, as a violent drunk, he finds it hard to live up to his reputation. The shooting team competes.
  • Good Cop, Bad Cop
    Good Cop, Bad Cop
    Episode 19
    The Blue Heelers are worried that Tom may be transferred back to Melbourne. Tom does not want to transfer to the city and his replacement is equally reluctant.
  • Conduct Unbecoming
    Conduct Unbecoming
    Episode 18
    PJ meets his match when an old flame comes to town to solve a cattle duffing problem. Accused of theft, a woman charges her boss with sexual harassment.
  • Meat is Hung, Men are Hanged
    Residents protest when a paroled child killer returns to Mt. Thomas, an event that could have serious consequences for the town.
  • Theft
    Episode 16
    "Trouble is the eye and memory aren't always reliable"

    Wayne is out on patrol when he spots the white van that was reported stolen. Wayne radios back to inform that he will check it out and Nick instructions Wayne to start the van and he will send Maggie to pick up the patrol car. The owner of the van George Pearson comes into the station to pick up his van and states their are two missing leather jackets. A neighbour who witnessed Wayne checking out the van makes allegations that Wayne is responsible for the missing jackets. PJ interviews the neighbour to establish the facts of what he exactly witnessed and the neighbour believes that it will be a police cover-up to protect the officer. Tom pulls Maggie into his office to ask her about the van's contents. Maggie states that she was just there to pick up the van and there is nothing out of the ordinary. The Boss then speaks to Wayne about what happened and he asks Wayne if he carried anything away from the back of the van. Wayne denies that he has stolen the jackets and Tom informs him that IIS will have to be called in since an allegation has been made. Roz asks Wayne if there is something wrong and Wayne tells her that he is under suspicion of stealing the jackets. Internal Affairs arrives to investigate the theft and they inform Wayne that they have a warrant to search his premises, which they turn up nothing in their search. The nosy neigbour is interviewed by IIS about his eye witness account of the events, during the interview the neighbour also states that Maggie might have also been involved in assisting Wayne with the theft. Wayne is interviewed by the IIS and they establish that Wayne stopped off at the bank to attend to personal business while on duty driving the stolen van back to the station, this story differs from what Wayne told the Boss - that he had come back to the station directly without stopping anywhere. IIS inform Tom that they haven't found anything conclusive and the only evidence they have is from the eye witness and his accounts are patchy at best. They advise that Tom will be notified whether any further action needs to be taken or not. Meanwhile PJ is investigating a burglary at a local shop where the safe has been broken into and the contents stolen, which included some medals. The owner on requests brings a list of employees into PJ so they can checkout their stories. The safe is recovered and the owner wishes to take the contents out, but PJ objects as he wants to nail the thieves and he puts the safe under surveillance. PJ is on night surveillance watching the safe. It is early in the morning and PJ is startled by a noise, it appears that while PJ was meant to be on watch he fell asleep and the thieves sole the safe again. The owner wants to lodge a formal compliant. A report of an explosion at the quarry and Nick and PJ are sent to investigate and discover that the thieves are trying to blow the safe open but were unsuccessful. It turns out that they were also responsible for stealing the jackets and Wayne is in the clear.moreless

  • Family Lies
    Family Lies
    Episode 15
    "You know Mags, your in the wrong job, if you want to play cap crusader you should been a social worker"

    The fate of a five-year-old boy hangs in the balance due to a maze of untruths; his mother is bashed unconscious. Mrs Hart has come into the station and is hysterical and claims that Barry Hart has taken her son Zack. PJ asks Mrs Hart if Barry took Zack what would have happened to the sister, Jenny as she is not Barry's child. Tom gets a call about a couple of shoplifters which turn out to be the Hart children, Nick and Wayne are out patrolling and spot the children and take them into custody. The children are reunited with their Mother. Tom has a word with Jenny regarding her shoplifting. Tom informs Mrs Hart that as they let Jenny off last time with a warning, this time they will have to charge her. Out at the Hart residence, Mrs Hart has been bashed and the Heelers organise an ambulance to take her to the hospital. The little boy, Zack is missing. Jenny who was away from the property at the time, swears it was Barry Hart driving off with Zack in the car. Boss informs Wayne that as the social worker is tied up with an emergency that Roz can mind Jenny until she can arrive. Jenny and Roz do not exactly get along and it is not going very well at all. Out on patrol, Nick spots an abandon vehicle and he finds Barry Hart. Back at the station, Hart is interviewed by PJ and Tom and Barry tells them that he doesn't have Zack. Tom informs Barry that Zack is missing and that noone has seen him since Barry left his ex-wife house. Jenny tells Roz that it was her fault, that Zack wanted to come to the shops with her but Jenny wouldn't let him. Jenny tells Roz that her mum wouldn't hurt Zack not on purpose, but when Zack let the water out of the bath her Mum was really angry. Roz manages to get the information of were Zack would hide from and the Heelers arrive in time to save him.moreless

  • Reunion
    Episode 14
    "Look here they brought in the dog squad, Annie Oakley and her mates"

    Tom asks Chris Riley to identify the body of her ex-husband. Chris goes to the mortuary with the support of Tom and confirms that it is indeed her ex-husband Terry.

    Tom attends dawn parade for Anzac Day and Tom tells Chris that he saw Terry Kennedy at the dawn service. Chris tells Tom that his eyes are playing tricks on him and Tom responds that Chris has identified the wrong body.moreless

  • Armed and Dangerous
    Armed and Dangerous
    Episode 13
    "What do you reckon son, seen enough of the Mount Thomas Hilton, ready to check out!"

    The Heelers attend a burglary at a local farm to discover the place has been trashed and the owner has been bashed. This is the third burglary this week and Tom decides to call in the Special Response Squad to help deal with the growing problem. The squad and PJ interview Mr Blakely regarding the break-in and the assault on him but he doesn't remember who attacked him and Maggie along with the squad search the premises again looking for new leads and they discover an earring that doesn't belong to Mrs Blakely.moreless

  • Damaged Goods
    Damaged Goods
    Episode 12
    "That's right Doyle, I say!"

    Roz Patterson is attending a local flea market when she is asked to give a presentation to the Country Women's Association. The Boss asks Wayne what Roz is going to talk about and he informs Tom that she will be talking on what its like the be a country policeman's wife. Tom is miffed because they have never asked Nell.

    Nick catches Barry Taylor starkers down by the river. He claims he was washing in the river because he is homeless. Nick suspects he is a pervert. He claims he has lost his pack which is somewhere between Mount Thomas and Brisbane. Nick is called out to the Imperial by Chris to find that Barry has locked himself in one of the rooms and is refusing to come out. Down at the station Barry tells Nick that he has lost everything - his home and his wife and kids have left him.moreless

  • Abandoned
    Episode 11
    "All right ladies this is still a police station lets not go all clucky"

    Its Roz Patterson first day at work as the Administration Assistant at the Mount Thomas police station. Roz wonders what to call the Boss, he suggests she call him Sir, but Roz decides to stick to calling him Boss. She is not having the best of first days on the job and offers her resignation.

    Nick is called out to the railway station to investigate the abandonment of a baby. Nick and Maggie takes the baby to the hospital to be checked out. Nick instructs Maggie to put a call out for all the cabbies to call into the police station to be questioned about the baby.

  • Visions Splendid
    Visions Splendid
    Episode 10
    "What's the point, Tom Croydon is stuck in the tenth century BC"

    Maggie and Wayne are out at Mrs Harris place following up her missing tractor, they find the tractor on her farm. Mrs Harris believes that it is kids who had taken it. The Heelers suspect it is the son in law who has been harassing Mrs Harris but they cannot prove it. Roz talks to Mrs Harris about it and she informs Roz that Eric believed if he could shame his wife he might get her to shift back to the country.moreless

  • Diary Entry
    Diary Entry
    Episode 9
    "One of the three great answers - its not mine, I'm minding it for someone and I've never seen it before"

    Wayne returns to work after the shooting and the Boss informs the rest of the members to treat Wayne as normal and he's bound to be a bit jumpy at first. Nell has baked Wayne a cake for morning tea and all the Heelers sing to him.

    A Mrs Stewart comes into the station with the diary of her daughters. It contains references to drug use and she claims that a Damian Parker is corrupting her daughter. Maggie and Wayne pick up Kim from school to bring her down to the station for questioning about the entries in the diary.

    For more see recapmoreless

  • Domino Effect
    Domino Effect
    Episode 8
    "One gurnsey, Essessdon colours, sign of a criminal mind in my book"

    Roz tells Wayne there is nothing for her in Mount Thomas and she feels like a failure, she asks Wayne if he will consider a transfer back to the city.

    Tom sends Wayne out to the Henderson farm to investigate some fence damage. While investigating the incident Wayne spots a car that appears to be broken down and he offers his assistance. As he approaches the car they occupants shoot Wayne and drive off. Wayne who is bleeding from the gun shot attempts to drag himself back to his vehicle to call for help, but he passes out. Meanwhile Maggie is trying to get hold of Wayne on the radio but is unsuccessful.

    A women who was passing by noticed the injured officer and uses the police radio in Wayne's vehicle to call for help and Maggie and Nick rush out to the scene to assist. Maggie takes Roz to the hospital to see Wayne. Roz informs Wayne she won't be taking the job in Melbourne and that she loves him and doesn't know what she was thinking and thought Wayne was going to die before she had a chance to tell him.

    PJ brings in Ronny Fields as his service station has been robbed and it appears that the two that robbed and bashed him might be the same people who shoot Wayne. PJ and the Detective stake out at the Hayley farmhouse waiting for the suspects that shot Wayne. They capture them both and bring them back to the police station for questioning.

    PJ asks Mr Hayley to come down the the police station and he questions him about the money that they found at his hobby farm. It also turns out that he defended the suspect in the payroll robbery. Larry and Sandra who shot Wayne state that Mr Hayley gave them permission to stay at his hobby farm. Maggie and Nick retrace the steps that Larry and Sandra took after shooting Wayne looking for the gun and they find the gun in the Conway Creek. Sandra tells PJ that the gun was in the bag in the wardrobe. Mr Hayley tells PJ that his client after the orginal robbery handed him the bag for safe keeping. Mr Hayley is charged.moreless

  • Life after Death
    Life after Death
    Episode 7
    There's a fatal car accident in Mount Thomas and what was seventeen-year-old Claire Brady doing behind the wheel of a local farmer's utility? PJ turns into a debt collector.
  • Apprehended Violence
    A man shows up at the police station and confesses to murdering a his wife and brother ten years ago. PJ interviews the man and asks him what makes him confess now. Roz and Wayne are assigned to look after a young girl. A man comes into the station claiming to be the girls father, the young girl Sally identifies him as her father, but Tom requires proof and the man refuses to identify himself. Nick clocks Roz driving at 19kms over the limit and issues her with a speeding ticket. She asks Wayne if he could have a word to Nick, otherwise Roz will lose her license and will be unable to do her mobile hairdressing business. Mrs Haughton turns up at the station and PJ tells her that her husband has made a full confession to the murder. She informs PJ that is not possible because she had done the murder. PJ gives the name of a good Melbourne lawyer to her husband. At the pub, Roz discovers how Nick lost his wife and child. He explains to her that he's not out there to be popular but to stop what happened to him, happening to some other poor bastard.moreless
  • Waiting for Apples
    Waiting for Apples
    Episode 5
    Tom Croydon is on leave and is assisting in the running of the local racing event at Mount Thomas. All is going well until he has a catering mix up - it appears that he has employed two caterers and both women are not to pleased when they find out that each other has been hired. Nick and Maggie are roster on to patrol the highway and are on the out look for speeding motorists. The skull turns up aka Sergeant Harrison is the Boss replacement. He is not impressed with Maggie and Nick's results on booking drivers and sets about to rectify this situation immediately much to the displeasure of Maggie and Nick. The Skull takes Maggie out on a tour of inspection of Mount Thomas. While out with the Skull, PJ and Wayne witness the Skull putting Maggie through the correct procedure of ticketing much to the amusement of Wayne and PJ. PJ is on a mission - to find Apples (Barry Raymond Maxwell), it appears they have a bit of history together. It is rumoured that PJ and Apples had a fisty cuff for 40 minutes behind the library all over a woman - Apple's sister Christine. Peter Sutcliffe, PJ cousin is in town and Nick is not impressed because PJ had invited him to stay at Nick and PJ place without first informing Nick. Apples never arrived in Mount Thomas he lost control of his car and had a head on straight into a tree three kilometres shy of St Davids. Tom is not amused at Sargeant Harrison booking 11 cars outside the local parrish. The Father has been issued with a parking ticket, but Tom tells him to leave it with him and he will clear the mess up.moreless
  • Wives
    Episode 4
    Wayne and Roz are celebrating the opening of her new business when the phone rings — there has been a burglary at the local antique store, one of a spate of local break-ins. Whilst PJ is off with a "girlfriend," Wayne is forced to stand guard all night. Meanwhile Maggie and Nick arrest "Blackjack" Eagan, an ex-copper and hero of PJ's. It turns out Eagan is hanging round Mt. Thomas to avoid some criminals he had put away who are due to be released. Tom gets Nick to drop the charges so that Eagan will move on. Roz sees a pair of earrings the next day at a clients which is a match for stolen goods from an earlier burglary. It doesn't help the client's husband is an ex-criminal. PJ makes Roz sign a formal statement, and as a result of telling police information she learned on the job, her business suffers badly. PJ gets the criminal to identify the person he brought the jewellery from, a travelling jewellery salesman and "close" friend of Chris. With the help of Eagan they manage to nail him for selling the thefts.moreless
  • Why Give People Rights? They Only Abuse Them
    Maggie meets local school teacher Brian Shields and his wife. Shields is very anti-guns having been to Vietnam. He gets into a minor prang with some city duck-shooters and goes berserk and shoots a gun in the street. Tom agrees to let him go if he promises to stay out of trouble. PJ writes Mr Shields off as a wacko but Maggie feels there is something more to it. When Mr Shields is found dead the next day, the finger is pointed at the duck-shooters. When pressed by PJ the wife admits that her husband committed suicide as he had terminal cancer using a gun to highlight the danger of guns. PJ is not convinced but soon the media take over and join the wife's side. Finally Maggie gets some circumstantial evidence that the wife killed her husband but it's too late as she is now the media darling and they could never make it stick. Meanwhile Roz has brought herself a car to start a mobile salon and cannot meet her obligations to clean the station. With the help of Nell, Tom contracts the work out to a local widow.moreless
  • Doing it Tough
    Doing it Tough
    Episode 2
    Local farmer, Bob Crowley, is due to have his harvester repossessed. Nick and Maggie escort the repo agent, Mr. Miller, to the farm. When they arrive it's been stolen. There is lots of finger pointing. Later that day Miller and his mates beat up Crowley. Maggie has a word to Bob's daughter Grace. Turns out that Grace and her boyfriend had "hidden" the harvester so that her father could collect the insurance so he wouldn't lose the farm. Needless-to-say she is charged. Meanwhile local handyman, David Tufnel is found dead. Wayne learns the hard way that whoever signs the body over to the morgue has to assist with the autopsy. On the personal front, Roz is trying to establish a beauty parlour at the watch-keepers house. Wayne doesn't get around to asking Tom for permission and when women start ringing the station for facials Roz is found out. Tom spits the dummy and closes her down before she really starts.moreless
  • A Woman's Place
    A Woman's Place
    Episode 1
    The new constable Maggie Doyle arrives in Mt. Thomas. She is faced with not only rampant chauvinism but the fact that she is stationed with ex-boyfriend Constable Wayne Patterson who has recently moved there with his wife Roz. But despite all this she is determined to get on with the job. Local girl Sally-Anne is raped by her boyfriend Bruce McLaren. She makes a formal complaint but when Bruce pressures her she attempts to withdraw it. When Sally-Anne discovers that this isn't possible she tries to commit suicide. Maggie and Nick find her and revive her. Maggie and Wayne go to speak to farmer Mick Doherty about his parking fines. When his dog breaks it's chains a scared Maggie shoots her. Mick then starts firing at them. Tom is forced to go out and have a "yarn" with Mick and with the help of PJ gets Mick a new dog.moreless