Blue Heelers - Season 3

Seven Network (ended 2006)




Episode Guide

  • Dead and Alive
    Dead and Alive
    Episode 42
    Dash's family problems reach crisis point when her mother is admitted to a Melbourne hospital. She is in desperate need of a donor kidney to save her from certain death. But when advised of a possible donor Dash's joy is short-lived—the donor is her brother Ian who has been in a motor bike accident and is not expected to live.moreless
  • Miss Mount Thomas
    Miss Mount Thomas
    Episode 41
    The favourite in the Miss Mount Thomas contest tells the Heelers she is being stalked, then mysteriously disappears.
  • Half a Second
    Half a Second
    Episode 40
    PJ's career hangs in the balance when the coroners inquest into Raelene Darcy's death begins. PJ suffers a crisis of confidence and only Maggie stands between him and professional ruin.
  • Friendly Fire
    Friendly Fire
    Episode 39
    Nick is delighted when his old friend Gordy Muir turns up in Mt. Thomas to run a "war games" course for corporate clients, and thrilled when Gordy offers him a partnership in the new venture. But things quickly go sour when the observing senior partner of a law firm is injured during a mock ambush on the paint splat course, and the Heelers are called in to investigate.moreless
  • Buck Naked
    Buck Naked
    Episode 38
    It's Halloween in Mt. Thomas, and when Dash and Adam are sent out to apprehend what they assume is a seasonal prank—a naked man. Dash is astonished to discover it is her brother Ian, the victim of his bucks party the night before. Ian's wedding is only two days away, and Dash is horrified to discover his fiance in bed with a German tourist. But Ian is prepared to overlook her indiscretion and ignore warnings from Dash. Can Dash change her brother's fate in time?moreless
  • In the Gun (2)
    In the Gun (2)
    Episode 37
    When a young mother of two is killed, a videotape of the incident appears to show that PJ cold-bloodedly shot her in the back. PJ faces tough questioning but the worst attention is that of tabloid TV journalist, Paul Carson. Maggie can see that PJ is having a harder time than he lets on, so she decides to help clear his name in the media. To do this she must prove that video pictures can lie and that Carson is a fraud. But even if she succeeds, PJ still has the Coronial Inquest ahead of him.moreless
  • In the Gun (1)
    In the Gun (1)
    Episode 36
    The return of a young criminal to Mt. Thomas stirs up painful memories for Dash. Nick and Adam are sent to a domestic in which PJ becomes the target of a family's rage against the police.
  • Reality Bytes
    Reality Bytes
    Episode 35
    Dash and Adam wreck the hard drive of the Leap linked computer at the station while playing Doom. They have the system repaired locally and are anxious that Tom doesn't find out, but glitches soon appear, which seems to be connected to burglaries Maggie and PJ are investigating.
  • I Spy
    I Spy
    Episode 34
    When PJ answers the phone at the station, he is surprised to find a toddler named Kanga calling to say his mummy won't wake up and his baby sister is crying. While the Heelers search for the location of Kanga's house, PJ is mortified to realise that Kanga's stepdad is playing a role in this and is trying to get into the house...moreless
  • Winner Takes All
    Winner Takes All
    Episode 33
    A horse endurance race presents problems for the Heelers with both a sabateur and a thief on the loose. Dash and Maggie can't escape Johnny Kowalski's womanising and the team face PJ's return with mixed feelings.
  • Something for Nothing
    The Heelers investigate a domestic burgularly and Dash wins on Chris' gaming machines then gets carried away by her winning streak.
  • The Angels Share
    The Angels Share
    Episode 31
    Dash gets a humiliating rejection when she realises Johnny is interested in Maggie, a stock of premium wine goes missing and Tom hears some bad news about his missing daughter.
  • Mudsticks
    Episode 30
    Tom accepts the possibility that his daughter is gone for good; the team investigate baby bashing at a local creche; and Dash is very taken with PJ's replacement - Detective Johnny Kowalski.
  • Bewitched
    Episode 29
    PJ spills the beans about Roman but an investigation into the death of a clergyman's daughter leads Maggie to wonder how much he really knows. Meanwhile, Nick and Dash attempt to look after a hairdresser and sometime witch when she is pursued by bigots.
  • Waiting to Happen
    Waiting to Happen
    Episode 28
    Nick is surprised by Dash's unprofessional behaviour at the scene of a fatal accident, until he learns that both the victims were friends of hers. She insists she can cope with the trauma, but Nick feels there is more to it. PJ investigates Roman and discovers he's married.
  • A Gift from God
    A Gift from God
    Episode 27
    A paraplegic farmer is found battered and bruised and Tom suspects a travelling water diviner. Little does he know, however, that the stranger is the father of Anna's baby.
  • Other People's Lives
    PJ and Maggie investigate the death of a young ballet dancer, but PJ is upset by Maggies pas de deux with her varsity tutor.
  • Duty of Care
    Duty of Care
    Episode 25
    Dash & Nick are called out to an old farmhouse where they discover a vandalised room, a terrified child and swinging from a light fitting, a dead lamb.
  • Mind Games
    Mind Games
    Episode 24
    PJ & Maggie have to examine the events of the past when a woman unleashes some powerful memories from her childhood.
  • Principle of the Thing
    As the Heelers necessarily become involved with the discipline problems at the local high school, Tom realises that his own problems are nothing in comparison to the new school principal's.
  • Shelter from the Storm
    Tom faces a dilemma when the attempted suicide of Clancy's mother puts her intellectually disabled son in jeopardy.
  • The Kremin Factor
    The Kremin Factor
    Episode 21
    The new probationary Constable, Dash McKinley, arrives in Mount Thomas much to Tom's annoyance and Adam's delight. Meanwhile, a young woman turns up to confront a wealthy family with the news that she is a long-lost daughter, returned from the dead.
  • In Unity Is Strength
    Adam is upset after he and Nick discover the body of a teenager who has died from alcohol abuse, while Chris' summary dismissal of her cellarman results in a strike at the pub.
  • Old Sins, Long Shadows
    Maggie investigates a homicide on the sly, and Adam deals with a complaint from a high school principle about the circulation of pornographical material in the area.
  • Art of Deception
    Art of Deception
    Episode 18
    The Mt. Thomas Festival of the Arts causes headaches for Tom and Chris while Nick attempts to break down the fence between two feuding neighbours.
  • Fight Dirty
    Fight Dirty
    Episode 17
    Maggie is set to prosecute the Dean Crocker case but PJ has doubts about the investigation and about the accuracy of Jack's evidence.
  • Under Pressure
    Under Pressure
    Episode 16
    Officers investigate a dispute between two sheep shearers which leads to a contest to decide who is better but is one of them responsible for others death, a case which sparks a series of events leading PJ to discover the truth about his new partner Jack.
  • Fair Crack of the Whip (2)
    PJ and Jack are at odds over how to handle the case of an elderly woman who is the victim of a vicious assault.
  • Fair Crack of the Whip (1)
    The replacement police officer, Jack Woodley, finally arrives in Mt. Thomas just in time to help the cops deal with an irresponsible rodeo cowboy, and Tom deals with his daughter Anna when she reaches her ninth month of pregnancy.
  • Priorities
    Episode 13
    Tom is sent away for some retraining, leaving the station seriously understaffed. Things go from bad to worse when the computer system goes down, an old man goes missing, and a young mother's car is stolen with her baby asleep in the back seat.
  • Happy Families
    Happy Families
    Episode 12
    Maggie celebrates her 25th birthday but the fallout from a drug bust threatens to tear her family apart.
  • Unfinished Business
    Unfinished Business
    Episode 11
    The aftermath of Wayne's death sees each of the officers coming to terms with their grief. When a stolen watch implicates Wayne in a crime, the cops struggle to clear his name, and in doing so, find ways to pour out their feelings.
  • An Act of Random Violence
    A violent prison escapee holds Wayne hostage, throwing the station into turmoil. But it isn't the hostage crisis that will be the most tragic event of the day...
  • Dog Days
    Dog Days
    Episode 9
    There's a sheep killer in the area and the Mt. Thomas cops are determined to hunt it down; meanwhile Wayne continues to bond with single mother Gabe.
  • All Part of the Service
    Tom encourages an elderly civic-minded school crossing supervisor and is confronted with an explosive monster.
  • Not in My Backyard
    Not in My Backyard
    Episode 7
    Plans to build a prison in the area have the locals up in arms. Tensions in the community run high and the local cops are accused of colluding with the demonstrators.
  • Sex and Death
    Sex and Death
    Episode 6
    When the Heelers are called out to a nasty road accident they are shocked to discover that one of the injured is Cooper. What exactly was he doing in a car that appeared to have been drag racing and what else is he hiding from them.
  • Day of Reckoning
    Day of Reckoning
    Episode 5
    A child killer dies while in Nick's custody. At the coroner's inquest Nick learns that he is the prime suspect in the man's death.
  • The Spider Man
    The Spider Man
    Episode 4
    Nick is haunted by memories of his daughter's death when a child killer is discovered operating in the Mt. Thomas area.
  • Second Innings
    Second Innings
    Episode 3
    Cricket team rivalry, stolen meat and suspicious fingerprints. What at first appears to be a simple burglary investigation ends up exposing a much bigger case.
  • Once Only Withdrawal (2)
    Wayne and Maggie are held hostage with other doctors and patients, as the siege at the hospital continues. As Tom and the other Heelers try to convince the gunmen to give themselves up, they enter into a dangerous game of cat and mouse.
  • Once Only Withdrawal (1)
    Fierce bush fires are raging around Mount Thomas. The Heelers are struggling to keep public order and stop looters and opportunists. But when Wayne and Maggie apprehend a gunman, he deliberately swallows some thumbtacks back at the station and is taken to the local hospital, undergoing renovations. With the man's two dangerous accomplices on the loose, Wayne is left to watch guard, but is overpowered by the man's armed cohorts. Off-duty Maggie is left alone in the hospital to try and defuse the hostage situation...moreless