Blue Heelers

Season 12 Episode 15

The Life

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM May 18, 2005 on Seven Network

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  • Through A Screen Darkly

    This was a strong and 'dark' episode - dramatic and well-acted, drawing to a close the Danny O'Keefe (Gary Sweet) story.

    It was good to see and I was gripped by this particular episode, feeling it had considerable depth to it.

    The development of the relationship between Danny and Jonesy (Ditch Davey) was finely-drawn and well done. There was clear understanding of what was happening on both sides, and why. The counterpoint was excellent.

    The ending, with Danny being gunned down and killed just as Detective Waters (Damon Hunter) was about to take him into custody, came as a surprise, and its impact has stayed with me as one of the best scenes I can recall from 'Blue Heelers'.