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ABC (ended 1966)


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  • David March is a traitor in World War II, an American who has gone to Germany to do propaganda work for the Nazis. Or so it seems. In fact, he is a double-agent for the Allies playing a very dangerous game indeed...

    Although one might legitimately wonder if series creator Larry Cohen had ever read Kurt Vonnegut's novel "Mother Night" (published in 1962), which has a similar situation, this was a strikingly different sort of secret-agent TV series, and, in its inversions of convention, quite typical of Cohen. He also invented "Branded", about a Civil War officer falsely convicted of cowardice and unable to clear his name, and "Coronet Blue", about an amnesiac spy trying to find about his life - the twist being that he's actually a Russian spy, not an American one. (No wonder that show got cancelled quickly.) Robert Goulet was rather a lightweight for the role of March, but there were lots of good actors in supporting roles. Three episodes were bundled together to make a feature film in the UK, under the title "I Deal In Danger" - rather oddly, as the series got shown in Britain anyway.