Blue Mountain State

Season 3 Episode 2

Dic Pics

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 16, 2011 on Spike TV

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  • Sammy stills the show in this one!!


    This episode was one of the better ones. The whole Daniels-Debra-Harmon mix-up is hilarious!!! Sammy is the one, though who steals the show. He shoots pics of "his junk" EVERY morning including his face in the pic. Thad has warned to "never let your face be seen in a 'dic pic'".

    After the whole fiasco of the "dic pic" being shown campus-wide, and Alex getting congratulated on his "manhood", Larry tells Thad that HE should be getting those accolades, since it is HIS manhood that is in the picture. Alex and Thad go on a national sports show after to "clear the air" about the dic pic after Alex is voted "Idiot of the Week" by said show. The interview goes all wrong, and more hilarity comes from the interview.

    When Daniels drives Harmon back to the campus after their "misunderstanding", the football team shows that they know how to deal with a controversy. The controversy is used in their favor and Daniels cannot believe the results. A MUST SEE!!!