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  • make season 4,whoever y'all are

    This show was made by the coolest dudes alive,thumbs u guys should show the actual games played by the players,not just the training

    I loved it!!! It is super funny (like actually funny, not stupid crap that is meant to be funny and just sounds stupid), acting is great, they need to make a season 4 and 5 and 6 and 7 and a whole bunch more with actual football gameplay added in the show (like the coach says we have a game, lets prepare, and then 2 minutes later the game is over and the coach is talking about the game, kinda dumb) but other than that, the show is perfect!!!

    I honestly love this show so much. You people are insane if you don't make season four. It has a good season ending but not a good ending in general. Too many questions remain un answered.

  • The Best Show

    Love this show. I hope they convert into another station. I love this show. Bring this show back!!! Comedy, hotness, sporty. Everything I love is in this show. Screw Spike TV I won't watch this them unless this show is back on.
  • I watched all 3 seasons in a day!! NO LIFE but its honestly the best!!!

    Really the best show I've seen! Just a college student so I would rather sit on the couch and watch what I could be doing or live it up while laying in a hospital Its just that only kind of TV show out there! I was so excited that I found a new show and looked to see if there were more seasons but the results were devastating:(! But you cant air a show like this on spike; if they aired the show on MTV the ratings would be different, no doubt about it and thats what they should do! Please bring it back, Spike or MTV, preferably MTV since they cancel shows every month, BMS would actually be a good fit!! JUST RENEW THE SO MUCH YOU COULD DO WITH IT!!
  • My favorite show ever !!!! omg its the best

    i hope they make another season because if they dont their just insane i love this show all the actors are great theres no bad actors in the entire show my favorite is ALEX MORAN !!!! AND OF COURSE THAD CASTLE !!!! theyre beyond funny its such a great mix and its just amazing please make another season !!!!!!!

  • One of the best shows i've ever seen

    NO KIDDING! I spent half my life watching tv series. And i've covered ALOT. And this show comes in atleast the top 3.Incredible laughs and darin brooks is amazing in it.I hope they bring it back for another season.
  • love it so much

    really enjoyed watching it
  • blue mountain state

    Bring back BMS!!!!!!!!

    This show is by far one of my all-time favorites! Of course it is easy for snobby critics to discard it as a stupid, clich-ridden, American Pie-ish show, but that is not the point of the show.

    The point is to just sit down, and break a whole lot of lines. The point is to not give a f**k, and just have fun. And that is exactly what BMS wants us to do. This show reminds us that sometimes, we're not supposed to think with our brains, but rather with our weeners (or hearts maybe). Just shut off your brain and laugh your ass off :D :D AND GIVE US THE LAST SEASON, SPIKE!!!!
  • Why cancel it?

    This was by far, the greatest show ever produced! Why cancel it? From all of the other reviews, it dosent seem like people disliked it, but loved it!
  • why was the show canceled?

    BRING IT BACK!! i love this show
  • Best show Ever!!

    I loved the show so much that i watched every episode 3 times :D :D . WHY DID U CANCEL IT :(
  • BMS: A Netflix guilty pleasure

    Following the exploits of the Blue Mountain State football team was one of the best guilty pleasures I had with Netflix streaming. It was funny, over the top and sharp witted with some of its potty level humor and take on the tropes of college football. It often wasn't afraid to cross lines and yet be laugh out loud entertaining. If you were hooked by one episode, you could easily watch several in a row and not feel tired or in need of a week's break between. It may have had more heart than brains but it will be missed. Let those guys graduate at least!
  • SEASON 4

    this show is absolutely amazing. this past month ive re whatched every episode on netlfix and today i finished it and i didnt know until i finished the last episode that it was gonna be over. Whoever decided to end this show is absolutely crazy. this is absolutely one of the best shows ever. you cant just leave it like that. what in the world is gonna happen senior year. this has to be fake. there absolutely has to be a season 4. someone please do something. im going insane. PLEASE MAKE A SEASON 4!!!!

    How can whoever that makes the decisions around that network simply just end one of the greatest tv shows of all time! I mean its getting ready to be their senior year can you pleaseclose your eyes for a second and think of all the crazy shit that would take place at that school,it would an outrage not to finish it. I aware that me bitchin here on this site most likely wont get it brought back but at least it lets the cast and crew know that they were LOVED AND WILL BE MISSED. I ALSO HAVE A MAJOR LAWSUIT COMING UP FOR A FEW MILLION, MAYBE I CAN GET IN TOUCH WITH SOMEONE AND GREASE THE WHEELS I WOULD AND WILL PAY FOR IT TO CONTINUE. I got to know how Alex and Sammy finish their next year and what happens to Thad and Coach. Thanks for your time and Im not bullshitin about that money, I will be in touch. W. Wolfe
  • Season 4?

    I have to say BMS was one of my favorite TV series of all time... The story line went well and i think Thad was hilarious throughout whether he was screaming like a girl or over reacting. I saw the ending of the 3rd season today and even though it seemed like the end of the TV series, i really hope it is not, and i wish they could just keep making seasons disregarding the fact they are in college.
  • More Harmon

    Harmon, I thought at the beginning of his introduction, was a waste of a character. However, I thought he was awesome within the first three episodes he was fully featured in. In the episode where he almost got booted, I was sweating bullets. And Kevin (Thad), would definitely have to be back for this show to be as awesome as i think it is right now. I want more, but not so much that the series is ruined forever after. If there's another season, I not only hope they're careful not to upset the shows raunchy wit, but also that the perfect cast of characters are maintained as best as can be allowed.

    *Mary joe almost ruined this show for me too, She was just too much*
  • Plz have a season 4

    A friend told me about BMS and since then I've loved it. There is no show that is better. I have watched all the seasons on Netflix over and over. There deffinatly needs to be a season 4! It's just to great to let it die!
  • awsome

    thad is the best
  • Going out on top

    Season 1 was good, season two was extremely mediocre (and, I'll admit, at points unwatchable), but season 3 was pure brilliance. I haven't laughed as hard as I laughed at S3E2, "Dic Pics", at any other tv show ever. Alan Ritchson is ruddy amazing as Thad, and Darin Brooks gets the job done as Alex, but in my opinion, the best of the bunch is the hugely underrated but insanely hysterical James Cade as Harmon. I'm not going to lie, either; I shed a tear during Alex's flashback during the season finale of S3.

    Why not a perfect ten? Well, the aforementioned sophomore slump is hard for me to get over; Romanski/Mascot was given too much screen time and was just annoying, Frankie Shaw's Mary-Jo didn't add anything (thank God that her and Alex's relationship was thrown away within the first minute of S3), and there were too many moments that just didn't make sense in context of S1(most notably the impregnation of Jill in S2E5...thinking of S1E10, there's no way in hell she would've just settled down and had a kid that quickly, seemed to me they were just trying to clear room for Mary-Jo, which I despised).

    When it's good, it's great, though. So watch seasons one and three of BMS (and then look up Dreams with Radon Randell on Youtube, which is the only part of S2 worth watching). As for my title: I can't see a S4 working out, unfortunately, solely because there is no way in hell they could make sense of bringing back Thad for another season. They've already stretched out his time on here long enough (hell, there were references during S1 to him being a senior then, so to bring him back at all was gutsy), and a show without Thad would be interesting to see the least. I'm not saying it can't work out, because there are some great supporting actors here (especially Cade, Rob Ramsay as Donny and Omari Newton as Larry, though I'm fairly certain Larry is in the same year as Thad); it's just that Thad really is the pulse of this show, and I can only see it going down hill.

    One last random thought: Really wish they'd given Stephen Amell more screen time in S1 as Travis McKenna, the Tebow-esque starting QB (in the sense he was quite the public God-botherer, anyhow). His interview at the beginning of the S1 finale was priceless. Too bad they didn't do more with him.
  • Entertaining at most

    Well no a lot of well written episodes but toghter in all with all the football, cheerleaders, drinkin, drugs , etc... it make a pretty entertaining 20 mins per episode
  • one of the funniest shows! i love it!

    my brother told me about this show and now i love it, i am a girl who loves raunchy guy humor, so this show is one of my favorites! if you love that type of humor this is a show for you! as a fan of Smallville and being familiar with Alan Ritchinson who played Aquaman, being able to see him play the character of Thad is sooooo funny! i really love his character and Alex's (Darin Brooks), Alex puts a lot of effort into being lazy but he is pretty hot! i haven't laughed this a hard in a long time! It's a shame the episodes are only a half hour, they should be at least an hour!
  • bring it on.. Its hilarious

    Actually i never thought this could be this much fun.
    Its a non stop fun express.. i would love to see more of this.. i just cant wait to catch the next season.

    Great characters,plot and comedy is of the chart.. i laughed non stop and im addicted to this show..

    I recommend every one to give this show a shot.. i promise you will not regret it not a bit.

    Im from india and i love american television very much.. they rock.I almost watch every show except reality and soap.Enjoy guys greetings from india

    Blue mountain state rocks a non stop fun show..
  • Please give us more

    Besides Community best comedy on air this season.
    Someone would say that this show gives bad picture of American college system but this gives as real situation as we can get and it as all wrapped in this crazy funny situations surrounding BMS football club.
    I mean we don't see good students and their attendants to lectures and there is no place for that in this show and please we don't wont to see that at all.
    Give us more Thad,his character of football player who would do anything to win is so funny he did not had not one bad moment in this show.
    Hope to see many more seasons
  • Perfectly non-repenting fun.

    This show doesn't pretend to be more important than it is. It's just good not so clean fun. I'm 30 and watch this show with my 16 year old brother and there are times when we are in stitches. It has all the humour of movies like Road Trip and Old School rolled up into each and every episode. To any fellas who are allowed to watch what they like, you must give this show a look over (ladies too). To all the people sticking their noses up at this show. News Flash!


    Yeah there's 100 words now, yeah..... Yeah
  • This show is very very funny. I cannot wait to see Denise Richards. She is a mighty fine person and will bring more laughs to the show.

    This show is very very funny. I cannot wait to see
    Denise Richards. I saw her on FOX TV this morning and she praised the show and really spoke very positive of the actors, writers and the show. She is a mighty fine person and will bring more laughs to the show. The story line is great, as are the actors. The writers are so in tune with today.
    It comes on at 11pm in my neck of the woods and it is worth not watching the local 11pm news to watch something as refershing as this show. The end
  • Varsity Blues comes to a mid-sized college known for taking care of its championship football team. Raunchy and riotous, the laughs flow like wine, and the beer flows freely from the tap.

    Blue Mountain State is a raunchy comedy that is sure to please. It has no laugh track to distract from the limitless sex and booze. Unless of course you're the new star runningback who's in a sexless long term relationship with a controlling girlfriend who refuses to sex until marriage. But when you're the back up quarterback, you get all the extravagance of the position but with none of the responsibilities. Throw in some hilarious teammates and a mascot that's destined to be the best (lol) and you have the makings of a non stop laugh riot. Blue Mountain State has made it to the top 10 of my funniest shows of the decade, and it promises to keep the gut wrenching.
  • Blue Mountain State follows the lives of three college freshman. Two of which are on the championship football team. Fantastic comedy from SpikeTV. One of the funniest shows ever!

    Blue Mountain State follows the lives of three college freshman. Two of which are on the championship football team. Fantastic comedy from SpikeTV. Alex Moran is the second string quarterback who is too lazy to attempt first string. He likes having to do nothing and getting the girls. Craig Shilo is the High school player of the year and straight laced. Sammy is Alex's best friend and a loser. Thad is team captain(linebacker) and the best player on the team however is hated for his bully ways and high strung antics. He is also prone to engage in excessive homo-erotic behavior. One of the funniest shows ever!
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