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  • The Greatest Show on Earth! And that is no exaggeration at all, I assure you! Literally everyone grows up watching this programme and have done for almost 50 years (since it started in 1958).

    It has enlightened numerous generations about world issues and the environment we live in, and has managed to keep it interesting consistently. It's been through many generations television-wise as well, it was in black and white for 20 years before changing to colour in 1970.

    The show itself has changed a lot since it started, in order to keep up with the children of that age. It's never out of date and is always in tune with what kids like, this is simply because they interact with young people so they know what is "in" and what's not for them, so they can make the programme as good as possible.

    As well as entertaining, Blue Peter has been fantastic in the work it has done for charities, getting the viewers involved in their appeals- the latest one to help Childline which it has done by collecting old mobile phones. It's not just in a studio either, presenters are challenged to attempt daring activities such as sky diving and skiing. Each year, the team visit at least one foreign country, where they discover the cultures there and look into it's history.

    To sum up, Blue Peter is thoroughly enjoyable as well as educational. It covers all kinds of topics- past, present and future. Without it our childhoods would have been a lot less interesting, with Blue Peter badges to be awarded and prizes to be won, as well as lives to be saved.

    Thankyou Blue Peter!
  • One of the best kids tv programs around

    This show is fantastic! It has been going for so many years but it still manages to reach its target audience by constantly updating and changing formats and topics.

    The amount of high profile celebrities that have been on this children's program is amazing and the makes and bakes are brilliant.

    Everyone reaches an age where they want a blue peter badge, I am a proud owner of one myself.

    Everyone has their favourtie presenter that they grew up with and it is always sad to see them go, but another bright person is always there to take their place. The same goes for the blue peter pets.
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