Blue Seed Beyond

TV Tokyo (ended 2003)


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  • Season 1
    • Six Babes Bathing in a Killer Hot Spring
      The group visits the hot springs but their plans go awry when a terrorist plants bombs around their cabin. It's a race against time for the group to disable the bomb and find the terrorist before the hot springs are destroyed.
    • Mission: Eradicate Kushinada, Operation Mitama, Phase II
      The group finally arrive in San Francisco, but minutes later Moniji gets kidnapped and taken underground. Can the gang save Moniji in time?
    • Mission: Eradicate Kushinada, Operation Mitama, Phase I
      Koume and Yaegashi dated during the two years but split up when Yaegashi wanted to take the next step and start a family.
      Aragami are appearing in Japan again and one attacks the TAC building with Kunikida inside.
      Momiji works with Matsudaira in the Research Department. Kusanagi has been distant lately to Momiji. After arriving at his apartment, they fall into a compromising position but... he backs out and Momiji runs off.
      While Kusanagi walks around belittling himself, he meets Valencia, who tells him she understands and is like him.
      An Aragami attacks Momiji and Sakura while they're in a pool.
      Koume arrives in a helicopter, then drives it into the main Aragami's mitama.
      Valencia joins the group in a TAC uniform and head to where the Aragami originated in San Francisco.moreless