Blue Thunder

Season 1 Episode 1

Second Thunder

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 06, 1984 on ABC

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  • Dated with poor effects however it is watchable, especially if you love helicopters.

    It’s roughly 22 years since I last watched Blue Thunder and prior to watching the pilot episode I was a little nervous that I would now hate it completely, however it turned out to be OK. I had remembered it to be “fantastic” but over the years action drama’s have become much slicker and in recent years we have been spoilt with all the seamless special effects from big budget productions, so looking at Blue Thunder again it does look very dated and the effects are poor by today’s standards, that being said it is 22 years old. The performances were OK but I think some of the scenes were poor and should have been re-shot, Butowski and Kelsey scenes were particularly poor. Setting aside the analysis the story was pretty good although I do see why they cancelled it after the first season. I think it will be another 22 years before I watch it again.
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