Blue Thunder

Season 1 Episode 9

The Long Flight

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 16, 1984 on ABC

Episode Recap

Braddock's daughter Amy is in town for a visit. After playing tennis with the team, they go home. When Braddock makes a stop, a van pulls up and grabs Amy and drives of. Braddock tries to chase them but they get away. Back at HQ Braddock and the rest of the team are trying to find Amy. Frank tells Braddock maybe he should step back but Braddock refuses to do so.

Amy is brought to an estate and she comes face to face with the man who ordered her abduction, Luis Creighton Acuna, who says he's a drug smuggler and that she is here because he is loking for new way to transport his drugs.

Back at HQ the van is found and the forensics people find some prints and while trying to identify them Amy calls Braddock who tells him her captors want Blue Thunder.

When the men who grabbed Amy are identified. They also learn that they work someone knows as The Cobra--Acuna. So Ski offers to ask Rosie, a woman who has contacts in Mexico and who has the hots for Ski to see if she can find them.

Braddock tells Frank that the brass are not willing to negotiate which he concurs but it doesn't change the fact that Amy will not be returned.

Later at Frank's place, Rosie told Ski where the men he's looking for hang out, in Mexico. Frank says if they go throughnormal channels it will take too long. That's when Frank gets a call from Acuna who knows that Frank's not big on rules and values Amy more than the machine. So he gives him some coordinates and gives him just a few hours to get there.

Back at HQ, Frank asks J.J. to close the blinds in the Captain's office so he won't see them take off. But Braddock peeks and watches them leave.

Ski and Bubba pose as priests and go into Mexico on a humanitarian mission.

J.J. goes to see the Captain who is sullen at the prsopect of losing Amy cause she's his only link to his wife. J.J. tries to cover fro Frank but Braddock tells her he knows Frank took off wihtout peermission and suspects that they're in Mexico and he has not informed anyone. So he's just as accountable as they are.

When Acuna learns Frank crossed the border he goes to meet him. He orders his man to kill Amy.

Ski and Bubba find the man they're looking for and Ski gets him to tell where Amy is by biting him. They rush off to the estate and tell Frank where they're going.

Frank lands and Acuna and his men arrive and he tells Frank to come out. Frank asks to see Amy first. But Acuna says he has to come out first.

Back at HQ, the Commander arrives and asks Braddock where Blue Thunder is. Braddock tells the man, it's none of their concern cause Blue Thunder doesn't belong to them. The Commander replies by telling him Blue Thunder doesn't belong to them but he does and if they want they can yank him out. That's when he tells him Frank left sometime ago and he suspects he went ot get his daughter. And he has such faith in them that he knows they'll be back. So if he thinks Braddock's been compromised he gives him his badge. Thw Commander leaves it and tells Braddock he has his back.

Amy was about to shot when Ski and Bubba arrive. Frank was about to come out when Ski calls them saying they need back up. They take off and Acuna orders his men to shoot, he equiped his guns with armour piercing bullets.

Frank goes to the estate and gives them cover to get away. Later when Acuna arrives Frank shoots his vehicles leaving him stranded. He then calls the Federales to tell them where Acuna is.

Later Frank returns and reunites Braddock with his daughter.