Blue Thunder

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  • Season 1 Episode 11: The Island

  • Dana Carvey did not appear in this episode.


    Robert DoQui was credited as Robert DuQui

  • Season 1 Episode 8: Payload


    Belinda Montgomery was credited as Belinda J. Montgomery

  • Season 1 Episode 7: Clipped Wings


    Terence McGovern was credited as Terrence McGovern

  • Season 1 Episode 3: Arms Race

  • The scene where Blue Thunder stops a truck carrying a shipment of weapons, and with a team of local police and C.I.A. agents shows actual public people standing and watching the production being filmed.

  • The side view of Aggie Mill's car when Blue Thunder is about to stop her in her tracks is taken from inside the car, and with the rear window down. Why would that window be down if she is driving at the front, and the only fictional person inside the car?

  • Throughout the ending sequence (e.g. Bubba transfering from the bi-plane to BT, Ski fighting two henchman, and Bubba hanging from BT stopping Longstreet in a jeep), it is very, VERY noticable that the two stuntman hired to perform what the real actors decided not to have different hairstyles to the actors.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: A Clear and Present Danger

  • When Blue Thunder lands to investigate the thermograph discovery of a plane inside a barn, the 30mm, 6-barrel Electric Cannon prop mounted on the front wobbles for a slight moment.

  • A very brief, rather secondless shot taken from behind the police car being shot up by the World War Two fighter plane shows a black cable linked between the police car and possibly a behind-the-camera truck.

  • When Chaney hides Blue Thunder behind a hill, a shot of BT flying fast from behind a hill follows, but the next shot shows the chopper just simply hovering slowly from behind the same hill.

  • When Chaney says while hovering over the Queen Mary "Hit it with the zoom, scan everyplace a person can hide", a few shots of a hand turning on certain systems follow, but when the next shot of Chaney and Wonderlove in the cockpit appears, the camera backs off a little and you can see just briefly Dana Carvey (Wonderlove) looking straight at the camera, as if that take was about to finish.

  • Season 1 Episode 1: Second Thunder

  • The shot of Blue Thunder sneaking up on a group of drug smugglers shows the two men not synchronising with the voice, as they react to it later than they should do. The echoed line of James Farentino saying "Federal Officers, put your hands up!" would have been added during post-production of this episode.

  • The shot of Blue Thunder approaching the demonstration audience, which follows after Major McLove says "And here she comes, the most awesome helicopter ever built...Blue Thunder." is speeded up for some reason, possibly to mix in with the dramatic music being played.

  • The special-effect close-up shot, showing sparkles spraying of Blue Thunder's body is repeated a second time after James Farentino says "Now, is that friendly?!". It's possible for the shooting drug-runner to fire his weapon and end up having his bullets hit the same spot of the helicopter, but oddly if you're in a hurry and desperately trying to escape, you usually would hit a different spot of the chopper, perhap's the bullet-proof windows or the cannon turret. But, the production crew obviously only shot one close-up special effects shot.

  • The close-up soundstage shots of P.V.C.'s Mohawk machine-guns firing doesn't show any sky background which would of been used in later episodes, such as Revenge in the Sky and Trojan Horse.

  • The shot taken from behind PVC's Mohawk being shot by Blue Thunder and smoke being feeded off the damaged engine ("Am going away to stay a little while." - P.V.C.) shows a very small helicopter or possibly a specialised flying camera device filming that particulary shot, as the shadow of it is seen on the below mountains.

  • For the sequence where Blue Thunder demonstrates it's capabilities, the whole sequence is again lifted from the original film, but also there are several clips and shots seen which were omitted from the final cut of John Badham's film.

  • For the shots where the police helicopter units are being fired upon, these are lifted from the original film, as you can see they don't match film stock of the more clearer made-for-television stock.

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