Blue Thunder

Season 1 Episode 5

Trojan Horse

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 03, 1984 on ABC

Episode Recap

The witness, also his confidential secretary, who could put her employer, corrupted financier Richard J. Lassiter behind solid steel bars is rescued by the Blue Thunder unit from an estate where her kidnappers were previously holding her hostage, until Lassiter's court-trial was finished. He has been sentenced for 25 years for fraud, extortion and intimidation, and is scheduled to be transferred to Greenlake Penitentiary, a medium-security facility, located in the Central part of the state.

Complaining of a gut instinct that Lassister will have his associates prepared to rescue him from lifetime imprisonment while being transferred in a police motorcade, Braddock warns Chaney not to go anyway near the transportation, however he does so. If he hadn't, then Lassiter would have got away scot free, thanks to a truck parked in the middle of the routed road with heavy automatic weapons, which is blown away by Blue Thunder's 20mm 6-barrel Vulcan electric cannon.

Now in prison, Lassiter already has developed plans in breaking out of the jail, only to find one of the jail's snitches overhear his conversation with his lawyer, which results in him having a knife stabbed into his back. With no information or clues of as to how or when Lassiter plans to escape, Braddock agrees to let Ski go undercover as a prisoner and Bubba as one of the jail's guards. This is done to stage an operation which hopefully will reveal the financier's thoughts, but what Chaney and the crew don't know is that Lassiter has already caught-on about the undercover operation, and already has a solution for it, which includes kidnapping Ski, holding him as "insurance".